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  1. cant log

    whats heappening from yesterday i cant log normal, i try to log but impossible. its takes 30 -40 min to login into game some1 else have same problem like me ?
  2. greeks fuck up the server

    with all the respect of my few greek friends all the other greeks nolifer fucked up the server and unbalancing the sides now i see why server dosent live so long cause of greeks cancer

    busco greek pussy shaved
  4. i love this server andi really hate to complain but fuck it i didnt log long time cause of busy work and what i see server deaddddd from bad management examples : check the image where is the balance ? just 1 for dont speak of other bad topics make an update on site so people will know what is the best time to play
  5. LAL pvp video

    Bugged mirage ftw and nabs feel pro i didn’t see in all video to kill any good player just random mages
  6. Yamadas macro

    Yamada kick asses ! and you eleonora are a little mommy kid everything what players do you report here no one is insulting you or someone else is just for fun whatever he spam I need you tonight!
  7. Interlude

    Btw ... grand opening of interlude season is on 17June or 1 July? i see wrong or I'm #drunk?
  8. Interlude

    Why not interlude? best chronicle ever other chronicles wasting time and more complicated for me is only reason that stillplay this game after years
  9. wts am +12 db +10 am +13

    my mates ^^ , dont pm me for stupid items and stupid offers, this am is going to be + 16 last season is broke at +13 but this one is going so high btw neras offer me a castle hahah, maybe he going me to offer this mom lol (joke) sorry for bad photos