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  1. Paladin

    For tanky setup just put defensive buffs.. and +CON/DEX dyes
  2. Unbalanced events nb 2

    One more thing, how can I join my side once I changed faction for "balance" event? Atm we are 8/9 red vs 4 order and I wish come back to order side for stop zerg them..
  3. Unbalanced events nb 2

    We were two, that's all.
  4. Unbalanced events nb 2

    Yesterday morning I started an event with a clan mate (Town of Dion - Battlefield), after few minutes we ended to be the only ones in our side versus 8/9 redsand we played like this until a few minutes from the end of the event. So, as I said before..
  5. I can't login...

    Have you copied all the file inside theOvC Patchinto your L2 folder, right?
  6. Arrest enchant

    Thank you!
  7. Arrest enchant

    I noticed few tanks using Arrest enchanted to +Power instead of +Chance..and it seems to work a lot better! So, probably I'm just dumb AF but.. could you check chance rate with these two enchantments? Couse it looks like my arrest +20 chance suck hard comparised to +6 power.. :\ Just to know if I wasted a lot of Golem's heart and I should change enchantment
  8. New respawn system and more town maps.

    Just rejoin!
  9. Unbalanced events nb 2

    A big problem about the balance system, is when some team mate leave event and no other join your side. An active auto balance in event would be a huge help.. if the ELO difference become too much,the auto balance should first stop the reward for the team in the lead and "ask" some players with the right ELO score to switch side.
  10. Ench rate

    Could you make an example with number for this formula? Couse probably I'm tard af, but I dont know how to calculate it..
  11. About land rate

    Neither give it 80% success rate withall those Resist shock buffs and improvement.
  12. Better rewards for obj.

    There are not only DDs in event.. and extra loot/rewards would give a lot of help to new comers.
  13. New Achievements - Double Kill, Triple Kill, Etc.

    AoE skill user fiesta!
  14. About land rate

    Is this an other "omfg you MUST nerf this class, couse now is too op! We can't play like this!" thread? Maybe..or maybe not. I would like to discuss about Dreadnought stun, yesterday I joined an event and in the opposite faction there was a Dread.. on every single occasion we fought, I was perma stunned.. so, I would like undertand if this is ok or not. My setup: - Maje set - Resist shock - Fortitude on - Antharas - 46 CON - Clan Fortitude - Vote buff so.. considering his Shock Stomp was enchanted to +10 (but even the ranged stun land fine), is this normal? Because with such setup, I think I should be stunned 1/20.. maybe.
  15. Check system files l2.exe not opening correctly

    Same here.. like in the previous update.