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  1. Change Leader Of Clan

    Go ahead, change the leadership so they can keep playing. I'm too lazy to reinstall
  2. Then you obviously haven't played the server for a very very long time lol
  3. Core / Orfen

    How about implementing golem drop from these 2 rbs like you did with Sailren? I'd strongly suggest it.The reason is obvious; these 2 jewels are nearly worthless at this stage so they are kinda pointless to be farmed.
  4. The newbies that join a season running later on, they end up getting the epic drops anyway, we all know that's what happens (at least 95% of the times). Tattoo should be included in the progressive gameplay with the final price of 2.5k. Regarding epics, they shouldn't change at all, or if they do, their price should decrease to maximum 5k - 7.5kper jewel at the very final stage of a season. Also, you should change the starting price of Frintezza to 20k since I doubt anyone has ever bought it from the merchant for 30k.
  5. I don't know if you are trolling or not atm, however I will take up on your quote and add that If emerald removes enchants as well and everybody runs with +0 armor / wpns / tts, then we will enjoy a true, fair neolithic battle for 10 hours till everyone quits for good.
  6. Remove armors / weapons as well and allow only formal wear and chrono darbuka
  7. I would have replied with 'Open your eyes, you blind fool mayhem' haha
  8. You should have totally removed the choice to join a different faction for players who belong in a clan since some fucking apes cannot realise that many newbies stopped playing the server because they were joining events and they weren't fighting each other, a thing which they still do. Yesterday, I saw 15 ppl belonging in the same clan joininga domi event, they weren't fighting each other but they were raping the newbies. I don't think that the specificsituation can get more pathetic. For real, totally remove the option to join a different faction other than the one you belong to unless you are a random. The monkeys will never understand that when you choose to join another faction, you have to fight with everyone else, otherwise you fuck up the pvp for other people.
  9. Player drop changes

    The update is actually going quite well even at the stage of the current season. When there is very low activity, people can farm very well by focusing objectives etc. Newbies can gear up themselves much faster now, that's cool
  10. Devil's fort

    Yea, well check the cursor thing and fix the compass!
  11. The domination zone inside the fortress is bugged and it doesn't work properly, check it up
  12. To begin with, I wasn't even talking about you. However, if you consider yourself belonging to ''these trolls'' category, then your assumption couldn't be more correct. Apart from that, you made me curious since you called yourself a veteran. So, next time don't forget to type your nickname in game as well. I've never seen (at least for 3 seasons so far) a Star64 online or whatsoever, so why would I consider you anything else other than a nobody posting irrelevant stuff whenever he logs on the forum? In other words, if my nickname was jajaja and I was posting on the forum as ZzdsdffDSF, why would anyone even take me seriously? Furthermore, there is nothing to be won here. There is no winner place to be claimed. The sole purpose you join this server is to pvp and have some fun. Still, I will take up on your example and answer even to that; This is how I feel whenever a new season begins. However, at least for as long as I've been here, I haven't seen any kind of similar example to the one you typed apart from 1 to let's say max 3 individuals who win everything in the server over and over again, so be more specific. The only thing I've seen you and some other unknown nicknames type is bragging about killing the female orc on a high 5 server. If that's your example of winning any league, well I'm going to fold on that one.
  13. That's a quote that these tools will never be able to comprehend.
  14. Player drop changes

    I don't know if that's really going to work. * Are you certain that drops according to score will be accurate? If they will be, it mightbe great. For sure, the events will actually be worthy to play. * Furthermore, the rank manager - reward system needs altering. In other words, it's awful to reach rank 96 and get rewarded with a recipe box while you get 2.5k adena from rank 44 to 48 (The rank numbers aren't exact, but I'm sure you will get my point). There should be a logical coherence with the rewards. e.g. Getting 4 bews when gaining rank 50 and then 25 mat boxes for rank 51 is greatly awkward. Also, since everything will be gained from objectives except adena,the rank rewards should increase. * Regarding the recent update with the assists etc. I didn't really get the full picture of it. People can't suicide to gain assists or whatsoever anymore. What about dominators, tanks or bps? * Btw, if I recall well you are planning to decrease the rewards gained from Olympiad which are terrible even as they currently are. I suggest you to reconsider that before actually doing it and think about it for one more time since the rewards should be increased and not decreased. * Last but not least, keep in mind that focusing on objectives and changing the drops bla bla will be a huge thing, so many flaws may appear, therefore before you implement that, you should check it over and over again in order to avoid significant changes while a season is running ( like the chaos caused in this season due to the magic critical rate before the perception skill nerf and the golems suddenly disappearing after 50 days or so). Other questions; Are you talking about a new interlude season? Is there going to be a wipe anytime soon? (It's time to make it clear for all so we stop wondering) What about golems, enchant rates? Will they remain the same?/ Are you referring to the season currently running? If yes,are you going to implement these changes? (I hope not.)
  15. Sailren

    Add 1x Golem's Stoneheart drop per player killing Sailren since everything it can drop atm ranges from 200to 1.5k adena so it's kinda awfulas it is.