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  1. New command .end

    Add new command to the game that allow players to shorten boring/bugged/annoying/lotsofotherreasonsmaps. .end or .ff Command shortens timer when used by: - 50% of chaos and 50% of orderevent participants - 80% of chaos or 80% of order event participants Either timer jumps to 5:00 or it starts to coundown by 2-3 seconds. Rewards like rb drops are percentage of actuall event time that passed. Command doesn't work under 5 min or on epic raid map.
  2. Greek Clan lf ppl

    Only Greeks.....
  3. Just so we don't end up with unbalanced factions, let's try to have a list of what clans are playing and what faction they will be on. I'll start with sLcO for obvious reasons. CHAOS: sLcO SWISS ORDER: StrongOrderPlayers Friends Info Maze: Just write new infos(if u have) below and i will edit ur post every time /Chevignon
  4. Change faction as clan leader question

    Hi guys, I just had a simple question regarding faction change as clan leader. I would like to switch from order -> chaos but I am the leader of my clan (Benevolence). Will all members get auto booted and need reinv after they pay faction change. Is there possibility to change my entire clan to chaos? I think it would benefit server in the long run and make it last longer since there are not many too strong clans on chaos atm. Thank you if u are able to help me
  5. Toxic

    Toxic is an Order Clan (Used to be both but has been changed to Order). Toxic's main focus is not only becoming the best clan on the server but also helping out some of the new players and recruiting for our clan and our allied clans. Languages - English & Chinese (Accepting occasional Italian & Japanese) Communication Options - Skype (Maybe also TeamSpeak) Mature Clan Community Good server involvement and activity Good attitudes and NO botting or glitching is allowed (Members found will be kicked with 0 tolerance) Anyone who is interested please leave a comment below. Thank you and have a great day!
  6. Hello, As i said in my topic's title, I will play archer on order side for this brand new season, and i'm looking for anEnglish speaking only Clan / Organized Party / CP (as long as it's organized). I don't want to give any more informations about me in the topic so if anyone's in need or is interested in having an arche,feel free to leave me a PM on the forum and I'll give you any informations you'd like to know about me. Thanks in advance and I wish you all the best luck in this new season