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  1. L2.exe not launching

    Today I was playing at morning after 2-3 hours later I tried to re-enter game but when I click l2.exe blue sphere spins and disapper notthing happens windows not appearing
  2. LF fix to donation price

    Server's population is not good & crowded as it used to be. I already donated 150+ Euroes to get balance with others yet but I didnt get far with it I think u can make a improvement for future donationswhich makes us both happy ty from now on. İf prices sets same u can simply increase adena income so u dont have to chance any payment method .
  3. XP problem

    FRIDAY, 25TH NOV 2016 to 22 jAN 2017 almost 2 months PASSED from grand opening and as a 1 week old player in ur server I suffer problems such low ACcu.& dısadvantage as non-rebırth player so I 'M LF a solution to this problem maybe u can fıx this somehow Xp scrolls can be added donation manager or can be bought by newbie players as no tradeable item (with low pvp count ) Cuz newbies already start with gear disadvantage atleast we can balance little bit with fast lvlup to obtain skills such as Arcane Power , Archery ( for range)