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  1. Enchantment system

    Hello Emerald, I've seen that this season the enchanting is really easy now the server is filled with +16 weapons because of the -1 on unsuccessful enchant.And previous seasons enchanting was way harder and people left because of it. Here is a suggestion that might fix the current state of the enchanting system for weapons and armor and it's quite simple. Give us Enchant scrolls and Blessed enchant scrolls, Lineage 2 already created a system for us to follow, you will just need to tweakeda little bit. Blessed and normal echants should have the same % to succeed with the only difference: 1. Normal enchants - whenever they enchant is unsuccessful the enchant level goes back to +0 2 Blessed enchants - whenever the enchant is unsuccessful the enchant level goes -1(how it is right now), Also you can make it harder to enchant to +16 by giving the option that all enchantments from +12-16 to be lowered by -2 instead of -1. You can make the normal enchants to be dropped from pvp(as previous season) or even you can make a chest that drops from C to S grade Enchants(You can throwNormal and Blessed enchants in there, with balanced rates of drop ofcorse) As per Blessed enchants they should be hard and stay expensive, you can use your current way of getting the blessed enchants with and w/o little tweaks. Increase the save enchant level for armors to be+6 forC-A grade Increase the save enchant level for weapons to be +6-10 for C-A grade also you can apply those changes to S-grade too but the rates of droping should be low(Atleast for blessed scrolls) This change will help out the new players alotand will lowerthe gap between newbie players and the veterans on the server. In my opinion if you make enchantment easy but hard get is the way to go and with Normal and Blessed scrolls you canrisk and enchant your weapon/armor with normal enchants,High risk-High rewardor you can play it safe with blessed enchants, Low risk-High price I think this is an important part of balancing the server in general it's the infrastructure that makes the unbalance. If all of the Options are tweaked properly both the Drop rates/Price of the enchants and the Success percentage you will kill two birds with one stone, First you gonna fix the enchantment system Second you gonna make the server more enjoyable and easy for new commers If you find interest in this suggestionI'm willing to help ýou more in-deph about this function and finding the sweet spot for the enchants Cheers,