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  1. The purpose

  2. The purpose

    Changelist #5 * All Adena/FA rates/prices have been increased by x10. @EmeraldCan you explain to us what was the purpose of this change? Everybody is confused and looking for an answer. Thanks.
  3. swears

    So what lol? its just a game,you mind every retard that curses you?
  4. nerfing everything minus archers

    Too much drama,everyone's a pro here too.
  5. Class Change Price

    I want to buy valakas but it's very high 30k adena,lel
  6. Achievment

    Some more feeding you mean ?
  7. Its already hard,26% to succeed,its just luck guys,some of us can't get passed +10 for example.
  8. True,also there are guys that sleep 3hrs/night just to play the server so...
  9. What you want him to do? Delete his weapon? wtf
  10. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    When they spoke greek you said its an off-topic section and everything can be spoken.
  11. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Ma pis pe tine si iti dau valoare,cum poti sa ma faci pe mine agramat cand tu scrii "marsh",date-n pula mea de copil virgin si prost,nu dau 2 lei pe tine mai cur spart,se vede ca esti doar un copil frustrat,maltratat si probabil abuzat sexual de tactu.
  12. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    taci in plm de prost,mereu mananci cacat,futum-as in gura ma-tii.