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  1. infinity rod

    I'm trying to understand why you keep posting irrelevant stuff in every single topic that has been made on this forum. Do you ever even read the title? Should it be written in BG to get it? It's high time to stop posting before you embarass yourself more. The only thing any member of your clan can be better at than smn else is distance covered per map and restarts made.
  2. infinity rod

    In case it is indeed working with boxes, then that's a bug. However, waking scrolls have been used with the blunt and the 2h blunt hero wpns for mages ever since they were created. You simply just noticed it now. A year ago (which was 3 seasons ago) rod had 3% chance (as it normally should) to full heal smn while casting good magic and then it was nerfed to 1%. Bps were spamming waking scrolls and heals non-stop. Anyhow, there is absolutely no bug going on here except the boxes part you mentioned, Juls justnoticed something that he didn't know and called it bugged. Same thing happened with the tyrants (which isn't bugged as well). What's next? I'm using IC set + Shield on my dagger as well with armor penalty and now almost all daggers are doing the same. Is that a bug as well?get real already. If you keep discovering stuff in this ancient game, it's literally noone else's fault but yours.
  3. infinity rod

    Hey Juls! Another thing I taught you, still I don't see where the bug is exactly since it has always been like this. Read the weapon's description again
  4. Farm zone

    Any answers on this one?
  5. Suggestion for the future.

    That would be the absolute F1 war, ppl running around to farm a b grade set as max goal. Anyhow, the only viable chronicle for a faction server isinterlude. Almost 40 days and there are newcomers everyday as well as it's still 30v30+ in events from afternoon till early morning. Join the server pals
  6. Farm zone

    1. It might be a good ideato replace magic creatures in farm zone with undead so that healers can xp solo there as well. 2. Furthermore, the drop rate should slightly be increased because there is no point going there other than lvling up or killing martankus (I'm not really confident about the 2nd part of my suggestion since it may make events have less ppl, but still it's just for an hour).
  7. Yamadas macro

    Yamada is one of a kind! Leave him alone
  8. Extra currency?

    Your suggestion may be great or terrible. Even if Emerald implements that, the outcome won't change. So, let me repeat myself once more because you are obviously missing the MAIN point. Every season, people start suggesting things for the new season, and when the new season comes and they get exactly what they had asked for, then they (most of them) play for 1-2 weeksand leave asking for a new season. Most of the nicknames I read posting suggestions are people who haven't played the server for a long time or quit after ~ a week in every season. So, let me suggest something else. Create a group and gather every single ape who cries in a server's forum about everything or quits after a very short period of time for various reasons (weapon failed to be enchanted, donated too much but eventually people caught up and couldn't do shit anymore, didn't like the features and sooooooooooo on) and go have some group therapy sessions. Only when you complete that part, a server can stay alive successfully. Any other solution has brought up the same result over and over again.
  9. Server offline still

    I'd suggest you to be patient mate. No need to start looking for another server since this one is great. However, if that happens tomorrow morning as well, well then, you know the answer
  10. Ench rate

    Without golems, enchanting armors/jewels to +6/7 is like ~20 to 35% (with golems it may look like 85% but then its like 40-55% depending on what grade u are enchanting). I don't even know why the enchant advisor keeps claiming 85% for armor/jwls and still hasn't been changed but well, I guess it has been designed as a trap for us humans.The actual 85% chance applies only for weapons.
  11. Server offline still

    Any announcements about what's going on again?
  12. Newcomer's question

    max adena I had first week with all the things I mentioned before was 55k + Well done. What about that?OES grade armors/ Wpns / 5/5 Epics / Augments / Skills + and not in just 1 class. Let me guess. You needed 2 days more?
  13. Active augments

    Then, look straight towards your mirror if you couldn't see the irony in it, wtf.
  14. Active augments

    The server never went offline due to updates happening. As Ruby announced earlier, there was a problem with the vendor, which at least to my mind means that smn forgot to pay the bills. Then, the server went online again and since then, people can't combine active/passive augments, the Halloween NPCs are haunting us and the buff schemes have been messed up. There was no change imo, just smthing went really wrong. Anyhow, be patient fellas, whatever needs to be fixed, I'm sure it will be fixed as it always does.
  15. Active augments

    In the meantime since you are talking about benefits, I don't even have as good augments as many other people do. I just feel pity for thosewho wasted a shitload of adena to get active cele, refreshand so many other actives which have been rendered useless without any reason since they were working exactly as they should.