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  1. leveling

    Not a bad idea but it should be slightly changed. When the server has very low activity, then an area in which you can hunt monsters for exp and other stuff should be available,but still it should stay open for a specific time till the server has enough activity to turn the event engine back on, otherwise there will always be less ppl in pvp events. That's the only way this can work and I've got no idea how much time Emerald would have to spend on it or if it's even possible, I guess it is.
  2. rb bug

    What is more, for some weird reason, S grade weapons & armors are more expensive than they were before since they need a sh1tload of materials to be crafted ( ~500 mithril alloy for DB? WTF? )
  3. Reanimate server

    Emerald takes care of negative shops daily, just send him a message on the forum, but make sure to be accurate. On the other hand, he hasn't realised yet that not only the enchant rates should be progressive but the whole playstyle. Noone will donate for 1250 adena after 40 days, noone will want to play with B vs S +6/10 etc. But I guess he already knows all of this stuff and for somewhat extremely weird reason he doesn't make the simplest basic changes but still, it's up to him to decide. The only chronicle that will keep working and can become successful is Interlude. Anything else, as it has already been proved, won't last more than 10 days. Also, it's normal the price of BEWS to increase since most members have gear and care only about OE atm. So,400a is quite legit actually. This helps newbies to farm up gear faster as well. Therefore, that's pretty cool.
  4. Lost event rank after RR

    Well, after the restart which happened ~50 mins ago, I've lost my wolf rank in the medal event. I guess the same happened to everybody. Still, getting 4 glit medals was an incredible pain in the ass, so fix it somehow.
  5. Votemanager error hopezone

    Chill out fellas. It's been only 4 DAYS since the issue occurred.
  6. Class change question

    I've already answered to that
  7. Votemanager error hopezone

    In the meantime, even if the problem can be simply solved, the fact that nobody of thestaff has replied yet, makes me wanna vomit, no offence
  8. Class change question

    What do you mean? What skills are you talking about?
  9. Class change question

    You keep the rebirths but you still have to xp your main
  10. Hopzone - Vote reward

    There is smth wrong with hopzone today. It keeps saying ''Couldn't check hopzone votes, please try again soon.''
  11. when grand crusade?

    The funny thing is that no matter the chronicle or the server you decide to join, even if it's perfect, you will always have the same routine a) join b) play max a week c) find smth pointless to whine about d) emoquit. That's your cycle.
  12. when grand crusade?

    I don't get why ppl keep spamming about other chronicles other than IL since it's the only one that gathers a decent amount of players. The server is up and running with a lot of ppl. When and if GC comes again, 1 week will go by, and IL will reopen. Set the facts straight and get real already.
  13. Chronicles of desire

    I don't get why you keep creating useless threads. It's 2017. Others like c6, others h5, etc. Every time a new server opens, toons pop-out of thin air and spam about different chronicles. Things are very simple; you either like the chronicle and the server's features and you play it or you don't.
  14. Interlude

    You've finally realised what you had to do ever since the last IL seasonLooking forward to it !
  15. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    * Although it's true that the server is by far one of the best I've seen in quite some time in various aspects, I totally disagree with the decent/loyal community part. Are you talking about ppl that join and fap around for 15 days and then ask for wipe and create negativity? Because 65% of the players I saw in this season did that. If they were decent, they would realise the fact that there is nothing better out there and the server would keep on going for much more time than it eventually did. * I don't even get the concept of having a new season since it's a pvp server; players who join want to get geared quickly and then non-stop pvp. So, what's the point of starting from scratch over and over again when your purpose is to get full geared and just pvp? Anyhow, it was my first season here and I hope that another one will begin soon enough. Keep up the great work Emerald