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Found 15 results

  1. Good day, looking for international or Lithuanian clan for friday's season and maybe for even longer. No for latin clans, yes for latin women. PM me here in forum, peace out
  2. Stiu ca in fiecare sezon au jucat si playeri romani. Intentioneaza cineva sa faca un clan de romani sezonul asta ? eventul sa fim toti in aceeasi factiune, sa stim de la inceput.
  3. Our clan have this rep points but we cant learn more clan skills because show 0. Can someone help us?
  4. Fala rapeize! Estamos recrutando para nosso pequeno clan Somos poucos, alguns amigos da cidade e uns que conhecemos no game, estávamos há alguns anos fora do L2 e voltamos para brincar. Não temos muito tempo para jogar, a grande maioria entra por volta de 17:00/18:00 durante a semana e aos finais de semana sempre que dá a gente joga um pouco mais. Nosso estilo de game é bastante cooperativo, fazemos itens para todos do clan e compartilhamos a grande maioria dos itens. Ninguém vende aqui Precisou, caso esteja disponível, dê um grito que é seu! Caso tenha se interessado em jogar junto com a gente, da um grito no game! PM: DruB, Nandexr, SLIMM ou JPorongo!
  5. Tormento


    Hola, volvemos de nuevo unos amigos y yo a este modo de juego tan famoso GVE , entraremos en la faccion del orden , nuestro clan será Español, pero también multicultural sin problema, llevamos años de l2 a nuestras espaldas y estaremos contentos de teneros aquí. [EN]Hello, we´re back a group of friends and me are coming again to this famous style of l2 GVE , You will find us in the faction of the Order, our clan will be multicultural, but our main roots are spanish, we have been playing Lineage 2 from its begginings and we have years of experience, I don´t know if you know the clan Exile in official server. We will be happy to recieve you all .
  6. Dear community of L2ovc, A brief intro about myself, this is actually my first season here and have to say that me and my brother (Queipo) have had lots of fun since the day we joined. Now going to the issue. I wanted to share on this post an experience I had a couples of days ago. Using this opportunity to make you aware of a scam that can be done massively on this server. A couple of days ago my brother and I decided to start looking for a clan. This idea came from the fact that belonging to a clan provides a set of skills that improve char. After talking with several clan members around we found a clan that suited more our style (Spanish speaker leader, around same level of improvement, full clan skills, etc). The clan name is Mein and his leader goes by the char name mDMA, afrodite, adrenaline. Everything was going well until my brother one day needed to trade items from my account to his and I happened to be too busy at work to help him. As not as good as it might sound on your head while reading a post from a stranger that got his items stolen, try to think about the context of what happened next. My brother with the urgent need of trading my items decided to ask help to the clan leader, again is not just another player from server is a clan leader. He as soon as got the items traded kicked both my brother and I from clan and kept items (RB jewels). After a couple of days we hoped that he will eventually make up his mind and return the items, but even after telling other clan members about the issue and having heard that members will talk with him, he never turn the items back. Just wanted to let everybody know the power that comes from having a player own a clan that its eventually necessary to have better stats in game. I believe this kind of behavior and misuse of the gaming style allows to create not a healthy and friendly playing environment, unless admins here allow to have either mafias or gangs in server. As a suggestion I believe that solutions like the recent post that emerald did about having stores in siege castles with better prices/items are better incentives. They actually go along the bases of a clan which are recruiting the best players you can in order to win sieges and farm together to improve. This direct power given to a clan and clan leaders in general is just a tool for regular users to create corruption and as we all know we don't live in a perfect world and there is always that guy who abuses because knows in the bottom that there will be no punishment. I hope this post will be useful and create awareness for everyone. Looking forward to read your comments, answers, Best, Jm (Abuelo)
  7. miss me poutanes?
  8. In the last clan poll made by @Emerald .He mentioned something about clan shop. No further information was provided. Can we get some clear answers about this topic please? It took 3 days from discussing about the clan issue to implement the changes. I hope it will take the same amount of days until we see this being done
  9. iKirito


    I have a clan and i try to disolove but i had a no name clan war and i cant....
  10. How do we get clan rep points? Can we increase the main clan slots? 8 people is nothing.
  11. Hey whats up guys. Thinking about playing this season (last season I played was ~1yr ago) and currently looking for an English clan. I'm from eastern USA GMT -5 (NA represent). Plan on rolling wind rider again with cardinal sub (might main an ee to farm oly, not sure yet). Played l2 on and off for a pretty long time lol. Don't really have much vids from my POV, but here's a brief vid from my clan/cp Benevolence from classic skelth. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game.
  12. Just so we don't end up with unbalanced factions, let's try to have a list of what clans are playing and what faction they will be on. I'll start with sLcO for obvious reasons. CHAOS: sLcO SWISS ORDER: StrongOrderPlayers Friends Info Maze: Just write new infos(if u have) below and i will edit ur post every time /Chevignon
  13. Why would You have me in clan? I have dc set already.. I am always online 24/7. I am 25years old. I speak 3 different languages aaaaand I have a stream to confirm all of those pluses ^__^ www.twitch.tv/mrrapolas .
  14. http://lostfighters.com/ we coming i hope server will be fun
  15. Hi guys, I just had a simple question regarding faction change as clan leader. I would like to switch from order -> chaos but I am the leader of my clan (Benevolence). Will all members get auto booted and need reinv after they pay faction change. Is there possibility to change my entire clan to chaos? I think it would benefit server in the long run and make it last longer since there are not many too strong clans on chaos atm. Thank you if u are able to help me