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  1. New expert skills effects

    It was bug, I speak in general. Many think 300 element is something that broke the game but they forget that in gf element on the weapon is half but also resists on armors are half.
  2. New expert skills effects

    It is done in h5 the same fixes should be done in GF + these which are done in h5. You have just few skills difference between h5 and GF. You have element system in both, in both many people think that system is bad but you know losers always have a reason for their fail So why you need to try complicated things with good chance to broke the game and do overwork while you have it already done ..... IL has nothing to do with discussion for other chronicle IL has his fans, I never was fan of this chronicle and if I start play it should do it alone (something that I don't want) .
  3. New expert skills effects

    My personal opinion - in gf there will be big QQ from kamaels. RI is too OP, RT decrease p def with 30%(10% max in h5) and there are not armor sets with resist againstparalysis(Lightning Shock is with too big success rate, Steal Divinity takes 7 buff with 100% success rate, as I know what kind of people play here there will be many who will play slh only to make sad others with Steal and LS....). Archers, titan and many other are dead classes, its too much mage chronicle H5 is more balanced, kamaels are nerfed, all characters are good for pvp if you know how to play with them, with correction of aoe glad skill should be fine. Irreale made on RPG one of the biggest zerg I've seen in this game... hundreds of frags.
  4. New expert skills effects

    I am too busy even to spam here. I also miss pvp but prefer something new( h5 if possible) . Il become too boring and after few months on low rate h5 now I even don't want to hear about IL I watch here with the hope that Emerald will up something with chickens(kamalols ) but as I see the chance is not good (for now)
  5. New expert skills effects

    Like always How is going on abc ?
  6. New expert skills effects

    pornostar mage ? Ah there is no trickster .... About mages in ovc... 99% run when they see dagger around which mean they give their back to the wrong characters. Then come here and QQ....
  7. New expert skills effects

    Someone of whom you ran like a rabbit and made QQ topic about dagger damage
  8. New expert skills effects

    Top mages doesn't cry here from other characters Still remember what a panic was detro when he saw me near around him
  9. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    It is not hard with any char if you know what to do(items, buff,dyes etc.) You can do the same amount of kills with mage, archer, tirant but as you can see not all can do this and need to QQ here and in game. In ovc everything is pretty simple - people with even low experience(which are so few) kill people without such(which are many). The second type come here and QQ, Emerald try to do something for them but even the gods can not help them....
  10. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Its a good point of view. In ovc more than half mages use wrong dyes, more than half wrong buffs, much more just tp->t arget-> f1 ->repeat, doesn't matter what is their target and where they are.It's a comic and pathetic situation ..... I saw many times mages with focus,might etc in random pts. The funny is that when I noticed them they called me "noob" followed by some l2 " lesions"
  11. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    This season no but there is no difference since last 10 season in this. Btw if you are mage, and still QQ from daggers think first about your game style, look at others mages who don't QQ(I am not sure if ABC play this season but he knows how to play against dagger for sure, unlike 95% of mages wana be f1 QQ-ers).
  12. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Then you should know that without COV dagger has -20% m def and with berserk -10%. In ocv pow + berserk daggers are people who stay away from the battle and run only after runners. They have no problem to escape from the battle or to catch everyone who trying to run.
  13. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    You always can do a test. As someone who played dagger many, many seasons in ovc go try. Get cov and no berserk and hit with mage.Then replace cov with pow and add berserk and come back here to discuss the result. Just to remind : Berserker Spirit - Decreases a party member's P. Def. by 5%, M. Def. by 10% and Evasion by 2
  14. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    If you mean with "de-target" (maybe in other game can be called like that...) mirage then its already nerfed -> reuse time and success rate(look at the forum). For magic defence - its not about it, its for how resists work in IL. If you don't know how they work then you play the wrong game. IL is the chronicle in which everyone easy can decrease mage damage, just need basic knowledge that is the problem in ovc cry, cry community... Bluff in ovc is with very, very low chance but looking at what you wrote just one question : how long you played l2 ? Month? Two months ? Not more..... about backstab only you know what is the problem.... Lethal is completely removed in ovc(Once again I'm convinced that you have no idea what you are talking about) Again for blow only you know what you mean....
  15. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    In low rate server if you play with magnus in pvp you are free frag with 0 chance to win pvp. I agree that in ovc is different but the rule is the same. Everyone who played pvp in low rate server knows : berserk is not pvp buff, magnus is farm buff. No one can have everything in this game, if you want to be stronger then your attack power will be low, the same is for daggers. You can see for sure on the map daggers with pow + berserk, they have a lot of speed, attack speed but they die fast. It is the same if any dagger with pow and berserk (who will receive maybe 1,5k normal from every mage) to come here and cry "nerf mages" ....