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  1. thats not good

    att crystal rates of success is a joke ,,,,u got other items to farm till the end
  2. why to give more stats to players who advertise you thats your problem not ours thats a big joke
  3. same season like previous?

    if u cant make something for this try other clients
  4. we dont want ddos all dayfor 20 days
  5. honest discussion

    curse gloom for weak pll no need
  6. About CC`s

    nikola thes eythigramish ?
  7. Lag issues

  8. We need a date

    open this tommorow we need this , you best server ever
  9. We need a date

    open best server <3
  10. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    trust xasiklis about interlude client he was running lot of servers cheating money from pooor brs