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  1. about population / future steps

    As mentioned above, maybe +6 is not the best cause of dagger/tanks But +16 is even worse. I tell you why. Make a char when ppl running around 10++ weaps. you have armor 0, weap 0. I dare you to try it. On the other side, with lower max ench, the first main goal would be to max out your main gear, and it wouldnt be that hard even if you start late. AND ppl who farmed out their main, could easily experiment with non played classes. Thus developing a way to make them better and playable. Long term thinking. I know people dont even know what this word mean. But I do.
  2. about population / future steps

    I have to admint. i feel like this is the first time when developers mostly eme will actually listen to the community. My honest opinion is max ench +6 is must. Longer lasing pvp, MUCH less gap between newbies and veterans, and you can make a fucing cusom system that has different coulous for diff enchs. ++ for accesories, that idea of dress me system is realy good. I'm sure its prety much complicated to do, but maybe a system where you would get additional personal reward ater event based on who did u kill. I mean same geared or not. Lock that S grd for 1 month. PS I'm not playing l2 anyomre, but sometimes Icome by and readsome post here if the server still a garbage or not, because I like the base idea of the server. Its just not worth it to play.If there would be a season when the stipulatons are good I would definetly try it.
  3. What if?

    Hey. I know we had issues in the past. I'm not tryin to force my vision, just simply telling an idea. I know this is OvC notInfinite l2, nor other server. I get it. Some time ago i have found a server (wasnt open yet) but i wasintrigued by the idea that the creator had. But never gt the chance to try it becuse from free it become member only (5 euro or somewhat, thereby no QQ about donators) I know we all love this from lvl 75, from Bgrd to Sgrind, and only from PvP. It is a really good idea, and accomplishable, IF and ONLY IF the srv has high population. I remember back in Infinite l2 is had consistensy if i recall correcly, opening about 60v60 later 30v30. Here, I didnt played much becuse I personnaly dontfinding it any resons to. Yes I am older now has a job, grown up life. Just to give a glimps of my point of view I ask you a question. Why the F*UCK would you want to play somewhere where you log in just to see everyone has a better gear than you, and you have ABSOLULY ZERO chance to catch up?I'm not speaking of progressive gamplay. I'm speaking of 30-40 days and wipe... and at 30th day srv population = 6 ppl... The idea what I have is untraditional. You will freak out for sure. But trust me you wont need to wipe every 30 days. Make the gamplay more like normal serverlike. Start from lvl 1. Use the whole world of L2, not just 1 city and like 20 locations for events. Use this 2 sided gameplay, the factions!!!!!!! Every city should be fighted for!!!!! Maybe 24/7 or maybe weekly battles. My propblem was alvays that I didnt had the time to play as much as others, and THRE WAS NO ALTERNATIVE to get gear. This way, you can kill mobs for adena... But make a system where like enchant is pvp only (farming) or like make it not this sh*t IL chronice, make it H5, and top tiper weaps/armors can be obtained only by pvp. but vesper can be crafted or smthlike. AND let this event system stay. My dream is where I dont need to suffer million deaths (no adena if i die) till I can afford a better gear, and then just die 700.000 time to get a more advaced gear. If I commit myself to go in and try to fight, its gonna be for a reason!!!!!!!! Im not some 10y/o with out a goal in his/her life. If I join a fight I want to have a good time fighting. That is not what I get here. If I have the oppourtunuty to farm my gear by normal way (even if its 5x longer than by pvp) then I would play. And I'm not alone with this, trust me. Then I will be able to show my skills in pvp... How can someone show what he has if he gets 1 shooted? Give this man his chance... So basically in short. Make a normal server, but with 2 sides. I know its a lot of work. I know it may easly fail. But the end result canot be worse than the Grand Crusade scenario. Also know it sounds like a complaint, but dont expect much change in the cmmunity here, if you wont. I'm not saying what you offer us is bad, if that would be the case no one would play. But people still playing here. Not a lot, and they all want change. If you ban me again, fine from me. I have gotused to geting baned on social media because I'm allways right, and truth hurts. And people dont like it.
  4. Newcomer's question

    +1 But IMO simple S grd vs Dynasty Vs morai would be like better take vesper out, but maybe dyna vs vesp can be better Btw when i have a relative good idea usually eme says naaah its not woth it... well then i say its not worth to play here... and it is actually true... I think there is about 40 constant player, the other 200+ like oh new season, good the first 2 maybe 3 days will be fun but after that its just not worth it
  5. Newcomer's question

    Fuck me, what did I suggested to Eme... Make it like b grd free, a grd like 4k , sgrd like 300for weap, and 300k for armor (to have some progressive progression... geared ppl shold farm more for better gear, cus if u have agrd just a walk in the park till u get some s grd)
  6. Newcomer's question

    I played on the good old RvB alot, here not so much, just here to read some comments I think this whole concept of the server should be repacked... You should be able to get adena from farming mobs, and not like 1/100 chance for droppin max 3-4 adena(dont know the current mob farm, I dont play) BTW this would be a big help for late comers to get gear. But make pvp system more rewardable than pve, if you cant keep up with op (overenchanted) oponents, just go pve Make skill ench pvp reward only (i mean bogs/codex) for like blank scroll (maybe 1blank scrl for every 5 kill) Same with aug seen some servers IL wich can offer more then h5 content thinking of items.. make custom (hella boring for farming for the same time and time again for 8+ years) Boost the fucking hell up BD SWS OR delete some dances/songs from the buffer, same with prophecy/CoV/etc Hell maybe even put all mobs back and be like a normal server, but with 2sides
  7. More like a question but...

    I know this brings that bp and ee and healer classs would be invincible but maybe can put more reuse time or lower the heal value Additional thought to ench thing, maybe blessed ench scroll could be banned and safe till +3 in some cases +4
  8. More like a question but...

    I know u banned me from forum, but i i found myself unbanned (maybe due to new season data wipe) I just have a suggestion/question Dont know if its good or bad, if bad can you descirebe why? What if in some season you make the enchant limit lower? I mean like weap max 8 (maybe 10) armor 6 Maybe newbies have better time, and in my opinion fewer ench difference in equipment can bring out who is really better, I mean who uses better its class(skills) I always favour evenly odds. Here I mean not full a grd with +8 weap vs full sgrd 12++ weap Even though I dont play since I dont find worth to play (not just here but in general) poker excluded, and u said "I hope I dont come back" But I still have the love and passion for L2 And want to make L2 great again
  9. What is this

    Well my example was not perfect but let me ask 1 thing, u have s grd weap right? And dont get any adena for killing newbies. Then who do you kill first? Who drops adena or who dont?
  10. What is this

    Man, I honestly dont understand you. I hope you are just trolling, if not there are some serious propblems with you. Let me explain, lest take an exapmle from life, like sports, maybe wrong example but lets see MMA, you compete for like 3-4 years, and you want to aim for higher rank, more money, if you beat up guys who do this sports for like 4-6 monthts even ayear, yes you beat them but what impression do you make? you only can fight againts newbies, and run away from real fight, from a real challange. and you wont get millions, maybe you get 100 bucks per fight.
  11. New record

    Btw at beta with 100 adena base was AWSOME!!!! AND for full set you need 1 500 000 adena.... well with 10a per kill is 150 000 pvp...this servers used to have top pvp 40 000 when its beeing wiped...
  12. New record

    At beta phase i said to emerald to make more then the 10 adena base, but he said i was stupid... well server dead... everyone is complaining about adena... no further comments... well 1 yes geared ppl would make more adena than before, but i have a solution. r95 grd and talismans etc should stay the same, r95 make it 3x more cost and r99 10x more costly, and make the adena base 20 or 25 adena or even30... this way, yes geared farm more but they need to spend more thus donators can donate for adena and nondonators wont complain(in my opinion) As for stun at day 6 I made an archer and my stun was landing about 50%.. thats good for me, for same geared i think should be like 66% (1/3) This is stupid idea i know but for a possible next beta eme should increase all class dmg to same as archers and mages this way every class hit 20-30k and you can play what ever u like :D:D:D With this my problem is that pvp is about who stun or hit 1st... make overall dmg about 50% then for example 2 newbie char has like 20k hp and dont know how many cp, and lets say 1 is archer the other is archer too then they not hit each other for 10-13k, they should hit 5k. Then you can have fun with skills
  13. Eternal armor

    nooo, wont make it its for newbie protection
  14. Quest

    I hope @Emeraldu dont mind if i do some brain storming, maybe 1 of my ideas will be good enough I'm mainly focused on newbie territory. So maybe you could make a daily quest for some special currency. Like from rank1 to rank3 (i dont know the rank requiements) 1 or 2 hr of gametime (only event counts) you can complete the quest. and from the shop you can only buy binded items for example ench scroll, or trade it for adena, maybe elementals. And not necessearly for game time, but maybe for pvp, but as for the newbies they barely get pvps. or given rewards not need to add a currency (but for economy is good) but you can give revards xp scroll (idk if still exist or just xp rune) or quest like play minigames 5 times during that given day.

    This way newbies can sell it for good money