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  1. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    nice video.Too bad interlude ends here and some star wars is announced.
  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Why not open both interlude and helios.He had hi5 and interlude simultaneous if i recall it in the past.So in this way people will play what they preffer.Interlude balance is in most part good enough only thing that make bad for melee is geodata.If geodata is tweakedabit to make it fair for melee classes and withdagger stabs tweaked or fixed(lethal damage nerfed to backstab damageand backstab rate improved from back) would be ready and good to go.
  3. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Hellbound was a nice chapter also.If we exclude OP element system without much resist its quite balanced chapter.Kamalols arent as op as in GF also. Anyway whatever chapter will be,if its latter thanHi5 will be a fail ,because that isnt l2 animore.So any chapter before that will be good.
  4. Finally +16 S weapon!

    Pretty sure in a x10 or mid rate interlude server this could be achieved faster than 3 months.But hey this is because mass bad luck wich exist only in l2ovc.We either have 50 +16 s weapons in 1 season or almost none in another one.Its extreme server and we have same rates retail like if we read features. Now after 3 months its just symbolical,who gives a fuk....
  5. Dagger: Adventurer

    So its actually confirmed that fp/fd real critical power its not 60%/90% from fp/fd.On dex when i played it was something like 45%/60% real crit power for stabs from back.Also penalty from front was lower than 30%.So this is confirmed by rpg files also. Now i understand why here in L2ovc aw/pw is so much better than th.Difference between fp and fd here is 30% more back damage when it should be ~15% more crit power damage.Also lethal blow wich aw/pw dont miss hit 30% more stronger than backstab wich th shouldnt miss(at least not as offen as here they do). In l2off server where damage works correct both aw and th use backstab when from back(no brainer) because it bypass cp and possible(speculation) backstab hits 20% harder than lethal/deadly since interlude because of difference soulshots bonus wich is greater for backstab(unclear if its interlude or since kamael chapter thats why i said speculation).Here in l2ovc all used lethal blow didnt matter from what position front or back because it hits harder than backstab ~30% more damage(wich is clearly bug). Also we draw the conclusion that aw should hit from back at most ~15% more damage and not this bullsh1t 30% buged bonus difference between fd/fp. Another conclusion is that since th miss halfs of hisbackstab(another huge bug)so his average damage for backstab from behind is halved wich in l2off server its almost a safe stab wich doesnt miss from back so his average damage from back close to that of aw only difference is fd crit power extrabonus.wich in real terms is ~15% and not 30%. I really dont get it.Th here is not th,its way to nerfed also way to buged with backstab rate.There were some people that tried say th sucks and they are a joke and a lol dagger.But there are facts that until kamael they indeed they were OP class wich thats why NCSoft buffed aw/pwmore in kamael by giving a 600 range teleport skill and also wind rigind ghost hunting>exciting adventure.If in following chapters aw/pw were buffed more this koreans draw the conclusion that aw/pw are indeed weaker class.And its very true we exclude 1 vs 1 wich anything can happend between al 3 daggers,in general pvp gank or mass indeed th>pw/aw because of much more versatility that dash and mirage give. Here in l2ovc Mirage is way to nerfed 50% from 80% is quite alot.Also dash is too nerfed also because even when u get refresh augment and AS haste and draco dash reuse is still bigger than dash duration.Wich means Emerald force players that roll a th to take as SA haste wich is inferrior imo than SA cd.Also with rebirth system they are forced to take atk speed instead something else like evasion/m def/p def/ wich aw/pw can take without any issues since their blinding isnt nerf. IF emerald plans to reopen a new interlude in the future th is a class that really needs a full rework for bugs and nerfs he has.Its just sad to see in interlude server dagger distribution as aw/pw 90% and th 10% wich are the fouls.
  6. About Progression

    I think most of the time its visual bug meaning u dont see correctly the exact positions and in my eyes its still related to bad geodata.Anyway this doesnt mean anything even if sometime something weird it happends as such this "300-400 range"as people describe them. So dont make this bug to look like its compensating for geodata bug because its not.I wish i had 300-400 range than this geodata bug that stops me from meleeing slower targets wouldnt happend....but its quite common. Look i use frenzy zealot wich i spend some time just to activate.And when i activate seeing i spend zealot and 1min just to chase a slower target than me and not being able to kill and him getting away unpunished cause he preffer runs Aden and laugh at me ,he doesnt care if its bug or not he run because he can and is possible with lower speed.This is nothow things should happend with aworking geodata....
  7. About Progression

    Server is in need desperately of new geodata.Melee classes are at big handicap here.I can give 2 examples in wich i whitnessed myself.Th with powi+refresh+atk speed 3 rebirth almost 278 perma speed I wasnt able to kill a powi aw in a 5-10 min chase with 220 or speed or something.Leaving backstab bug behind wich had also a big contribution its inacceptable.Also Titan 2or3 rebirths speed+powi+zealot wich means 230+speed offen cant kill archers with cov or mages with magnus meaning arround 200 speed because of geodata bug.I also saw 2daggers chasing an ol 5 min plusmyself th with cov(almost perma 250+ speed).I also lost track of how many archer and mages got away unpunished with lower speed when they should be dead.... So server being faction range has advantage by default.Its inacceptable this melee bugs to make increase handicap even further.Geodata bug is the biggest issue that server has atm. And beside this there are still some bugs to fix concerning daggers,lethal blow and backstab more exactly.Also dagger need a full recheck in all skills bluff rate, focus power focus death real bonus for stabs.Lethal blow shouldnt do more damage than backstab and backstab should be high land stab from back by default.
  8. About Progression

    Emerald had oe rates from previous seson but he either forgot them like that or try to hide this,or he did some OE progress rate bullsh1t fail experiment.Too bad we didnt have OE rates posted from previous season,cause will fit perfectly what happend this season.Meaning b and a grade had higher chance than s grade.Also armors/jewelshad a little more chance than they ussualy had as retail like....this explain my aq+9 and aq+8/9 of many others and my tezza +9at some point wich is an anomaly....and we also had many dc set +7/8.S weapons had less than retail untill some point in this season or during the entire season...only emerald know what he did and he never talk about. Because if we go to feature and read oe rates is retail like wich is not true to say in diplomacy words.He can mislead naive and people that joined his server for 1st time but not people that oe heavy in each season and know abit of math behind oe rates and statistics and cannot be fouled as myself. Thats why if he will start any other season people need to know this right from start.Transparency and not bullshit.Make it like it was in hi5.U knew exactly and never was a complain about it or suspicions.
  9. L2.exe not launching

    As i have this issue sometimes when i open pcthere was only 1 soluton for me. 1.alt+ctr+del find l2.exe in task manger and close it 2.disconnect internet run l2.exe...wich gives me an error without opening l2 window 3.reconnect internet and i run l2.exe This is what i do,i tried different solutions i have windows 8.1 nothing worked except this wich i discovered by accident.So if its not working from 1st try do it several times what steps i described.Worth give a try since for me working everytime i have this l2.exe not starting issue.
  10. Stunshot Bluff and detarget

    Stunshot detarget i think its buged.Sure i will be asked where is the prove.The prove is that anyone geared enough with zaken anthy can confirm it that landing rate its quite high enough if its not biasedand defend his class with lies...this is my prove. So im very curious how come detarget from stunshot lands so offen vsboss earings while bluff detarget never and i mean never lands.I remove bluff from my bar because its useless.The chance for detarget for this2 skills stunshot and bluff needs rebalanced,one tonned down the other one tonned up to land sometime.Either both should be landing or no one should....
  11. Melee and geodata

    To explain more detailed what this geodata bug means.In large maps with alot of space arround when i chase target that has 200+speed but lower than my speed( 220-240 dependable on my buff setup),my char does perform the chase and when it gets close to target he stop and lift sword only a little like animation starts for hittingbut isntcomplete it cause is droped back down,so i need retake the chase and see same sh1t over and over.
  12. Melee and geodata

    So i will recap what titan dificulties has: -titan with speed 240 in maps where players have enough space to run they very offen cant hit classes with 200-210 speed. -u cant ented DM/battlefield/vip/epicswith prefrenzy,not even guts cause is considered "op":),but np players can enter with parties with 2 healers ols tanks and so on.Also when u enter such events your hp is fully restored making sure u need do many eartquakes,and possible untill making low u die like a clown. -cancel 5 buffs gone all the time from 1 mage and quite offen u get more than 1 cancel cause most mage in l2ovc are cancel mages and slow who has high land no reuse fast cast. So whats with all the hate towards titan?I really dont get it.Where is the fair play,since titan is already nerf why more restrictions?Geodata bug wich is bigest handicap makes running mage/archer to be able toget away unpunished with lower speed. At least if there can be something done to resolve this issue to hit chased target while higher speed cause is really ridicoulos.
  13. More than 3 subclasses

    U cant really know how is it Ok didnt want be offensive to your clan.To be more specific u didnt have zerg clan in the 1st place so for clans such as yours with less than 10 members active in average the impact of ol isnt as big.But when a clan has 20+members in events it matters by alot not counting healers wich now u can have 2 in a party....another emerald briliiand ideea wich went straight fail. Zerg clan by default are hard to stop since play together all have good gear ussualy good clan skills,and allowing ols to heal as clan to boost their strength even more its not fair and not specific for a faction server.Its 1st time i see such sh1t in faction but doesnt suprise,gm has a reputation to fail with something big every season.
  14. More than 3 subclasses

    Last part is irony since people from here arent smart enough to get it.Zerg clans having 20-30 members online at any point are like players in steroid if they are healed by 2 ols or more in events.I was really disqusted by what i saw this season...for me this isnt what l2ovc must represent as pvp.
  15. More than 3 subclasses

    From all Sosa found to speak about ols ),dude your clan didnt exist with ols or without.And for all who think ols doesnt matter they pretend be stupid or what?Ofc it matters if u have 4-5 ols your zerg clan is immortal.I dont understand what emerald he wants faction server combined with hybrid low rate or what?Its big fail and it makes zerg clans alot more stronger.If he wants ol zerg server than maybe remove gm buffer and gm shop.And people can play bd sws prophet etc also in events.Lets make suport server in faction server.