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  1. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    I won't even bother commenting on any suggestions that have been made so far here even if some of them are cool. I simplyhope Emerald implements everything you are asking for mates, for the sole reason of watching you quitting after 10 days again whenever the new season goes live. I'm dying to see what your excuses and your 'new' suggestions about the trillionth seasonwill be then. No matter the alterations made or the features added, unless you decide to actually play the server for good for once, you will never stop asking for new seasons.
  2. Advertisement Event

    And I expressed my opinion about your suggestion which is obviously incomplete
  3. Advertisement Event

    * Don't forget to put Yuri Boyka's face as the server's logoas well and add ''THIS IS YOUR CHANCETO BECOME ORDEROR CHAOS MOST COMPLETE FIGHTER''! * Grand opening of the already live server. That will definitely be something unique. Anyhow, as I said again with proper advertisement, the ongoing season will have many people again. It's been 65 days ~ and it still has 20vs20 till early noon and then 35vs35 or a bunch moretill early morning. If it manages to get just 50 or more people so the events can be 50vs50, it will be great
  4. Golem's - Newbies

    @Luffy I didn't even talk about you, I guess the guilty ones make their ownassumptions lol. You are so unimportant to even mention you wtf. You join every season along with a bp bot, you end up getting rekt and quitting. That's what happened at least for the 3 past seasons that I've been here. Every season either you or that thouaz talent get banned cz you are too braindmged to even stay unbanned for a while and then start begging for unbans just so you can quit for one more time. Newbies can get decent gear in just a few days since all prices have been reduced. Open your fucking eyes already.What chance to fight with equal gear you freaking cartoon, only the usual quitters keep asking for new seasons over and over again. And for the record, I'm a pro L2 veteran whogot a proposal to play here and has been 1 hitting your char everywhere for 3 seasons now. In the meantime, you've been playing interlude necro for 100 years and you still suck at it,but I guess that's your glorious achievement even in a faction server. Getting flamed by everyone, failing to deal any dmg even with am +16, I mean really how difficult can it actually be? Do you buff your mage with might? It can't be explained otherwise. And ended up quitting when your bot bishop got banned. That's some cool stuff. 2 seasons ago you couldn't even get soultaker hero vs just 1 opponent and you were begging me to feed you. In the summer, the history repeated itself, but at least you managed to get your hero for once when that cnig quit. You've supported the server in real ways like what ? Asking for new seasons, scamming the adena of yourmembers 'for clan skills'to get equipped and post irrelevant shit on forums as well as flaming both the players that are simply much better than you will ever be and wreck you every season and newbies? That's some true support, you should get a golden star for stupidity. Licking Emerald? Are you fucking delusional? If I didn't like the server, I would literally give zero fucks. Instead, since I've found a decent thing to spend my time whenever I still have the time to play, I'll for sure support the hell out of it as long as it keeps coveringall of my standards which I'll never even bother to discuss with you cz you are the actual wannabe random. I think some of you pals need to really clear your heads regarding what actually being pro in this gamemeans. If you think that reaching 10k pvps in a faction pvp server is being a pro at this game, then I don't even know why I keep wastingmy finger energy replying to you.
  5. New Season

    Yea, true, let's play another 2 week avadon war till you quit and shout for another season. Fantastic experience. /not Just advertise the server more. Many new ppl join every day anyway. There is no point for a new season and there won't be one anytime soon as Emerald said 1-2 days ago, rip
  6. Server RR

  7. Golem's - Newbies

    Is it so difficult to start a new topic and flame each other and not fck up other topics with your irrelevant bullshit? I don't even know why youbother to post here, like anything you say matters. That Soulka guyhas always been non-existent and has nearly 1k forum posts WTF. That star64 talks about chronicles and seasons when he bearly ever plays any ovc season, maybe he is waiting for the 1st colony to Mars to happen in order to join. And then, there is cnig69, the 4k-euro-donate-in-a-day guy, living the American dream with his magnificent life talking about being a nerd and spending 10h daily online and whenever a new season begins he is 24/7 online for the first 5 days. Then, the rest of the people start getting decent gear as well and he suddenly starts having business meetings to attend to. After losing the hero as well for which he doesn't care at all, the highway to quit doesn't seem to be blur anymore, so all of the sudden, the business trips continue permanentlyI'm wondering in which L2 server you keephaving your business meetings and livingyour life every time you quit ovc. You are the perfect examples of howtragic the L2 community has become nowadays and one of the reasons that there have been 5000 seasons already. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending anyone here, Agent is anape crying 24/7 about almost everything, but at least I can respect the fact thathe is actually playing the server and cares about it in his own way. He may be mediocre, but he definitely isn't an absolute random like you are. *** Emerald lock this topic already, just check the very first post.
  8. Server RR

    Apparently, there is a problem with Humans vs Zombies event... Hopefully, you will restart it soon
  9. Server RR

    The event engine has stuck, restart por favor
  10. Golem's - Newbies

    I can't even understand why you even type anything, you have the same worth as any other newbie that has just joined the server which is 0. You haven't even managed to become a factor talent in a faction server and you've played it so many seasons and every single one everybody is laughing at you. You talk about Aden siege or Olympiad, yet you can't even claim a single hero. Hell, you can't even form a decent clan (for a faction server). The only thing you've managed so far is to increase your post count on the forums.And bitch please, don't tell me you don't want to get a hero or a castle. The truth is, no matter how hard you tried, noone would let you be anything else other than a nobody running around and restarting after you've run 200 klms to get you out of combat. The raid isn't enough for castle owners talent because it drops literally nothing. I had asked increased drops from that raid some time ago and I suggested either that or passive stats as slight boost.I needed 60 days to realise what? I've been posting about striders since August you mongoloid, feel free to read the posts. Aden castle should be huge since it's the only castle in the server and many clans should participate to get it. That's the sole purpose of it, so it should give great rewards. However, even though I'm against itsince stridersare usable, i'll use them as much as I can. At least, I'm using the server's features, not restarting or making friendships with spawnguards. Stop posting irrelevant bullshit for once, and focus on the topic that has been created. Flaming someone has nothing to do with Golem's - Newbies, so use a freaking different section and stop destroying every single topic created. And for one more time, that was my first and last reply to you.
  11. Golem's - Newbies

    * a) Instead of removing any statistics which is a great feature anyway, just remove the death count from faction instances joined after big maps in order for people like sosa to stop using soe and become useful for once (2 seasons ago, there were just a few ppl doing that, however, ever since that toolintroduced the l2 windrunner/soe/rr 'blame crit errors' gaming, more and more are doing it). b) Furthermore, you shouldremove death count made when you participate in lucky chests andRussian roulette events. c) Also, make restart unavailable while being in an event. * Although it looks very nice riding one, striders must be removed or be made unavailable to mount while being in an event. Give a passive +3 speed to Aden owners instead or something similar to that which is a very small boost but still enough to make it interesting. These are just changes that need to be made. That doesn't mean that even if they happen, smth will change. As I said again in the past, no matter the changes, the majority of L2 community nowadays will always be fucking apes. The following has been happening for 3 seasons now... At least, ever since I started playing here;''Next season mate, bring it'' ''Oh sh1t I failed again, it's time to leave,let's find an excuse for another time;''Oh, the Tree near the town should be bigger Emerald! '' '' The moon doesn't fit in my monitor when night falls'||| ''DEAD SERVER'' \\'Waiting for next season'.//
  12. Golem's - Newbies

    Great updates there but I think that you should implement back the stonehearts drop by players because it's pointless to do that at this stage since there are many oe wpns already. If only Dr. Chaos and Martankus drop golems from now on, then newbies will lose a pretty cool income. However, this update will be great for the next season whenever that will be (hopefully not anytime soon)
  13. Newbie player

    New people keep joining daily. This new season pattern just so you can fail again or become b grade warriors for another time is so fcking pointless. Also, it's almost Christmas. With proper advertisement and events the server will be full again in no time
  14. Newbie player

    Yea w8 for the wipe so every tool can join again and quit after a week as always. The server is fine. For how many seasons ppl will keep playing here if every 2 months there is a wipe just so u can rejoin and quit?
  15. Celestial shield types

    I can't be exactly certain if all types of celestial shields are bugged in this way, however, when I use barrier and then active cele, 1 sec before barrier expires, I receive dmg while the active cele's icon appears normally as a buff. So, I think that when you use any kind of celestial shield and then you get a second cele before the 1st one has expired, then the celes mix up ends up cancelling each other or smth like that and you receive dmg normally. Another example... A bp used cele on me and before it expired I used my barrier but it didn't work and I ended up receiving dmg. Anyway, it's abnormal getting dealt dmg while celestial shield is active, but I'm not sure how exactly it happens.You can test it further to be accurate regarding the mistake occurring