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  1. PvP areas based on equipment?

    EPOXY delete yourself dude just plz delete .
  2. re

    Show us a picture you getting a 9k backstaband i will delete my TH . And show us a picture of your char with your gear and buffs and let us die from laughs.
  3. What am I doing wrong?

  4. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Cuz epoxy's post was about his encounter with a TH the worst dagger in ovc.
  5. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Why everytime a noob get raped we have to nerf something???? I have a challenge for all those who thinks that daggers are OP . Go in game cr8 a TH (its the human dagger in case some pro players here dont know ) and join a event. You will QQ in 2 minutes.
  6. Can someone explain what he is trying to say?
  7. you give so much attention to this issue. i personally havent experiance such a problem. Sometimes yes i see them on my spawn but 8 to 10 times they die cuz of mass spawn they cant handle so they farm us and we farm them back nothing special.
  8. Dude with that logic anyone can come top 1 in a event no matter the class.
  9. Well just for info server started today i made a TH and guess what i missed 6 stabs in a row 3 of them was clear backstabs hahahaah its so ridiculous i luv it
  10. Well im playing TH for 11 years now its my class i luv him and i mostly play TH (95% i play TH). from my experiance in l2 ovc, with TH always i never encounter a aw/pw who can kill me solo 80% of times i won even the no lifers had a hard time vs my casual TH (and i dont mean im a superstar homo pro like many ppl do here). Yes the land rate is shit but still TH is a beast so im ok i cant ask for higher land rate cuz it will be unbalanced for the other ppl. Daggers are hardcore from nature especially the humans daggers, no soft delicate fags like mages and archers so we dont need boost.
  11. Main Town

    I vote Frintezza chamber for main town
  12. Clan wars

    I was thinking a new event but only for Clan members. Well i was thinking to make a NPC with the name "Clan war manager" or whatever and it goes like this clans register to fight, for example 6 clans have registered, those 6 clans will fight each other 2 times or 3 (like league) and the clan with the most wins at the end gets a reward (1000adena per player) and they get the permission to do a raid. Use an arena type map like coliseum. rules are only 6 man party per clan and no buffs allowed and this event will be 1 or 2 times per week.
  13. Chronicles of desire

    exaclty but lobotomized kids dont see that. So why you dont keep playing on retail? or you play on retail and here and you have zero life?
  14. Chronicles of desire

    I love H5 too i just hate how l2 ended up in GC and i didnt said i prefer interlude either or i cant play GC.
  15. Some suggestions.

    I forgot to mention NEW MAPS on my suggestion completely new maps tho that giran map my god 10 years ago