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  1. Next season

    Agreed, lot of us will go on vacation at the end of july and starting of august. Make the Opening earlier
  2. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    As i notice i am not the only one with that problem, even sites says login down game down
  3. On today zaken boss i fell from order side and stucked herehttp://prntscr.com/iutio4 Reds kill me but a bp res me and was till there, i hit zaken 4-5hits on the start of fighting i had some dmg i been on score board. As you see on the picture i lost and the reward from boss too (boxes/parts/recs etc.) + the chance to drop the zaken ring. What could be done now? I am asking the staff P.S there is one more player who stucked with me too i don't remember the name atm.
  4. Stucked on Zaken + no reward

  5. Stucked on Zaken + no reward

    So there is a problem, I am looking for a respond for a team, i would be wait for take one before leaving the server cause of no support since i made 4 petitions and none of them asnwered
  6. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

    There are already people who abuse the small maps with duelist/tyrant class, like bp cele on them and go vs 10 ppl with mass skills. Totally NO for this, at least with buffs incomming dmg is "acceptable"
  7. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    Ok lost 2 20mins maps and 2 5mins maps till now, hope there is some reward for us because we got free time to play at nights and today was unable to do it
  8. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    Looks like network problems and not server-pack side issue.
  9. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    I see that happens to others too since the event got emty when i relogged, the problem is that i already lost box cause of dc at the end of main map and 100+/- adena because got dc before the kill of the boss on 5min map
  10. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    hmm nop, down again
  11. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    Just logged with 4 dc when i logged , now goes seems normaly
  12. crit error

    https://prnt.sc/fr2x86 Now this....
  13. crit error

    https://prnt.sc/fqkohh what about it
  14. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Hey , i start playing again Lineage 2 since 2009 for your server. A friend of my played on H5 and suggested me to join as we did. This Interlude Season was your best, i saw h5 did hold that long as the previus interludes. My suggestion is to improve with new events and gamestyleand fix your server from bugsmuch more. So a wipe on Interlude will be just fine i guess. Helios and Classic are new chronicles means less players,i don't know if pvp servers exist on this chronicle, plus you arleady got a huge community on IL. Good luck