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  1. Hello everyone i would tell you a story about a server i play... There was a time that the most ppl start pving with archers and mostly mages to make some adena and off course buy some gear... As the time goes by these ppl geared up made some good enchants and they are ready to bring out the best of their main classes... But they dont know that administrations of this server is in love with dagger classes with mortal blows skills [DA/WR]... As i was saying they join little campaign maps like towns and ready to kill some newbies... BUT the 1st they see are 4-6 dagger classed dudes on their asses hitting them AT LEAST 2.3k dmg and usually more than 4k for a mage without enchanted armor... They look arround they find a titan and test crt damage from him and the max is 33% oh his hp... And they say ok let's continue but when a f4cking dagger comes they start crying cause he's a dead man walking for 1-3 sec if he dont have bp cause ol cant save him instand backstab or lethal on cp... I really like the balance with the titans but with daggers matter is insane... I use to play C6 chronicle 9 years on low and mid rated ofiicial filed server and i SWEAR this is the 1st time i see Daggers hit so much dmg... The most of you rats will start saying AQ/baium makes it so... i would like to see you try and make you my bitches with real proves from low rated server with aq/baium/tezza and of course some real tips on dyes and enchanted skillsfrom really expert daggers... I REALY would like to see it balanced cause soon or late there will be only dagers playing switch/trick and bluff to each other and some supp classes to help them out This is not the lineage 2 i loved and i try to hold on this with hope Sry for the long but honest post Here is a dagger potato