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  1. Apology to empire clan

    friends forever
  2. about magic critics

    Is that the solution? rly? Destroying the server? Do you even see how many ppl are in the events atm?Still, no matter what happens with this issue. I wish you good luck in oly next week. You will need it. I just hope that you won't quit right after as you've done in every season so far
  3. about magic critics

    You are a mastermind. Yes do that and soon we will be playing 5v5 events. It's already 20v20 from 70v70 last night. WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Any mage that has the freaking blunt deals 1/1 mc, WHAT A BIT OP? I could have taken it as well and abuse it like hell, but instead I reported it because I prefer fighting with many ppl than playing alone. The people who are abusing it atm should have done exactly the same thing and not use it at all till Emerald fixes the issue.Emerald you should definitely ban GreekFreak and that Javaking since they have literally fucked up the server to the ground.
  4. about magic critics

    Banhammer inc, hopefully. In just a few hours, the population has already dropped
  5. about magic critics

    Even Dominators manageto land mcs at 98% chance with that wpn (1.9k per hit on 2k mdef). I mean wtf, rly.
  6. about magic critics

    It's not bugged. Idk what has changed with the mc rate since the previous seasons. However, this season the 2handed blunt hero wpn for mages must be nerfed like it happened with the infinity rod mc heal chance from 3% to 1% last season. You should nerf its mc boost from 54% to 25% at least. Atm, it's way too op.
  7. Jewels Boss

    It doesn't really matter which class you play as long as you have 2 hands
  8. New season

    Well, H5 or Gracia Final would be great but I've heard that the last h5 season lasted for 10 days, so notify me when the next Interlude season will be up.
  9. grand crusade

    When will the opening of the next IL be?
  10. events doesn't work!!!

    Dion Castle Siege was stucked w/o even showing the time left for the event to end. Also, there was no king to kill. At Portal the time was stucked at 28:15 for a few hours.
  11. events doesn't work!!!

    Indeed, it's been stucked for quite some time
  12. Journey of the Fists

    Journey of the fists ahaha, ask for an 1h rollback!
  13. Strider

    +1, remove it or allow it only to the clan leader if it's possible.
  14. Updates

    How exactly can I be negative when I start with ''all the updates are great''... I mean, even if smth shows negativity, don't you understand that I'm typing here in the first place because I like the server? If I didn't, I wouldn't even bother. Don't take things so personally, it's mainly a discussion if you want to have one. * You are right about the rank - achievement manager thing. * Regarding Olympiad: The Olympiad rewards are exactly like this atm : 1 Bews after 3 hero counts / Heroic Miracle for 7 seconds / Bers - Valor for 2 minutes / Hero wpn - circlet - glow. How exactly is this normal and rewarding? The skills are fine but rly 1 bews after 3 hero counts? 1? If you are willing, explain to me why is it so. * Aden Castle: 'Which I doubt it even works' was meant to be 'I've checked it with Castle and without' and I saw no difference at all and that's why I typed that because I'm not sure it works, however, I'm not sure it doesn't as well. How am I showing lack of disrespect by posting my opinion? You very well know that I'm only positive towards the server. Regarding the Castle, it's quite useful at the beginning for crp/xp/sp boost, but later on it becomes useless and that's why everybody is afking while the siege is on-going. Maybe you misunderstood what I wanted to say. As the server develops, the rewards should be progressive. For example crp/xp/sp boost could be removed after 20-30 days or so that the server is live and be replaced e.g. by a passive skill for the clan (WIT +1 / INT +1 / CON +1 / STR +1 / DEX +1 ) that owns it or smth else that benefits the castle owners (like h5 wards). Also, it's not about what makes me happy. What actually makes me happy is for the server to have a stable active community. I really don't care about anything else or any updates other than seeing more people online. Anyhow, I really didn't mean to be negative.
  15. Updates

    * All the updates that have recently been made are great, to me at least, however, that last one with PvP / PK seems a bit awkward. The whole faction server is based on Player Kills, so how exactly will anybody be motivated to play if assists matter more than actual pvps? What's the moto now? Kill nothing to get rewarded? A combination of both in a rewarding system would be great, but still PKs should always be more important than assists (80-20%). Also, these rewards on Rank Manager are so discouraging... Get Rookie title to get an Ancient Insp Book? .. Noone would care for that, not even in the very first day.. Just give straight up Adenas to people and let em enjoy it. * Achievement's Manager should still exist with other various stuff that would re-complete the previous list of 13 categories. You also have to implement better rewards there as well. * Olympiad: On the previous season, I had to camp Friday/Saturday/Sunday 4h per day... and the reward was what? Shine bright like a diamond? You should decrease the amount of tokens needed for enchants and increase the tokens acquired for gathering 50+ pts or being a hero. As it is atm, olympiad is utterly useless and it's not interesting at all except for people that like watching their char glowing. Olympiad should benefit your character in various ways. It was created to be smth special and it should be. * Aden Castle: Why would someone fight for it after he gets his clan to lvl 8? To gain 50% - 25% boost xp/sp which I doubt it even works? To kill Dr. Chaos that gives you useless materials? Something needs to be changed there as well. * Regarding the community drop, I disagree with most of the ppl here that say that ppl get bored. 75% of the ppl are the common apes that move from server to server weekly trying to find the perfect fit, which will never exist, after their 1st failed attempt to make their wpn +10. Also, many ppl get discouraged from other apes that actually get bored or have failed to enchant their weapons and start creating negative shops or shouting about other servers etc. You should make the rules stricter, and banhammer all these talents from their first shout or shop. If you don't like the server, the solution is really simple, it's actually 2 clicks away, start using it. * @Scaretactic - About the thing a fella said that full-geared players don't have smth to do and get bored, that's so wtf. The whole reason that you join here is to get your gear and PvP. If you expect to get a dragon with a big sword to keep you interested, then you definitely shouldn't join Interlude servers, but you should create your own endless game. Also, if Emerald added any other bonuses for ppl that have reached end game gear etc. then newbies wouldn't even bother to join. The chronicle is Interlude, if you don't like it, wait for the GC season that will last again for a week. At least you will have your starwars fun there. It's my second season here and that's what I've seen so far.