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  1. Suggestions for New Season

    This is a good idea.Make epic bosses have fixed time respawn and put timer at npc or in website or both.
  2. Suggestions for New Season

    Sawing what happend last season I have one sugesttion myself and its about dominators: -make cp heal to work only in party(except for sieges where should work normal).This cp heal from dominators can be abused big time,i remember some clans used 3-4 ol same time wich is a big heal bonus for an entire clan.
  3. Th vs aw/pw and geodata

    I need correct my 2nd pointsince sentence may imply a sugesttion instead of a bug fix. --will lethal blow damage be fixed so it wont do more damage than backstab?
  4. Th vs aw/pw and geodata

    This post is a sugesttion/bug/discussion hybrid/ .Last interlude season was towards ending and this matters was unanswered and since gm considered the end of interlude.But since interlude came back this issues still matters: To recap: -will backstab chance rate from behind be raised to make it more like retail like? -will lethal blow damage be nerfed so it wont do more damage than backstab? -and 1 of most important things will be geodata upgraded ? The 1st two points mentioned are very important in balancing th vs aw/pw. THe 3rd is important if not offen vital for melees and can make difference between being killed or killing.
  5. Interlude

    I played this kamael/hellbound in the past both low rates and faction(not here ofc)and its one of my favourite.Its a hybrid between interlude and hi5/gf.U keep atk speed/cast as factor for skill reuse and not so much jump/rush/teleport meaning kiting still a factor same as in interlude.Thats why i said interlude players would find this chapter interesting if they didnt play it yet.We speak about hi5 kamael and hellbound but i think chance for having it in future is zero :).It was told by Emerald that meanwhile this interlude season they will work at this GC so what we speak here its not more than a conversation :).
  6. Interlude

    If u nerf greatlythe attribute system its not mage chapter anymore i can assure u that.Titan its most balanced in this chapters and they hit like train only under 30% hp and they are a vital piece in keeping tanks count low.Titan was never useless since frenzy and zealot was introduced till Awakening sh1ty chronicles wich pretty much hammered to the ground all warriors classes in pvp.Sure there is no rush(beside kamael) in this chronicle i think dagger teleport neither wich is great and still keeps this interlude system in wich speed matters most....all 3 daggers are balanced since dash since impactfull skil.Archers can be good with condition that song of windstorm to be removed like it was in hi5,
  7. Hi

    Joke One guy in an internet cafe asks his neighbor gamer... Dude i want play L2ovc whats best dd class in faction server ,yul,feoh or maybe dagger? Answer:The best dd class is healer I make 100 kills per event and top1 pvp class in server is shilien saint :).
  8. Interlude

    Hellbound/Kamael is such underrated chapter.Emerald never considered its such a pity.Personally i dont think there is a more balanced chapter.I think even interlude players would love this chapter.Its abit more complicated than interlude but not so much,its just the fundation for GF and HI5.Only thing OP in this chapter is elemental system with 150 max for weapon and 60 perarmor piece.Attribute system in this chapter its the most powerfull but this can be easily modified or nerfed.Kamaels are the less OP versions from all chapters and all classes fighters archers mages tanks are on even foot,imo,pretty balanced and beside cancels and steal divinity/rush impact a retail pvp system would be close to a balanced faction system so no big modification required. Interlude is just obsolete.For the future L2Classic should be taken in consideration to replace this interlude.Grand Crusade can be fun too but its yhe most unbalanced chapter i ever saw,its so much work to make a balanced class system,its not even funny too such huge gap discrepancy in pvp between range classes and melees.Its a shame NcSoft lost completely sence of balance and didnt make things easy for this chapter :).
  9. Chronicles of desire

    Where is Grand Crusade?Since u didnt give all options this thread is good to go torecycle bin.
  10. Interlude

    If interlude is decided i will skip it.I understand why many people like it,its more easy,the game doesnt have any secrets and its a nobrainer and also a big plus balance is good.But for me there are also 2 big minuses: -playing gazilion time isnt fun anymore -and geodata. If Emerald/Ruby wants be serious with this interlude they need upgrade their geodata,is awfull.Look search l2 faction server on google and u will see an unkown 0 population server L2C.......(to not adverdise it)and has perfect geodata.So its possible if an anonime interlude server has decent geodata L2ovc should have it too.
  11. Interlude

    Interlude is boring.Bring hi5 or relaunch this GC again.
  12. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    Dude u should be happy that this changes came too late so that u had enough time to abuse your class power.Since i interact with u ingame u several times i know your type and thats why i said u should be happy. Now maybe u have more time to go and learn other classes also.U googled only to find whats most op class in this chapter.Now meanwhile go learn something about tyrrs and that warlord is not old warlord.His damage in pvp is comparable with titan now or any other tyrr.U tried to flame me ingame because of my class so here is the reply for you. Next time try to play what u like and not what can be abused.
  13. Elemental burst freeze effect

    Yeah i had abundance lv1 anakim,ruler and blessed zaken but everything else was free newbie stuff except 150 water on weapon so i can trigger this freeze effect.Anyway this dude hemo is just offtopic as usual.Maybe he never heard about embody mana armor before or saw it in action?and that his archer was nerfed like i give a sh1t that his beyond OP class got nerf to get in some normal standards...and for him it doesnt make sence ofc. I wont get caught in between this mage vs archer trap,i am not a fan of neither this classes.I just try point to whats obvious. With this sps i could kill level 99 tyrr with good gear r99 set some epics rank 7,yeah not easy task but for sure i could disable him more than he could disable me otherwise i wouldnt have a chance vs his gear level and rank.Is this normal?No i dont think so,
  14. Elemental burst freeze effect

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Jro--Gehc Anyway here it is.That tank pretty much interrupted me alot and he had his cubic for antidebuff.At the end of video was more clearly.Literally in small scale pvp this skill is way too OP.I said already im not expert i dont know how should work.You can take this as a sugestion also if not bug I dont mind. But my game sence it says that its pretty much broken,
  15. Elemental burst freeze effect

    I have a small video but dont know where to upload,if i do it on youtube i have big quality loss.