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  1. The thing is that the season has dropped in population really fast while nothing wrong has happened. Everything was fine till 80% of order players quit because there was 1 clan vs 17. a) Set clan restriction per faction next season, so that it can be balanced. 2) Apart from that, chaos were like 25% more in some of the events with much better gear. b) Either find a way to split the population in half per event or make it gear dependent so that it can auto balance. Since most of the apes out there decided to join Chaos and farm easier this season instead of actually playing the server for more than a week, the server died much faster. /clap clap monkeys, job well done
  2. Gladi question.

    25% aoe 15% single target
  3. Is that all?

    Take a break, find a female to spend some with and you should be fine
  4. Zaken

    Didn't know whether I should post it in bug reports or here, anyhow, when Zaken is up, order faction always spawns downstairs aka permanently loses the rb no matter what
  5. blblbl

    Well the title wasn't that important to be ironic with it. Yea, the antharas/valakas one, and you said that there won't be any other after that one because people acted foolishly. It's like a teacher telling to his students ' I won't keep teaching you because you make mistakes.' You very well know the community in every single L2 server is utterly retarded, however, you shouldn't stop trying to run events and attract more people because apes discourage you. You've made so many great changes and still people find something to whine about and quit like I said that they would do over and over again some time ago when I still cared. The only thing that can be done to create stability is constant advertisement and events to help newbies and keep the veterans interested apart from the other features that already exist.Anyhow, I really do have an attitude intolerance, so that was pretty much my last sentence regarding suggestions.
  6. Player Gatos

    I can show you 1203913901903 rules that have been broken by every single guy that has played in this server. Anyhow, I don't really care about this topic, just wanted to express my opinion. It's not like he flamed the server or whatsoever.
  7. blblbl

    1. Keep advertising the server (idk if you are already doing it) since the on-going season can last for another 2-3 months. New people join daily and the activity is rising. 2. Add new events since there hasn't been another one since Shelob npc disappeared19days ago... You could run Shelob again or a hat event or smth like that.
  8. Player Gatos

    Although I don't know the guy, I saw no reason at all in the screens to ban him. Banning an active player at this stage of the server for almost nothing is awkward for the activity
  9. Trouble opening the game

    Does anyone have to propose any other possible solutions? None of the above worked for me.
  10. Epic Boss

    Sailren started, chaos died, ~ 10 mins have passed, they still haven't teleported to town, dead ppl rr and get online alive, what the ****?
  11. BadHombres

    I'll probably join this season, so prepare for a long lasting one. In case you start screaming about wipes after the 1st week, guess what, it ain't happening pals
  12. Next season

  13. Next season

    That's way too complicated for him to process, comprehend and write down a reply. Please, be softer
  14. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    It will take you a shitload of time to render such thing
  15. +++

    And still, as I've read, you've scammed even adena from newbies this season, your retardness can't get more severe, you've managed to reach theultimate level. And I was wondering why you haven't quit already.. 😂🤣💩