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  1. Change SA for b/c grade weapons?

    Cant find this in shop.Its possible to add this function?
  2. Reanimate server

    I know i said i stop to post on this forums because of conflicts with Emerald but i will ignore it to say some suggestions.I dont know if at this point matters or not but Emerald u could give a last try maybe to reanimate this server.1st of all there are shops that when u log give a bad impression towards server and u need clear them out.So here it is my sugestion is to make a grade free entirely and put b grade +6 in shops.Also u could lower the price of enchants for a grade in shop.This server life can be stretched only by newcomers. Ruby/Emerald you should think what are the reasons why alot of players give up so early eachseason and try combat this for the future if u want more succes more popularity more donations. I can give some of my reasons myself: -geodata yes is terribe was never fixed and really after so long time and seasons we still have this horrible geodata? -domino effect.After 2/3 weeks some clans leave(server hoopers) and make so called domino effect.They leave items and pretty stacked players who didnt farm show up.Maybe other players consider this unfair.I dont know if this can be fixed but maybe make epics untradable,dunno just an ideea.Once u have an epics its yours forever. -Overenchant.Many leave after fail their weapons.Also dunno if this can be done something about it so i leave it like this.Just an observation by me is that its not fair some classes need oe their s weapons9/10 or more while a dagger can do more damage with just +0,just saying...... So this suggestions are for this seasons We all saw interlude is most succes server.Only few trolls says interlude is f1,tetrislude but when seasons starts the online speaks for itself rest is just useless talk.If l2ovc administration want get evolve into even more popular server than this they really need a more stable clients.Interlude remains number one for popularity so a platform with better files and less buggs and perfect geodata would improve every aspect in l2ovc succes for future. Hi5 was 2nd in popularity and this chapter should be reconsidered also because its great.And about grand crusade i think even a perfect one wont attract players because many consider this fail chapter.
  3. Reanimate server

    Ok u want debate we can debate ,when i see someone as stuborn as you it just give me a challange.1st of all your server aint pretty good balance.It has a decent balance,u made pretty much effort but took u so long so many seasons and still is not good balance....u just have impression is good balance but is not.Get this straight decentdoesnt mean very good and neither perfect .As in balance context the use of this words decent,very good,perfect are different standards. And i didnt know submiting a bug report for u implies i was crying about daggers.No not even close what u imply here.I was talking about th landrates just 1 skill wich is backstab nothing else about deadly or lethal landrate.U can go check again what i said about daggers.The balance i was refering was among th vs aw vs pw.I did effort to research for u to prove lethal blow is buged with more damage than it should.Did u do anything about that?No ofc not u choose to ignore and throw some excuse u work at grand crusade u dont have time blablabla like it takes huge ammount of time to balance the damm numbers in main stab skills.Also i showed u video where a th landed all his backstabs from behind.Its proven but u refuse to change this.And btw if u really want i can make a research for you to prove you focus death and focus power real bonus for stabs aint 60/90 %,this is just for autoatacks not for skills.This will be hard to find proffs but maybe i can,but i wont do it to be moked and ignore by you,you need request me this if u really want make the daggers as it should meaning retail like and not java like. In bug report that i made about dagger i never discussed about balance other than in context as th vs aw vs pw and never about balance aka daggers vs other classes.But i can do that now.I can tell u 100% that vs other classes daggers are slighly overpowered more or less depends vs wich class.Even classes that should keep in check dagger numbers as low and i reffer here at warriors such glad,tyrants cant do their jobs because dagger reach insane p def with rebirth system ~2500 p def,and at this level of defense tyrant/glads damage is irrelevant.Not to mention dagger can switch to heavy to put even more ridicoulos p def numbers.Is not normal here that dagger>tyrant glad end game ,the only warrior class that can keep in check daggers is titan but he can be outspeed ofc and evoided so dagger could care less because he decide if wanna engage or not. Now back to the archer dagger situation.Yes i know dagger>archer but still some decency and common sence should be preserved.Numbers that i told are very real nothing exagerated it can be checked by others and to me this numbers in pvp i told 2500 frontal stabs(lethal blow+focus chance) 5-6k lethal blow(focus death) vs 1600-1800 critical vs ultimate stacked archer are real so nothing exagerated.To me this numbers looks like a parody show that has nothing to do with balance.The fact dagger should be nemessis of archers is not a good excuse for having such numbers.This discrepancy between dagger and archer is just too big not realistic and not retail like because daggers are just broken and extremely buged. A
  4. Reanimate server

    For real i never want see this interlude delete it asap.The only thing good is the setup as faction server with events and creativity.But beside this part everything else is pathetic.How can gm even said server is balanced i dont know for real. I can give some examples,tyrants and glads vanish end game is this for him balance?Dagger does 2500 frontal lethal blow to archer (me with best gear in server) and 5-6k from backs while i crit the insane damage of 1600-1700-1800 damage to daggers with db +12,wich even chances to oe are nerfed...but np dagger is superman with +0 weapon.Emerald are u for real?How can u state your server is perfectly balanced u throw this words everytime someone brings something about balance. Im so much dissapointed from so many reasons i could wrote a book,i played for so long but gm is just too proud to admid he needs improvements for server like fresh air if he wants coninuity for his server.Np banhammer and shuttingthe players is the easy way for him wich is expected afte u start to understand the behaviour of this gm.
  5. when grand crusade?

    I dont want see this interlude ever again.Its crap,geodata not fixed melee need wait 1-2 seconds for 1st sequence attack cant take corners properly and sometime when 2 melee fight 1 can hit 3-4 times before other can hit 1 time...its like twilight zone its too random,balance features arent perfect,tatoo shouldnt exist in this game. This should be last interlude ever with this version of java files.
  6. About cancels

    I feel stacking cancels is kinda overpower.IMO there should a buff limit to be canceled that shouldnt be exceded (like no more than 6 buffs a random example).This cancel lands 100% there is no resist and is 3-5 random.I think melee have enough trouble already and handicaps in this server like pathing,taking corners,speed isnt represented correct in game etc.Cancels is one of those big handicaps,thats why i see top daggers are always with bishops now.Every map i play i encounter alot of situations where from my 3 bars of buffs+toogle i remain with 1 bar only with most of buffs gone.I dont think this server is very attractive for melees and its impossible when server starts.As i encountered previous seasons glads and tyrants are useless at this stage of server.This season is no different,and i told form server start this will happend and cancel just amplify their pain even further.There is something not right about glad/tyrants i feel they are very weak end game vs other endgame classes. And who said mages are weak have no clue what they talk about.If mages are weak how come several mages dont have issue to farm 50-60-70 kills in maps that suits them.I dont want to be bias i just want a fair discussion and this is how i feel about cancel right now.
  7. About cancels

    Yoo Emerald,u dont need ban me,ill just stop posting and have anything with you because i dont need the sh1ts u said,if was one who always played fair and said all server issues straight without any restrictions it was me,i dont hide behind words i dont need to.You are a gm but u cant judge me,u dont know me at all,and your attitude each time its not best for a gm.Keep in your dreamland that everything is fine and rather the issues are players instead of what they say.
  8. toogle antiheal

    I want to suggest to implement this ingame so mages/healers wont grief heal my destro so i cannot prefrenzy.Its already pain to make selflow with earthquake,and anidiot can ruin all of that with few heals.
  9. toogle antiheal

    Its not your 1st time when u make me lier and u are wrong each time ofc.I dont spread anything,i know u are a hater if someone criticize you instead taking as building criticism.How not to make u hater when u act like one each time,u either do what you just did or u ignore completely real server issues.And the fact u say isnt critical bug ,this is a good joke. You come play titan tell me your name and i come random healer to heal you,lets see if its not critical.
  10. toogle antiheal

    I dont care about healers.I care just to not be healed by them.I saw it happend to others too.I saw in fort that some retard decided its fun for him to just be tail of some titan and focus heal him out of the party.This is a flaw of the game,Emerald always ignored,this is a real issue not some prank or joke.Frenzy zealot its titan skill its their right to use it.Frenzy was nerfed to be balanced and its fine how it is imo,also u cant port with frenzy right from start,so how come this focus healing is still allowed.Im not the only titan in server in case Emerald is hater and doesnt do it because of me.He should put his gameplay and health of server above his hate.
  11. toogle antiheal

    Hey Emerald did u thought enough about it?Or u just dont care.I can tell a situation to clear your thinking if u are undecided.At 1 boss fight some healer from orders transfered to chaos,and this healers all they did was to heal me,they didnt care chaos was loosing since they were from order.Not that with chaos random healers healing mewould be ok either.... Anyway i understand that u dont want bother anymore.Just tell this is the end of this interlude and thats it.....so we dont waste time anymore posting in vain.
  12. how does dominator earn adena?

    I think ol needs a nerf in rewarding.If clan is big with active members this ols can make tons of adena more than any other class.Its one of those things overlooked by gm when suport earn more than dd and encourage this class wich can make stronger as a whole alot of other players.
  13. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    And aw/pw can have 230+ speed without zerk and without blinding.With powi only.I dont think there are daggers with zerk,but i wouldnt be suprised aboout it because many are noobs.They are fast they go in and out fast,lethal blow from aw/pw combined with fd is such buged with damage that is quite ridicoulos,
  14. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Aw/pw is alot better.Sin said himself.He makes decent amount with kills cause hes stacked and he has u as his permahealer.With aw/pw he would do alot kills go ahead and ask him dont speak from your ass.You have no ideea about daggers.All this is blabla this and blabla that,truth is this arent daggers what we have here in l2ovc i dont know how to call them and th is the furthest away of what th should mean.All dagger skills and no exception except autoattack are bugged.Emerald wont bother he ignores this but he knows very well.People said it over and over i said also over and over until the point i give up and i dont care anymore.
  15. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    There are many who have no clue how to play titan here,u have no ideea.And its not backstab that u get much damage its the freakin lethal blow,since its buged as fuk with damage.
  16. They doing fine like aw/pw but this doesnt mean daggers are allright with skills,because they are buged.And also this doesnt mean bluff needs be 0% chance because they have good damage,it just need be legit.And no backstab doesnt work fine,u go make th and test someone in the back and see if its 100%. Basically all your post is junk based on fantasies rather than reality.
  17. 1.Damage correlations between 3 main stabs is wrong. 2.Backstab landrate is too low. Proofs 1.this 3 screenshots i took last season in l2ovc deadly blow(~1000damage)----->http://imgur.com/a/P8lSU lethal blow(~1600 damage)------>http://imgur.com/a/1b7vJ backstab(~1300 damage)-------->http://imgur.com/a/Oa36m And this is how damage should be related (random examples from th video) Frame 2:57 lethal blow--->1954 backstab 2254 Frame 3:11 lethal blow--->1715 deadly blow --->1696 Frame 7:33 deadly blow--->1056 backstab--->1373 Frame 7:50 lethal blow--->1086 backstab--->1347 Frame 12:09 lethal blow--->2753(skill crit x2 damage) deadly blow--->1342 backstab--->1661 We can see that in retail deadly blow and lethal blow are in close window damage with very small variations compared one to another,while backstab hits slightly harder ~20% more than deadly and lethal. 2.Proofs that backstab has landrate in retail Backstab land rate: Frame/Position/land succes 0:14/back/y 0:29/back/y 0:42/back/y 0:54/back/y 1:03/side/y 1:13/back/y 1:18/back/y 1:28/back/n 1:30/back/y 1:35/front?/y 1:58/front/n 2:09/back/y 2:22/back/y 2:29/back/y 2:42/back/y 2:51/back/y 2:56/back/y 3:20/back/y 4:00/back/y 4:07/back/n 4:32/back/y 4:42/back/y 4:47/front/n 5:09/back/y 5:52/back/y 5:59/back/y 6:35/side/y 6:40/side/y 6:50/side/y 7:00/side/y 7:46/back/y 8:07/side/n 8:17/side/y Analyze of all backstabs from video Th performed 33 backstabs in total in this video and were as following: -3 backstabs from frontal position in wich 1landed.Ratio of succes 1/3 ~33% -7 bacstabs from side position in wich 6 landed.Ratio of succes 6/7 ~85% -23 backstabs from back position in wich 21 landed.Ratio of succes 21/23 ~91% I would ignore frontal and side conclusion and i would put this as luck and small sample.But last one still quite not enough its a decent high number and can determine some conclusion in wich backstab cannot be same land rate as deadly/lethal from back meaning arround ~50 So this is how l2ovc should have backstab landrate from behind also,its a very high land skill if its performed from correct position. .
  18. Bluff has 2 mental attacks through detarget and turning back and 1 wich is shock true.Majestic set could make difference in every interlude official like i played between being stuned or not by a dagger.But dunno maybe they changed this in later chronicles and made stun from bluff mental also. Anyway pointless to say that in L2ovc all 3 attacks are very close to 0% chance.U need just a zaken for example(not even mental or resist shock buffs) and dagger becomes a facestabber for life.
  19. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Every season is same.Season starts people cry mages OP,than after a while midgame all say tyrant/glad OP,and when people reach endgame everyone shouts dagger OP ::).Its every season like this,this repetition is so predictible :). Class balance is good with few exceptions wich require more fix rather than balance.About daggers most skills doesnt work properly and official like but rather l2j likeand i can list them wich is:bluff.fd/fp/lethal blow/backstab/deadly. Titan is balanced btw,and someone earlier had a good point,why not make for all classes max damage 40% hp+cp so no newbie cant be 1 shot from veterans.Also about titans people need understand how to make a good buff setup,this is a free advice from me>its actually vital.With this 40% hp+cp u can sacrifice some offense and take some resists instead,
  20. You have codes for focus death/focus power and main stabs?Daggers need full fix not just bluff :).
  21. Doesnt matter if bluff is menntal and stun is mental or shock.Thing is i dont have both neither mental shield and neither res shock and bluff its a joke.If i face a dagger he cant do nothing really,he needs facestab me no choice and 0chance for his bluff.I know bluff is something wrong with him,It has turning back effect 100% like blinding. Detarget is also 100% if u dont have epics and decent with them.Stun from dagger will land very very hard on people with zaken and anthy but should be very high vs those without. It has 3 attacks each distinct form each other and each with his own chance.
  22. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Just dont cry when u will miss 4 backstabs in a row...wich is very common.
  23. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Point is daggers dont need any nerf.They need stabs fixed damage and rate,bluff needs also fix,other than this is just useless talk.At this point of server th became extinct>all i see now is aw/pw spaming lethal from all directions.Same as previous season. With a fix damage spike should be lowered because of lethal blow,but all stabs should deal arround same damage except backstab wich receives minor bonus.
  24. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Lethal Blow is broken.Dagger damage overal is ok i quess but stabs damage are java like proportions and not offi.I got 2500 from 2 rings ghost hunter in guts from this lethal blow.Thats why i dont play dagger.They are not how it should be.All run and spam lethal,this is nonsence to me.
  25. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    No disrespect to the OP but dagger is more specialized 1 vs 1,its his strength.Mage should evoid such encounters with melee fighters in general especialy if they are geared.Maage strength is mass pvp and pvp in zerg situation,not 1 vs 1.If mage would be top 1 vs 1 than fighters should be deleted.Still a lucky cancel can do the job even in 1 vs 1.Also there are top mage who can do pretty decent even 1 vs 1,and mage critical can be stacked till 1/3 rates wich is pretty decent, i saw this is not bullsh1t.