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  1. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Revoltas Phoenix Marie Here I AM yull trickster,u Are right for all,ppl cant talk with basic itams and at the begining.... With trickster i have basic itams and dies too much time.. i just het 7s tali and do quite much difference at pvp...... Every class in GC client in begining Is weaker or stronger,but when u get itams thing getting interesting.... Server Is balanced,just u need to dobro hardly about itams,some classes get taster some slower,server Is awsome ... Emerald Good work,and Salute to everyday,believe me dudes server when open will be awsome...
  2. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Dude u are wrong, u dont used to play on GC client,here u need a lot of brain and quickness..... Old client are boaring,here u need to think little bit,because every class is best class ... salute
  3. Yull and stuff

    Idk for other yulls but i play trickster .. i dont have hide skill.
  4. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    Yes U need to download Grand Crusade from official site,its easy,make nc soft account and just download...
  5. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    Believe me guys maybe GC client Is little complicate because u used to on interlude but GC Is much much interesting ....
  6. when start this server?

    Come on man, really .... How much time more we need to wait for the server ? Salute
  7. when start this server?

    Test offline that mean gonna be soon Grand opening
  8. Dude Man really hurry up with that update :) How Long more u need to finish all? Salute

    1. vaske1992




  9. Salute Emerald , Can u tell us how much time more it takes to be server open and when we Can download Grand crusade client? 

    1. Emerald


      There's no ETA yet and you can download the client from the official site.

    2. nothing


      i cant find where to download, or is it the same as helios?

    3. vaske1992


      U can download from L2 USA offical server,but i cant download because i am from Europe,always i get some eror on download....


  10. when start this server?

    Really gm when this server start? I looking everyday on fb and site and for 2 weeks i dont read nothing.... Give us something... Salute
  11. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    When will be online ?
  12. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    Because i had Helios client from another server i just downloaded system,and i log in and server is down... Is really server down or i need to download helios client from OVC site? Salute