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  1. augments

    The whole point of the augment system is to be unique and not tradeable. If augmented wpns are allowed to be traded, they would become 'prostitutes' and change several hands in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, if specific augments are added on the shops, no matter the price, it would create an even bigger gap among veterans and starters. Both suggestions seem highly irrelevant and pointless to me. As another pal very well said, in case this happened, then you should add oe armors/wpns/jwls as well and create a star wars server where Yoda would end up playing alone vs elpies. -1
  2. olympia time

  3. Archers nerfed too hard.

    You people are unbelievable. Every single one of you complains about his character's class that should deal even more dmg than it already does. I've played a shitload of servers and this one is definitely one of the most class balanced IL servers that existed/exist/will exist. Even if you were playing official, you would still find sth to complain about just because you have no idea what your character does, is designed to do, and what items/dyes are needed in order to reach its full potential according to the server's features (if the features are fine, that's what actually brings class balance). In this server, every single class has been nerfed or boosted in order to create an ideal balance (That's why you can see all the classes in events IN A PVP SERVER. Every each one of the classes has a point to be played and is awarded for it very well.) In every server ppl whine about enchant rates, skills, classes, etc. Pretty much for anything they can think of. I've been seeing this tragic situation since 2004 and I'm so sick of it. Face the fact; The only problem is YOU. So, instead of whining like apes, try just for once, to create a friendly atmosphere towards the server in which you spend your time. To my mind, thumbs up Emerald. It's my first season here and I've loved it so far. Keep up the great work.