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  1. unban

    Lol he never scammed ,dude,you're the most retarded player ever,that's the only way you do items,if it was my server,you would not play anymore.
  2. grand crusade

    Let's hope not,we're waiting for the next Interlude.
  3. Fun server

    That's what i thought too,but as you may know,we insisted so much so he opens another interlude server(this one) and he said it's the last one.
  4. Fun server

    As i know,Emerald said this might be the last Interlude season,so...for the most of us,if its true.the end its really an end.
  5. Mystic Muse

    Last season i also played mage (Socerer) and i did very good untill the server closed,could kill archers with enough equipment,mages aren't
  6. lineage 2 salvation

    what the f..
  7. Healers quesstion

    And that's how its supposed to be,imagine a bishop with am
  8. Archers?

    He just said "If you are not playing with accuracy/evasion rebirth"
  9. I'm just gonna leave this here.

    And there are also guys that enchant they'r weapons to +14 for example without failing once.
  10. crit error

    @Emerald i haven't got crits anymore,even if i use animoff or not. I also reinstalled the windows and the interlude client.
  11. crit error

  12. crit error

    Same here,got crt error,logged in,got it again,teleported,got it again.

    Some kids are just retarded with they'r new chronicle metin2 looking shit,what's so interesting about this new chronicles? cause characters FLY and LEVITATE ? rofl,i bet no one who likes these new chronicles its above 16 y o/if you are,you got some real issues(i bet you jerk thinking at your mama too).
  14. Why so much hate

    Stop the drama already guys,damn,he will open what kind of client he wants,that's what i understood,no matter what we do or say,he will do what he thinks its the best for him/the community,so these topics are useless from my POV.
  15. My Desire - INTERLUDE !

    This one will die in less than a week