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    I will miss this season as well.My friends do not want to play IL, solo is not possible anymore, without healer + party I will be into situations where I do not want to be. Adding the fact that I do not have much time making my absence in this season 100% Besides, this chronicle is too boring, I played several seasons here where everything was the same. I expect Emerald to change his mind and open a server in chronicle with chickens (kamaels). If this happens, I will come back, but on this chronicle I can only wish you "have fun" PS: with this new feature - " Blessed enchants will now reduce enchant level by 1 instead of resetting to 0 " it seems to be fun - people will not leave because they have not been able to enchant their weapons. At least for me, I like it, but maybe is time to think of a higher rates for enchanting jewelry and armors, otherwise the server will be mages vs archers - they have the greatest benefit from enchanting weapons.
  2. Next Season

    Don't be funny... There are no even one party... Nice clan 7 people
  3. Player drop changes

    I think you should think about some bonuses for the new players. They should be able to grow faster to stay on the server. If you do this without depending on something (level, kills, items) newbies will be the first target and nothing will be changed. What you will receive if your ream doesn't own the fort/castle/ all flags ? Nothing ? The big flaw I see is that you can be online all day and receive nothing if your team is bad.This will lead to the desire of everyone to join in one side( the winning) and playing without meaning if your side looses( maybe I did not understand your idea well ).
  4. You are generally right. Changing the side without fight against clan mates is something that has been practiced for a long time mostly by "top" players(luffy made maybe 90% of his frags with this way, but he is not the only one). The question is what can be done? People in this and not only in this game (not all but there are always such and I do not think they have to be blamed for that ) always looking for the easiest way for success. I guess you know if you let the players to balance the server it will not happen. There will always will be people who will look for the easy way using bugs, weaknesses on the server. So if you let people choose naturally, many of them will choose the easy way - nothing abnormal. It has been known for a long time that this is a problem, a problem is also a balance between sides, but can you suggest what to be done ? Emerald has tried many things to have a balance but I think he has realized that whatever he does, have things that do not depend on him. He can very easily remove the possibility of changing the sides but if one of the sides has a lot of people online and the other a little what should happen? The problem is the community, if this server has a good community there would be people to punish such smart asses. And I do not mean keeping them on a target and killing them, I mean the server needs better clan leaders who maintain some order in their clans through rules, and observe these rules to be observed. It is not so hard every clan to have a rule "do not change your side(or don not try to be smart ass)" and the punishment for this to be dismiss but no clan has such a rule. And even if there is, so few will respect it.... You see a problem in the way some people play, do not expect them to change their way of playing.The way to stop this is to force them but how ? If you have any ideas offer them to Emerald, I am sure he will consider them. However,I am afraid that there is nothing to be done... Changing the chronicle may change something....
  5. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Just to add a few things : You can not deny that there was something wrong with h5. I do not know the reason and it is not important, but for the failure with h5 you can not blame too much the community.There were many people but there was a huge problem with the huge damage. I think the files were very buggy and that you failed to setup the server, buffs, items prices. I think you were on the right track, but you gave up. I think you should look for other files and continue just remember how many people the server had in opening the first seasons. With opening h5 server you keep almost all of IL players that you have and bring many more fans of old l2. I very much doubt that this can be done by opening a server that is chronicle after h5 and you have feedback from opening such one.Compare the online from h5 and from latest attempt and you will understand what people looking for. Chronicles after IL are harder to be setup but already know it having experience with two of them. With longer beta, I think you can achieve good server, maybe not from first attempt. About the community.... I understood long time agothat this community is to blame for what's happening on the server. I blamed you for a long time, but at one point I realized you were just trying to please everyone which is impossible. With opening new and new IL seasons you will not change this community so a new chronicle is needed with the hope for new people and new community. Have in mind that many of people who play l2 now have played other similar games and their experience in l2 is low or even zero( personal observations from other servers not only from here).Unfortunately with such players you can not expect a good community.... Anyway, I have already asked you and will do it again - think one more time about h5 and I hope you will change your mind
  6. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Such a comment just from you, I hope you do not believe it. If you think I can not find anyone to heal me which is better than cp pots you are wrong.I can find also a bot (you know it is not) and believe me I can find good one but this can be done only by pathetic players, hope you understand what I mean( if you don't its enough that other know ). Everyone who visits this forum for a long time knows who offers things so his character to be strong and who was against these suggestions. Probably half of features that Emerald made are because of you( just some reminders - how your brother played wc to gain adena, how you use OL cov because it was better than cov from NPC( you didn't report it, Agent did) this list will be very, very long so please go away. Pots are part of the game as skills, to know what buffs you need, when to attack and when to hide, against who is your character strong and against who is weak -personal opinion, it has been said enough on this topic so end of story. You're used to playing with bot programs so you can not dislike it . No matter what I and you think, the facts are important and they are that many people left the server after removal of cp pots and they never back to the server. I see you keep dreaming for pt here ... Who ? You , your "brother" and Thouzas(or how it was the name of the bot) . Ah, how much I feel sorry for you....good that every server has clowns like you, but I admit at least you're very, very good to be clown, maybe even the best ! I made you offer to play with your "pt" do you remember it ?Did you answer me at all? Remind me please. I can offer you a new offer that includes daily pvp pt vs pt, clan vs clan but you can't accept it.... It is more than obviously the server is composed mostly of solo players so features should be made so that these solo players feel good. Everyone has seen and know that 2-3 organized pt can close the map killing all almost without dying. Sometimes zerg can stop them but this can happens only in rush hours and again this is not easy task.
  7. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    No one can fill even one clan on a server of this kind, even now with a reduced number of people. Have you ever tried to make a clan composed entirely of randoms ? Do you think anyone can organize even 20 people from those who play on this server? On this server over 90% of people play alone or with few friends almost always without organization.In the rare case where there are 1-2 well-organized parties on the map and if all of them are from one side for the other side becomes impossible to play and people start left the map/server.Two of the main reasons why the seasons are short are precisely that for solo players often is impossible to play and that newbies can not grow and stay on the server. There are people who leave and there is no one to replace them.I am sure Emerald will agree with this. He has been trying for a long time to keep on the server those who started after the season has begun, but this is a very difficult task in contradiction with the game's essence. Without GM buffer I doubt the season even starts I have played long enough to know that the main reason for the collapse of one pt in low rate server is the lack of support (WC, BD, SWS). If you think there will be enough support for all players then you are crazy. If you think here will come clan with organization again you are crazy. If you think that you can organize the people who play here - again you are crazy.People who play here do not want to engage in anything, they just want to log, get full buff , port to the map and try to kill someone. If they can, they will log in again, if they can not, they will leave. I fully understand you want a clan game - this is the best part of l2, but be realistic this can not happen here. The community on this server does not allow it, and is against the essence of the server. Clan here is only for clan skills, one more chat, common chat with friends and in rare cases to organize party( many people here even don't read their chats, what is your plan for them ?). I think it's good for the server if the clans are bigger, there will be clan skills for all(and all skills should be for all members, now there are big drama for captains because of clan empower/ww etc), will be easier for everyone to rise clan level. Now there are small groups who have full clan skills, OE weapons and solo/newbie players without clan skills and low gear. I would reduce the max of weapon enchant to +10.As it is known armor enchant success is much lower than weapon and damage is big from archers/mages of which the server is primarily composed. I would also remove auto hp/mp/cp skill and back to potions.We all have two hands and how we use them is part of the game. Selling CP pots was one of the way for newbies to make money and as we know for newbies is very hard to make them. And at least I would reduce the power of heal. I have seen hundreds of people complaining from healers even mad suggestions to be removed. The conclusions I leave to you whether I am right.
  8. Agent001

    I can add just few things : Hero shouts always cross the line. Not only here everywhere. Here hero shouts can be used only for bulsh1ts so there is no problem with this. Which chronicle can be called "dagger chronicle" ? In IL good dagger with good buffs and items can survive long, long time again more than 1 mage. In next chronicles it is not valid. Dagger always was and always will be char that depend of the situation. If you leave dagger to attack from behind the result never will be good. Here people cried about dagger damage too much and some of the changes that Emerald made because of these QQ made the server range only( personal opinion ). For 90% of morons who play here is new that char that is one of the best solo close range killers can do big damage from behind. So for me there is no "dagger chronicle" everything depends from the driver. PS: I know about your scam drama, I know both of you, I know each point of view.I can't judge who is right and who is not, I don't want to do this and I wont. For me its stupid story that happens too often in l2..... Imagine when you are cl in low rate server and you have such drama almost everyday At least I know one thing for this game for sure - if people hate you then its mean you play good somehow in your own way No one pay attention to free frags on the map and no one observe them Many people hate Agent because he almost each season N1 by kill ( nevermind how ), many hate Sosa because he doesn't leave them to kill him and play with many people nerves, many call him runner but if they are bad players you wont speak about them. Who will create topic "yamada smt " ? Of course no one, who care about such players
  9. Agent001

    It is time Emerald to create "flame topic" really ..... I remember yamada when he asked me for clan some seasons ago.... really this man needs help I understand if this topic was created by someone else but... cmon be serious... PS: Agent, Sosa please stop with bullshits, I mean you were in the same clan few seasons, you can clean up the things between in better way. This is ugly and you should stop it. Stories and conversation like this are the reason why I stopped to be cl few years ago....You are not morons both of you so try to speak normal.
  10. unban

    Ban without reason is not the solution but monitor him and if need ban. All know how he plays and this is not new. This ban had to be done a few years ago.... I would not blame Emerald for living him to play but the community, it was so funny when me and agent had "forum wars" with him and we were told crazy etc. People understood, though slowly, with what kind of person is luffy and the only way he can play
  11. unban

    I personally did screenshots (not once) and report him, Emerald ban him.... for 2 days. He is also the only one caught to killing bots on the map. Over the years Emerald has had more work because of luffy than all others.....The player who can not without abuse, scam etc and now he is so kind to ask for unban like he care for someone other except his bot( friend according to his words)
  12. unban

    Funny how exactly the person who reports for ban the people who make this server cool ask for "second chance" . luffy(and his pet/bot) has used his second chances many times and very long ago. The population of this server has dropped and probably this season drop because of players like luffy and I am completely agree with Convict ! As I said karma is a bitch and especially for luffy compromises should not exist !
  13. unban

    I see I have missed some fun By the way luffy has no shame, I wont comment why. Just will say that the karma is a beach Ban warrior got banned(or his pet) what a irony
  14. What is this

    How adena reward is calculate can explain Emerald but should be something like : If you kill newbie(you are lvl 80 full S, your target is 75 B grade user)alone, and only you hit him you get 2 adena. If you hit him for 4k and someone else 4k both get by 1 adena. If you hit him for 500 and 10 other people hit him before you 0 adena(just ++ in frag count) if you hit him for 1000k but he received 10k and got healed from other people 0 adena( sound not fair, and I am not sure about this) if you kill alone someone with items close to yours and level like your 5 adena If you hit someone for 2k and 4 other hit him for 2k everyone receive 1 adena. if you are B grade user and if you kill alone S grade player 10 adena( or at least bonus which is more than 5 adena I hope you understand what I mean. Emerald can explain better but the system seems to be something like that and for me sounds very logic and fair.
  15. about magic critics

    I can not say anything about mage mc but for these who think backstab 5 is too much ... I can say only that its too low compared with any other server. All the power of the daggers is from behind, not from 900 range and when mages/archers hit for 5k from away it is Ok.....