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  1. New expert skills effects

    que te jodan a vos agente hdp de tu mandre chingada
  2. Upcoming event changes

    abrite interlude de nuevo para la vacaciones va ver gente en verano interlude interlude que queremos interlude haha
  3. 'Easy' - The Movie

    seguro sin bp no podes matar a todo
  4. Prepare Anus vol2.

    And they leave and they are going to die all haha
  5. StrongOrderPlayers

    Right you know we have pending in which to solve who is the one who plays best in titan ugly haha
  6. Sad Fact

    Here arima the ugly nero and his clans will seek until they fall 1 by 1 then do not cry who killed him haha
  7. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?

    Same moris easy abc better I'll have you on my list of jerks haha
  8. Chronicles of desire

    muerte a fbs
  9. Looking for healer duo

    There is sometimes who is that rhaeger who was his class is going to look and will chase to humiliate him
  10. Looking for healer duo

    Here healer seeks magician pro
  11. Interlude

    muerte a destro si no te gusta interlude ahi tenes la puerta y vete jaja igual si entras destro te buscare te asesinate y humillare mas vale que te cuide con cariƱo arima .
  12. LatinEmpire Clan

    viva clymax el jugador mas pro del serve haha
  13. Hi

    Well well friend you are the first to upload video of this incredible game but stay tuned in the game because everything there is carnivorous and crazy in the serve ovc so you get the stack lucky friend
  14. Hi

    Hello and good night to all I can warn a warning for Mr. Radiohead tell the ugly one not to do the pro and hakero haha send you a greeting from your friend arima.