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  1. Agent001

    I can add just few things : Hero shouts always cross the line. Not only here everywhere. Here hero shouts can be used only for bulsh1ts so there is no problem with this. Which chronicle can be called "dagger chronicle" ? In IL good dagger with good buffs and items can survive long, long time again more than 1 mage. In next chronicles it is not valid. Dagger always was and always will be char that depend of the situation. If you leave dagger to attack from behind the result never will be good. Here people cried about dagger damage too much and some of the changes that Emerald made because of these QQ made the server range only( personal opinion ). For 90% of morons who play here is new that char that is one of the best solo close range killers can do big damage from behind. So for me there is no "dagger chronicle" everything depends from the driver. PS: I know about your scam drama, I know both of you, I know each point of view.I can't judge who is right and who is not, I don't want to do this and I wont. For me its stupid story that happens too often in l2..... Imagine when you are cl in low rate server and you have such drama almost everyday At least I know one thing for this game for sure - if people hate you then its mean you play good somehow in your own way No one pay attention to free frags on the map and no one observe them Many people hate Agent because he almost each season N1 by kill ( nevermind how ), many hate Sosa because he doesn't leave them to kill him and play with many people nerves, many call him runner but if they are bad players you wont speak about them. Who will create topic "yamada smt " ? Of course no one, who care about such players
  2. Agent001

    It is time Emerald to create "flame topic" really ..... I remember yamada when he asked me for clan some seasons ago.... really this man needs help I understand if this topic was created by someone else but... cmon be serious... PS: Agent, Sosa please stop with bullshits, I mean you were in the same clan few seasons, you can clean up the things between in better way. This is ugly and you should stop it. Stories and conversation like this are the reason why I stopped to be cl few years ago....You are not morons both of you so try to speak normal.
  3. unban

    Ban without reason is not the solution but monitor him and if need ban. All know how he plays and this is not new. This ban had to be done a few years ago.... I would not blame Emerald for living him to play but the community, it was so funny when me and agent had "forum wars" with him and we were told crazy etc. People understood, though slowly, with what kind of person is luffy and the only way he can play
  4. unban

    I personally did screenshots (not once) and report him, Emerald ban him.... for 2 days. He is also the only one caught to killing bots on the map. Over the years Emerald has had more work because of luffy than all others.....The player who can not without abuse, scam etc and now he is so kind to ask for unban like he care for someone other except his bot( friend according to his words)
  5. unban

    Funny how exactly the person who reports for ban the people who make this server cool ask for "second chance" . luffy(and his pet/bot) has used his second chances many times and very long ago. The population of this server has dropped and probably this season drop because of players like luffy and I am completely agree with Convict ! As I said karma is a bitch and especially for luffy compromises should not exist !
  6. unban

    I see I have missed some fun By the way luffy has no shame, I wont comment why. Just will say that the karma is a beach Ban warrior got banned(or his pet) what a irony
  7. What is this

    How adena reward is calculate can explain Emerald but should be something like : If you kill newbie(you are lvl 80 full S, your target is 75 B grade user)alone, and only you hit him you get 2 adena. If you hit him for 4k and someone else 4k both get by 1 adena. If you hit him for 500 and 10 other people hit him before you 0 adena(just ++ in frag count) if you hit him for 1000k but he received 10k and got healed from other people 0 adena( sound not fair, and I am not sure about this) if you kill alone someone with items close to yours and level like your 5 adena If you hit someone for 2k and 4 other hit him for 2k everyone receive 1 adena. if you are B grade user and if you kill alone S grade player 10 adena( or at least bonus which is more than 5 adena I hope you understand what I mean. Emerald can explain better but the system seems to be something like that and for me sounds very logic and fair.
  8. about magic critics

    I can not say anything about mage mc but for these who think backstab 5 is too much ... I can say only that its too low compared with any other server. All the power of the daggers is from behind, not from 900 range and when mages/archers hit for 5k from away it is Ok.....
  9. What is this

    There must be justice in this game ! I hope you understand that for S grade player is easy task to kill someone in B. If the reward is the same or even 20 % lower newbies always will be first targets. But if you get 1 instead of 5 adena (for example) you will rethink your priorities. Now when older players see avadon on the map all are focused on him( as if one is not enough ...) and if all receive reward for killing someone who dies most easily seasons will be short - if you did not start in the early days, you better not start. For a long time there are disputes about balance and rewards, and if Emerald has done something to extend the life of the server server, I have nothing to say except to congratulate him ! Yes you can do new char but if his logic for reward is based not only on level but on items too ? There are players who think they are great just because they kill newbies and even need support to do it... no one can stop them from doing it but they will remain poor and will be difficult to do so by not getting an easy reward ! So, yes should be normal if you don't get reward from killing newbie for sure ! Prove yourself and kill someone who doesn't die from one shot ! By this way newbies maybe will have more chance to survive and rise in this server, maybe(there always will be people who will kill them for stat)... I can give you an example from low rate servers - the easiest is to kill mobs which are much lower level than you(blue mobs) but do you get anything for that? Where is the problem to be the same here ? Or you want to make easy money to be easier to kill newbies... sad story ...
  10. What is this

    That means you have 0 adena and you will keep to be with 0 Leave the jokes aside , if Emerald has done something to stimulate the killing of people with better items and a higher level, then I can only congratulate him, good job ! Newbie killers will run around poor
  11. about ms

    Do you play this season ? Sorc agian ? Such people have always been here and will always will be.....You can't avoid them
  12. about ms

    Its the beginning of the server... Its not new that in every l2 server mages rulz in the beginning, soon there will be QQ topics like every season about daggers, titans or something else. Half of people who play mage now and know the server, will switch to something else later.Now mages do good damage because of bad jewels, now so few complain( like author of this topic) later places will be exchanged - mages will receive more damage, they will do lower and QQ will begin as every season PS: GL with "hard rape the server with summoners" .... People who play with these characters have very wrong understanding for the game. Summoners are good for solo players/farm in low rate and oly - for pvp they just make lag around and mess with their sh1ts. I've always wondered about the people who play with summoners here - sit away and send their pets with macros to their targets( and after me have been sent many times summons with zero success )... it's probably very interesting but I would not check. Anyway, everyone has the right to play with whatever he wants and as he wants....
  13. Just want to know...

    I apologize for getting annoying ( again, I hope not so much as before ) but do you have plan for h5 or something something after IL till h5 ?
  14. Info

    I can confirm that this is correct and so it should be. I found a person who tested it on the official server and one who tested in ru off. The damage in both servers from skills is +around 40-50%( can not be tested with perfect precision, but it seems to be about 45% which coincides with what Emerald did) That FD works as described is great but I think that Emerald made nerf ( * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.4 ) to compensate for the wrong working buff. I think it's fair once FD is working out as well this compensation has to be removed and blow bonus damage to be not reduced anymore. This reduction was made because of wrong FD and now is not necessary.
  15. Info

    I'm also interested Now after last nerf I have the impression that critical damage from back is reduced to 45%( maybe I am wrong) which I think will make daggers useless. Out of the topic - people here QQ a lot from daggers but they forget that dagger is killer for 1 vs 1, he can not hit from away, he has no aoe, his bonuses are from behind, his damage is with conditions unlike all others. For these who keep QQ - If they see damage from official server with the same buffs as in ovc + bonuses from rebirths,voting for sure they will stop QQ. In ovc even vs avadons damage bigger than 10k is rare but it is not in any low rate retail or not. And do not forget - in low rate server there are no crazy people who go on pvp with magnus/pow .....