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  1. Change main class

    Should not be allowed to change/subclass in Dominator class.. such as Maestro. But yeah, there are not race restriction except between Elf/Dark Elf
  2. Old feature coming back

    Is there any kind person who could explain exactly (with an example) how the formula works with the armor/jewel enchant?
  3. So, if I dont get 1 kill in the PvP phase, I can't earn any reward at the end of the successfull raid (couse I dont have any damage for increase my score) even if I make my role (tank the RB)?
  4. Neither Exp or some chests like with normal Raid Boss? Naah
  5. Of course I did some damage.. very low damage obviously, but I was hitting him too.
  6. https://ibb.co/mThaLb I tanked for the entire event, first in PvP phase and then the RB and I didn't get anything,couse I didn't make any kill?! Could be possible change this partecipation parameters for Tank classes?
  7. Rebirth exp penalty

    Well, I'm lvl 79 ofmy first rebirth.. so I have to complete 2 more.. I will never be noble/full rebirth skill before this season will end for sure..
  8. Votemanager error hopezone

    Yeah! And I get my Voter 2 achievement!
  9. Votemanager error hopezone

    I voted only L2TopZone/Network and nothing is changed.. then I also voted for Hopzone and nothing changed again! Always the same messagge: " Couldn't check hopezone votes, please try again soon."
  10. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    I hope to be able gain kills with my tank!
  11. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    We have to reg NCSoft account first?