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  1. worth to start now?

    So kind of missed this start, hows online? is it worth to start now?
  2. Feedback after 4days

    Id say enchanting with golem stones is the bad side of this season, people took advantage over it early, and for people that played less or newcomers made life hard, not saying itsimpossible to catch up, everything is way cheaper than week ago, but anyway, so many oed guns, icluding my db+10, its to earrly stage for that, id say enchants should be atleast 3 times higher to get, right now having them in shop is not understandable, since on the market its 5-10times cheaper. Everything else seems fine for me.. well yeah, fixing magical crit rate had to be done faster mages dominated, people got jewels, oed it, and only then fix was implented,life became harder for them, but still rocking in the right hands.
  3. obtaining noble ring/necklace after staff

    What is the respawn time of the boss?
  4. necro's pet

    I like your spirit
  5. Titans-redesign

    Just create another mage and make fun of archers
  6. necro's pet

    do you think your life is hard? Try playing archer
  7. Archers?Is it mage server?

    Get dexterity from expert skill, it will lessen misses. Agree about crit rate part, ive got passive crit rate augment plus stats, it makes rate 500 but suddenly you hit 6 times without criting.. well... maybe it is supposed to be like this, but compared to can say we have no jewels(i do have m.def around 1.2k but crits are insane, more advanced mage crits 3-5k while you crit them for 2k with +7 shyyed bow, add that you miss even to a mage..still enjoying playing archer but there is a reason people play mainly mages waiting for mages to get valakas and oed ams just my 2 cents of opinion, no tears, goodluck
  8. Autohotkey

    Well this is not helpful thx
  9. Autohotkey

    all i know you rebind like this s::f1 for example, could you guide me how to do it better? Thank you
  10. Autohotkey

    In past i have faced that ahk doesnt run on some servers with customprotections, thats why im asking
  11. Autohotkey

    Answer would be appriciated
  12. Autohotkey

    Is it possible using it here? Im used to play with different key bindings, and il client doesnt support that possibility to change them