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  1. Golem Stoneheart

    Golem's stone heart should be even more expensive inthe shop. You gave them the enchant drop thing anyways , they shouldn't even use that anymore like... anyways,certainly it should be more than 3 k even 5 if you take it that way. It is made to not drop so often anymore but it's so affordable even in the shop how comes that... u know what i mean?
  2. About Mass Ress

    it's working on siege only but it should be work on epics, so we can fight long more fun. it will be interesting
  3. Nice Spy :)

    I was thinking about it I actually understand it. You guys pmedme with new characters once again for clan cuz I was looking for active members after javazerged.There were a guy I don't want to say his nickname,which i invite to him clan he got baium then he joined to immortals with new charafter getting informations about my clan ): it's oka there's no point to cry for baium,but idk why u guys trying something like that ?it's a fkin ovc faction server not low rate or mid rate russian server. Even in russian servers we never did smthing against our enemys so bad... That's showing how you obsessed with me also with my clanthat was nice try good job. /I feel so bad for java kids...