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  1. Hey

    So, how have you solved this issue? Couse I've the same problem with my home desktop
  2. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    So, just to clarify.. from now on I will have to do at least 1 kill / 15 assist inpvp phase, otherwise I won't be able to have a drop, right? Could you better explain points 3 and 4?
  3. Client mod hack's

    LOL Nice, now I'm even more useless!
  4. Client mod hack's

    I got this same impression about Luffy yesterday.. but hey, maybe he's very good to wait not atacking me andretarget.. multiple times
  5. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    And remove 2 resist buff before pvp phase for some reflect damage? Mmh.. it doesn't seem so worth :E But it's an idea anyway!
  6. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    I was just asking for a change to get the chance to receive the reward at the end of the Raid (decrease the number of assists needed to receive a kill) like any other class, I don't care to receive a boost outsidethis type of event, but ok.. Thanks anyway for giving me an answer.
  7. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    Maybe I don't get it,play a tank class, isn't it already considered as a support? I mean, I distract/stun/immobilize/take lot of damage instead of my teammates (as my class is meant to be), and you are telling me that I should play DD class or healer for help my team? Do you think the only classes that can be played are mages/daggers/archers/duelist/summoner and healers (L2 classes are 30+ if I remember correctly)? I'm not helpful enough? What's your problem with this class? Oo I'm not telling you to buff me, I'm just arguing what's my problem playing my class (couse I play tanks since I started to play this game 15 years ago) in this kind of rare and very important events.. I never said that I'm unhelpfull for my team.. .-.
  8. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    As has already been said by others, could you consider to modifythe requirements to have the possibility of receivingdrop fromRB (like AQ, Tezza, Baium etc.)? Currently, those who play a tank during these events have two possibilities in my opininon: * use an offensive setup and try to steal some kill, risking a lot couse of the almost non-existent defense and the low damage inflicted; * play as a pure tank and help your team, without having the security of totaling 15 assists; the reasons could be multiple, you don't have a healer in your party, the damages that are inflicted on you are too high to sustain and you are quickly killed after a couple of mages have targeted you, etc. Now, every other class has the possibility of inflicting the necessary damage (or healing/ress in the case of a healer) during the RB phase, excepttanks with a defensive setup that fails to reach the minimum points. All this talk why? It would be appreciable and I think reasonable, if during these events,minimum requirements were lowered to 5 for example or any another type of changesthat would allowtanks to have a chance to take any kind of drop. Any other class that during the initial battle did not participate in a decisive way, will be able to recover later,tanks don't.
  9. about population / future steps

    Remove blessed scrolls?
  10. MOBA map bug

    And at the end of event, the scoreboard sign 0 assists to everyone (thanks for made the post :D)
  11. Tank Classes.

    If you have a "problem" with someone on internet, why you feel free to talk about his nationality or family? How old are you all?
  12. Tank Classes.

    Every class got something that "annoy" others.. * Daggers and their crits/Mirage * Mages and their cancels/m.crit/AoE * Gladi/Gk with their AoE skill and barrier * Tank with aggression skills * Healer withtheir... heals! As a main PK, I want toclarify that unfortunatly you can only use those skills effectively, couse once your enemy earn some epics, your shield stun/ hold are pretty useless.. same for Tribunal/Judgement that lasts for 2 sec(?) or so.. So how can you help your team/party? Trying to change your opponents target, that's all. Well.. then you can find people who use it only as an aggrobot and not as a tank
  13. oly

    Excuse me? You were 2-3 lvl above me, with probably both rings (I say "probably" because few events lateryou were shouting to sell both rings); you saw a newbedagger and thought about giving him a lesson to clarify who the boss was.. and you have been kicked. Be less arrogant kid. God.. God di sta minchia.
  14. oly

    I knew these screens would be useful I definitely don't wannasay I'm better than you (I know I'm bad AF and I'm not ironic xD), but you're probably not as good as you think. Oh.. were you lvl 78 or 79? Couse I saw you got Focus Power on in the next event.. and use Mirage few events later Lol.bmp Lol2.bmp
  15. Hello everyone, in this season I have a problem when I try to loginto the gamefrom myhome pc.. it is impossible for me to go overthe server selection screen.. I got this problem only with thispc, while I have no problem with the pc in office. The first time I tried to log in (about a week ago), I could reachthe character creation screen,but when I pressed the button to choose the race, the game window was completely blocked. while after creating a character from another pc (always on the same account), now it is impossible for me to go over the serverselection screen (always with this damn home pc) I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times, I tried to correct any corrupt files, I completely deleted the L2 folder and then install the game again, but nothing is changed.I did the same thing with your patch, nothing. In many years of L2, this is the first time that such a thing happens to me.. and I have no idea what the problem is. Does anyone have any ideas? I've already played a couple of seasons with this pc and I've never had similar problems.. I just wanna play from my home!!! T^T