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  1. coronavirus has blocked everything, so it's high time to start a new season This time, make it last
  2. I guess you didn't even understand the meaning of what I wrote. Let me clarify it for you. The server was being advertised the first 5 days continuously, so the population was great. After the first week, instead of increasing ads, they were removed. So, just a bunch of new ppl joined and the veterans left. Therefore, another fast cash grab season. Apart from that, if the server has a stable cycle of population, people can easily farm up since they get 300-1.5k a per assist. So, your argument is invalid.
  3. So, after the tragic end of every season, people come here posting up their own wonderful ideas about changes and so on. I'm wondering... Will you ever realise the actual reason that this server is declining after 2 weeks?
  4. Mayhem

    Outdated shops

    So, you are saying that it is better for people to get fooled by people who set shops and quit? I mean, what is even the point in that? The point is to have a stable cycle of people coming in. Anyhow, I don't think that this is the problem anymore. I saw that the server was being advertised during its first 5 days of opening on hopzone etc. A banner costs like 8e per week to maintain. However, surprisingly, 8 e seemed too big of an amount after the first week. So, the problem was never the community after all. It has always been a specific person who only wants fast cash grab seasons 😀 Therefore, no matter the changes that apes keep crying about, the server will keep closing in 2 weeks since there won't be an ongoing advertisement campaign as there was / is on the first 5 days of the server's opening. During those days, there were many many people coming in.
  5. The dmg depicted in the picture is definitely dmg you received while running away from the target or getting targeted from behind.. It would be ~3.3-3.5k frontal dmg. Along with dc set+6, a lovely freaking shield which most of the mages ignore to equip, let's say 2.8-3k crit. dmg or 1 dmg in case it gets blocked which occurs rather often. Apart from that, in several occasions archers land a crit hit 1/10, the 2/2 crit hits happens like at a 35% on average rate let's say. However, due to the mage nerfs, I think there should either be some slight boost to mages or a 2/3% further nerf to archer's crit dmg. Before posting something next time, make sure you've at least buffed yourself correctly.
  6. Mayhem


    Classes shouldn't get reformed according to the whines of every clueless caveman on the forum. Classes should be played as they were designed to be played. In this way, you keep creating an infinite loop of balance necessity and that's why during every new season, another op class pops up and people start crying.
  7. Mayhem


    +10-11-12 tallum*dle, 3.4k - 3.6k p attk. with plated, +11-13 skills and so on, dealing 500-650 dmg no crit, 800-1.2k crit aoe on a-s grade, sounds legit. In reality, duelists with such gear should k.o. people. This is how it has always been. But I guess it's much better seeing tyrants with a-s grade fists, not even enchanted, dealing triple dmg. You've literally destroyed the class. However, yes, they are perfectly fine the way they currently are if you aren't playing the server or you are simply typing comments about it. I totally agree
  8. Mayhem


    A geared glad in pt makes like 5k per map with this system and is nerfed to the ground. On the other hand, a lovely dreadnought/tyrant on +0 b grade gear which costs absolutely nothing to get, provides you a lovely 20k per map. You really have to correct your mistake mate. This is the duelist's domination chronicle, not its damnation one. If people can't position themselves properly and they hold their hands together walking towards aoe, why should duelists care about that? Apart from that, the nerf you've implemented is like this; fully geared glad (Valakas, 400 p att duals and any other possible p att source) hitting 1k aoe dmg max on archers using plated leather and mages in avadon robes. I really can't help myself but to come up on the stage of this fiesta and clap my hands hard on the specific feature. What dmg will I do to drac and ic? 50-100? Should I hit them w/o skills maybe in case I deal more dmg? @Emerald
  9. Mayhem


    What? Yes, please do that and remove the nerf of the aoe dmg, it's about time. Glads have already been nerfed to the ground with the dmg decrease + the (1) limit per party. Apart from that, most of the victims that are using glads atm, will soon reroll because they have no idea how to play the class. In the next few days, you will be crying about Titans and then about archers and mages. - It's not about the class, it's about whether you know how to play and position yourself or not. Every season, same endless loop; complaints, moaning & groaning, no outcome. *** Let me give you a simple example: Every single time a gladiator walks towards the crowd to aoe, he gets cced 24/7 + 5 cancels minimum + the aoe dmg nerf, so the situation is quite tragic. The only duelists that are viable in such case are people who are well-equipped + getting supported by a good cp. Here, you are playing in a faction server, which means that the majority of the people are solo warriors. Have you seen many duelists - solo warriors running around? I can only remember myself and maybe 1 or 2 other guys doing that during some previous seasons. Now that more people have chosen to start up with that class, the class has been rendered unplayable unless you meet the requirements I aforementioned.
  10. I don't know why I still happen to read the same topics over and over again... 'Make the server great again', meaning what? Restart a chronicle to last another month? Ain't that foolish? You still haven't got bored of it? Instability will always bring the same outcome and topics. New stupid people to fill up smn's pockets in a brief time period w/o any particular result on both sides. It's like an infinite loop. Unless a stable server is created once with constant updates, advertisement and long-term viability, nothing will ever change. Same old, same old
  11. To begin with, I've been offline for 10 hours. Furthermore, the shop has been set so that my members can find me on Skype whenever they are online. Now, go back to your cave.
  12. Even if it opens tomorrow, thing is that unless some huge rewarding change is done, nothing will keep the people playing IL in 2k19. I've thought about posting changes countless times, but nothing will bring stability of people in Interlude. So, instead of changing the enchanting system and so on, start seeing things from another perspective, which is money. E.g. You can set up a weekly irl money reward for the clan that owns Aden, heroes, top PvP and so on. However, you would have to be really strict regarding any abuse and perma ban the people who choose that way. Only in this way, you would manage to keep the people interested in all sorts of stuff (veterans and newbies alike) while you would get much more money from donations, so giving away smth like 500e per 2 weeks to various players would actually benefit you much more in the long run than shutting down a server every 2 weeks due to insufficient activity. Furthermore, you would succeed in making the apes becoming normal human beings and not create a negative environment towards the server every single fucking season. Many other servers that have already implemented such thing and they have good features as well have lasted for quite long. Last but not least, you will attract many great players in your server and the competition will get much better. The server you've created is great anyway no matter the changes, all you need to add is an extra motive for the people. Noone will keep playing to farm adena unless there is an extra motive which you should give to the people. I doubt you will do that, but unless you realize that this is the only way to motivate ''us'', nothing will ever change.
  13. The thing is that the season has dropped in population really fast while nothing wrong has happened. Everything was fine till 80% of order players quit because there was 1 clan vs 17. a) Set clan restriction per faction next season, so that it can be balanced. 2) Apart from that, chaos were like 25% more in some of the events with much better gear. b) Either find a way to split the population in half per event or make it gear dependent so that it can auto balance. Since most of the apes out there decided to join Chaos and farm easier this season instead of actually playing the server for more than a week, the server died much faster. /clap clap monkeys, job well done