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  1. emeraldo

    I was right when i earned the warning point
  2. Deathmatch buddies!!

    Deathmatch is an event where alliances and factions mean nothing and everyone fights for himself. Well, WRONG!! People from the same clan always team up and zerg the rest of the players. It has become extremely annoying. The worst part is, that quite a while back Emerald used to make every player appear as a dwarf female during open deathmatch. Why change it now? Make everyone look the same again so for people from the same clan to NOT be able to TEAM UP and ruin the event.
  3. First of all ghost sentinel have to low range,the mages have more range than gs. Hex never works is like 1/100 to chance (+4 chance) Also ghost sentinel speed is only 180. (pretty slow missing like 10-13 speed)
  4. Magnus the Unicorn

    Magnus of Unicorn needs some boost at cooldowns. (hits every 1-2 seconds skill AoE)
  5. ICARUS free but no sa

    Hello Dear we make 2 much crafts for noobs geting free icarus coz we want more fair play with old and new peoples (geared and new ungeared peoples)but as i see weapons are free but need 399 gems for sa so making free icarus weapons its useless for newbis coz they need more than 2 weeks for 399 gems can you plz fix this and put sa free on icarus weapons ?? ty and have a nice day
  6. New Site !!!.

    I'm crawling on this new website for a few days and its damn good , I love the new templates , its somehow exactly what I was picturing it fits to this servah , lavly' jably' ,Congrats!!!. I'm sure that the new upcoming server should be imba as well , cant wait longer though -.-'. " I'm hungry for za power !!!."