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  1. Jewels Boss

    Remove jewels boss from shop or make it more hard, only adena its too easy, server is dying very fast, after my friends get epic jewels they play 1-2 days and leave. Please consider my opinion.
  2. I dont get the global vote adena reward. Only 1 pc at home, only me playing. Yesterday it was fine and i took the prizebut suddenly after i started a shop, i am not gettting the vote adena reward. Restarted the rooter, re-open client, still the same problem Any solutions?
  3. I dont know if you are able to see it, i dont know how , but please check Carmen char, i was collecting adena with a friend since the very start of the new season, and then after a critical i lost 4.8 k adena... check it out please!! its a dc set !!!!