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  1. regarding server features

    So for you modyfing cancel other than retail like isnt class pvp change?And u call me dumb.Like i said you are just another useless troll and there are plenty on this forums. This morons didnt play 1 season here but they can reply to me about balance and stuff and how yul/mages are ok since day 1 beta.Its ok this effects doesnt affect me at all this will be seen in live.
  2. regarding server features

    U could at least read features instead puting retarded questions. Class Balance(No effect in olympiad) <----Your answer
  3. regarding server features

    If u would play even 1 season here u would know the answer.U know nothing about factions server or about l2ovc but u think u are someone whos opinion matters.Just another idiot troll.
  4. regarding server features

    Look i will not fall in flaming net with u again bringing older chronicles in discussion.I said nothing about interlude and sorry to dissapoint you,but im bored of interlude also just a small detail for you. Also i said a big exploit that i saw people doing it in beta.Few friends change sides and could farm xp much much faster.Ofc would be harder in live to do it because higher population,but is still doable in late hours in night. About balance is known about yul/feoh being above almost everything else by miles.So thats why im abit concerned.
  5. regarding server features

    Btw Emerald in beta some "smart" people made level 99 in 1 day by farming flags.I hope u will fix that too and nerf xp u get from those to not be exploited,let xp to be aquired only through pvp mainly.
  6. regarding server features

    Mages nerf seems pretty okish to bring their insane power to a decent level compared to others.So archers are still basically same and tyrs were in a need for a boost to can compete mage/archer but i see nothing.Archer should be nerfed in skill power not critical damage and at least 50% cause 20% is nothing comparing damage of archers with tyrs for example.

    That dude that had video with evi soloing raids and instances is from japanese server.As most mmorpgs that are f2p now what u saw there is pay to win.Power of real money.It seems u can buy unlimited power as long u have the money spending on the right classes,for pve evis and pvp yuls.

    This game by design is very unbalanced.I informed myself little and from what i read from retail forums top pvp chars are yul.Someone is even speaking about him having 70% damage resistance and still taking 400k+ damage from a very stacked yul.Top pve seems to be eviscerator again very unbalanced class for this type of gameplay.But since this is a pvp/faction server this pve aspect doesnt matter,its all about pvp. If u want to have a little food for thought u can read here about http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=286987&page=3 So if its desired that l2ovc to be succesfull it needs a decent balance among classes and retail cant be an example.For comparation in interlude we had titan wich could 1 hit anyone so Emerald did a very good job with him.And its not the only example. Im just making this remark and by analogy this chapter is even worse and some classes needs such drastic measures to be taken for Grand Crusade.Also i dont think puting dragon weapons in shop is good ideea,dont think balance can exist with those in game because gap will be humongous between those that have it and those that dont.There are also OP items like shirts that give alot of advantage wich again dont think its good ideea. Another balance issue are debuffs mainly stun.In this chapter i didnt see sets with resist like in others.Not even 1 set at least.Also not much resist from buffs either.Maybe debuffs can be balanced out if some old buffs such resist shock would be put in npc buffer.In retail u can take that from clan hall isnt an issue. About interlude its still a succesfull chapter but its good that we should have something else from time to time.I would preffer earlier chronicles but if Emerald picked this im willing to give a shot.I think Grand Crusade its not as bad,i like some aspects such as broch jewels,talismans,the more gear u can have the better and some new mechanics.I also dislike some other mechanics wich i dont wont go in detail but maybe im not used to them yet.
  9. Why so much hate

    Its not my video,was posted here on forums by someone else.
  10. Why so much hate

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139123621 Look Emerald check this video u made restart for giving us adena so interval was 1:40->5:10.Where are the 6 hours?Not even 4 hours.I didnt included gearing and compouinding,crafting and setuping your char in this.Puting some armor and compounding and crafting isnt test.Real test is after u get all of this and u pvp others with setup on and time was too short,dont know even if it was 1 hour why i could pvp.Normally if u would want this u would gave us more time like whole day,not 4 hours.Also u asked for people right after update,and possible could got upset because not many came when u made the call.Most people were at gm shop gearing and setuping their chars,dont think u can blame them,if u would gave us some time in advanced to prepare ourself u shouldnt have this issue for sure. Anyway i know why u are pissed on me and everytime u speak towards me u are full of hate.Its because previous season u thought i sweared u on facebook or something.Like i told you it wasnt me. U should apologize for making me a liar,but its ok i can live with it because i know its not the case.Why should i lie in the 1st place for such insignificant reason and also isnt my type to throw useless lies for gaining what?.Its up to you if u believe it or not.
  11. Why so much hate

    It was 4 hours from what i recall not 6...and 2 hourse at least takes to proper a character by gearing,compounding,putting attributes etc...as i told u i didnt even bother with oe for skills or gear just basic stuff.Its not a good test from my side if i make a lol character on the rushdont u think that?.What i disliked more is that u called me a lier.I cant take that because its not true.And i wasnt dissrespectfull towards you not even once.The fact that i was dragged in flames and disputes with some other players shouldnt affect you at all.And if i criticized the server,it was mostly because of the awfull balance.But i will stay out of all of this from now on and i wish u good luck with the server.
  12. Why so much hate

    Emerald what kind of gm are you?1st u tell me to search another server that i dared to tell that im not biggest fan of this kind of l2,is this a crime?.Also u make me lier cause i said 1 hour wasnt enough to test.Well u gave us adena but youcan comprehendthat it takes some time to craft new gear, compound broch jewels +other dozens etc.I didnt even made set+6 cause was no time.And didnt had time to test sh1t,but its ok u know better like always and we are liers. For a gm this isnt best behavior.You are full of hate.A simple no would be was sufficient.
  13. Open server during weekend?

    Its possible to open server during weekend?Because 1 hour wasnt near enough to check endgame gameplay,skills and such.
  14. My Desire - INTERLUDE !

    Previous season was most succesfull interlude so people never lost interest in interlude.Never happend before a season to lasts with top pvp players having 30k pvps.And lasted 2 months+ or even 3 cant remember. But any faction server needs periodical wipes,they cant last as long low rate server.This is how it was here and all other faction servers.But anyway having just interlude after interlude is boring after a while,its good to open interlude once in a whileand not interlude non stop.Would be was perfect to develop a better hi5 faction to alternate with interlude for example.But since Emerald picked GC we are stuck now with this.
  15. Dear Emerald

    End about stun skills i dont know if ue can helps also.Pregod skills thatcould debuff+damage or dot could bypass dodging skills,and both stun(by landing chance)and damage (100%) could land.If its still same now this stun/disables than yes even ue/dodge are useless also,this needs testing also. So than again only reliable skill is shadow evasion wich is 10 sec immune to debuffs and only gh has it.About shadow fake death yes it can be usable but its more based on luck and to predict when attacker will use such skills..Too much luck involved.