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  1. L2.exe not launching

    man really and sincerly if i was the only one i was shuting my mouth off but ....i have another 4 friends that tryed to enter in game ...and we are all from romania....nothing happent ...it really doesn`t work ...and we don`t know why ...we are not stupid ...but this admin just don`t wanna help us ...they blame us only and they think is our foult....in all his post form every guy who have a problem i saw him speaking like a man with a high rang and not give a good response to someone who need help...what is this ...a hater or something ? instead helping ppl u tell them that "is not my foult is ur foult ? " instead trying to resolve all problems?
  2. L2.exe not launching

    give us the HOST and we will try to change it maybe it will work ...u speak about douzine of ppl that work ....but i`m not a player i don`t want to play ? what do u say ? i love to play on this faction server but try to do something ...maybe is becouse of my country maybe is becouse of host. help us. a friend of mine tryed to log first time and install the game verry corectly like u said and he have windows 7 and he didn`t work. i mention again i`m from ROMANIA.Thanks ...and pls try to do something about this ...i know u didn`t change nothing but ...try to change now.
  3. L2.exe not launching

    emerald ur crazy sincerly ....U don`t understand people and ME that we didn`t do nothing wrong too ? and we didn`t change nothing ? u don`t understand that few hours ago it works i close the game i go to the toilette and come back i open my pc try to log and doesn`t work ? what to do for a server that work normaly and after 1 restart of pc doesn`t work.WHAT TO DO ?
  4. Client bug?

    i have problem too but nobody have solved nothing ...and btw another friend of mine has tryed to join and do all necesary to install the game doesn`t work ....i think this problem is for romania.i think someone have something with us ....
  5. L2.exe not launching

    and i have another question ....can be this problem from the HOST ?
  6. L2.exe not launching

    and another thing ....ok it happent to me ...but it happent this problem to anothe 2 friends of mine...that have same problem ...what explanation do u have?
  7. L2.exe not launching

    i have told u before and u don`t "want" to understand me emerald the game was working fine ...i didn`t made any changes in my computer for yesterday to today (yesterday i`ve been going to work and shut it down the pc ...nobody was login in my pc....and today i have came back from work and tryed to enter in game) i didn`t do nothing understand? and when i tryed to log in, i have double click the icon and only thing that happent it was showing me that little circle at cursor "loading" and after that disapier. i have post u here and after that i have uninstall the game and reinstalled and put the patch 20m and same happent and after i have put the 200 m patch he was showing me that screenshot that i have show u . i have tryed to change the engine too nothing happent. belive me i`m not a kid i`m 35 years old i play lineage since 14 years ago, so i know something about lineage.belive me i don`t know what to do at this problem.
  8. can u give me the host emerald pls ....to see if this problem will be resolved

  9. L2.exe not launching

    i found another engine ...and i have aplied on that patch with 200 mega and now it says this ...http://prntscr.com/dyi61w problems with gameguard ???? what is this tooo????????
  10. L2.exe not launching

    and btw ...we have reinstall the lineage ...so it was clean ...after that we have put the patch inside and still didn`t worked...we tryed to change the engine after that ...and still didn`t worked...So ? What to do ?
  11. L2.exe not launching

    for me doesn`t work this engine...same thing happent...and i`m not the only one who have this problem.I have another friend who have this problem too, and we don`t know what to do.
  12. can u tell me pls why my lineage doesn`t work anymore ...i double click the icon it apear that little circle of loading and after that nothing happent...and yesterday i was playing with no problem ...is because of me or ur cause?


  13. Lineage 2 Order Vs Chaos - NIVIRO - Sapphire

    the server is working in this moment daimon ?
  14. L2.exe not launching

    hello all...i wonder whats happent with my lineage l2ovc server why is not working anymore....is because of me or is because of server cuz is not working.I just double click the icon to open the game and it`s loading a little and after that nothing happent...it just not nothing.help me with this problem or at least u can writte here on forum what`s happening if the server is working or not...cuz i don`t see any discussion about this subject.Is from my cause or is from server cause.Thanks a lot i hope someone can answer me.