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  1. Chronicles of desire

    I don't get why you keep creating useless threads. It's 2017. Others like c6, others h5, etc. Every time a new server opens, toons pop-out of thin air and spam about different chronicles. Things are very simple; you either like the chronicle and the server's features and you play it or you don't.
  2. Interlude

    You've finally realised what you had to do ever since the last IL seasonLooking forward to it !
  3. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    * Although it's true that the server is by far one of the best I've seen in quite some time in various aspects, I totally disagree with the decent/loyal community part. Are you talking about ppl that join and fap around for 15 days and then ask for wipe and create negativity? Because 65% of the players I saw in this season did that. If they were decent, they would realise the fact that there is nothing better out there and the server would keep on going for much more time than it eventually did. * I don't even get the concept of having a new season since it's a pvp server; players who join want to get geared quickly and then non-stop pvp. So, what's the point of starting from scratch over and over again when your purpose is to get full geared and just pvp? Anyhow, it was my first season here and I hope that another one will begin soon enough. Keep up the great work Emerald

    I kinda feel sorry for disappointing you mate, however, I completed that list a while ago Shot00004.bmp
  5. About Progression

    2x AMs +15, 4x DBs +15, 1x Demon Splinter +15 and several +13/14 of all kinds of wpns
  6. LF fix to donation price

    Donating for pixels is anyway a sin. However, it's true that 5 euro for 1250 adena is absolutely insane. At this late stage, rewards should be much greater for people who want to donate.
  7. Offline Shops

    - Put a limit to offline shops so they can expire after 3 days. - Reason: It's annoying for both new and old players to see stores with the title 'CU next season' , 'GM server needs wipe', etc. just because they've broken their weapons and they are bored to farm more. If smn wants to quit, then the procedure is very simple and he knows very well how to press exit game. He doesn't have to make an announcement as well and create a negative environment towards the server by doing so. If u keep letting ppl making stores with the titles mentioned above, newbies will be confused about the server's future and will get discouraged to play. The same thing may happen to veterans as well. I'm quite certain pvp servers like this one can keep recycling its players for many many months. Not just for 100 days or so.
  8. More than 3 subclasses

    When I joined this server, I was in bw and dual sls +4 fighting against full geared talents with bps and ols in pties. Although I do have to admit that seeing 150 bp-ols in one clan running around the map in every event was disgusting, I never had any problem getting farm and kills. However, since not everybody is experienced or wants to try hard, I do realise the fact that it must have been really difficult for the average player that simply wanted to pvp to undergo through that thing. Ever since those talents disappeared, the server had many more players (for a few weeks at least).
  9. Death Match Event

    Great idea. +1
  10. momument of heroes

    Any updates on this matter? Indeed, it's totally messed up.
  11. Augmentation bonuses

    Then I guess (Bartz/Teon, Official servers)/Rpg Club/Arion/Roxy/Dex and countless other low rate servers I've played were java. Well, at least in those servers passives gave you a 10% boost of your current attributes. If you had brain, you'd be able to fathom the basics. Apparently, you don't. Whatever you type is a mere delusion of your plasmatic thought of how smth should be, since you, obviously from the things you post, have no idea of how things should actually work, but I guess your PvP servers experience is unmatchable. Why would passive augments be implemented then and ppl should spend numerous of adena on getting one, if they would get +0.5% boost which they could get from basic augmenting stats. You've sincerely made my eyes hurt. Also, after Gracia Final, a few core passive augments did get nerfed as well as some other like w.m. passive / active got super boosted. Stop posting random invalid arguments since you are clueless about the things you type.
  12. Augmentation bonuses

    I agree with that s1lenc3 guy. Every passive augment I've got till now, didn't even give a slight boost. Passive p. att lvl 10 increased only 15 p att? Same with m. barrier, shield etc. There are two explanations; either they are nerfed or bugged cz that's definitely not how they work in IL. Most of the passives-actives got nerfed after Gracia Final - H5 launching period. Until that time, both active and passive augments used to give +10% boost. In this server, passives give smth like 0.5%-1% and actives 5%. Therefore, if that's not bugged, idk what is.
  13. augments

    The whole point of the augment system is to be unique and not tradeable. If augmented wpns are allowed to be traded, they would become 'prostitutes' and change several hands in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, if specific augments are added on the shops, no matter the price, it would create an even bigger gap among veterans and starters. Both suggestions seem highly irrelevant and pointless to me. As another pal very well said, in case this happened, then you should add oe armors/wpns/jwls as well and create a star wars server where Yoda would end up playing alone vs elpies. -1
  14. olympia time

  15. Archers nerfed too hard.

    You people are unbelievable. Every single one of you complains about his character's class that should deal even more dmg than it already does. I've played a shitload of servers and this one is definitely one of the most class balanced IL servers that existed/exist/will exist. Even if you were playing official, you would still find sth to complain about just because you have no idea what your character does, is designed to do, and what items/dyes are needed in order to reach its full potential according to the server's features (if the features are fine, that's what actually brings class balance). In this server, every single class has been nerfed or boosted in order to create an ideal balance (That's why you can see all the classes in events IN A PVP SERVER. Every each one of the classes has a point to be played and is awarded for it very well.) In every server ppl whine about enchant rates, skills, classes, etc. Pretty much for anything they can think of. I've been seeing this tragic situation since 2004 and I'm so sick of it. Face the fact; The only problem is YOU. So, instead of whining like apes, try just for once, to create a friendly atmosphere towards the server in which you spend your time. To my mind, thumbs up Emerald. It's my first season here and I've loved it so far. Keep up the great work.