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  1. No Aden Castel shop at all

    I see 3 changelist and still no aden castel shop as you say .... i hope i see it in next one....
  2. Rank System / Olympiad

    Ranking system this season is making more sense (personal opinion) its better than previous seasons but i think that the hero part in order to rank up its a bit unfair for some players who play solo and they dont have a clan to get feed (lets be honest it happens a lot) there are classes that its almost impossible to win a hero without feed. So a suggestion is to remove hero from ranking system and replace it with something else or rase the other requirementsCause this may lead some people to quit server About Olympiad i think that it would be more fair if classes were competing each other only! i believe its fair this way and it wouldconstraint the feeding problem. I am not sure if this is possible and its more a thought i have
  3. Clan Disolve

    i try to disolve my clan 5 days now what is going on ?