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  1. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I do not understand why here often simple discussions are becoming personal attacks.... It's true that the game is getting old, people have been playing it for years, most of the players are quickly bored but it's on all servers not just on ovc. Faction servers have one advantage - they do not need so big online to be alive and successful as low rate servers. For example 50 vs 50 on the map is absolutely OK for faction server since for low rate this number is just 2 clans(or half depend of the chronicle ). Emerald tries to diversify the server by adding new events and features but I think he is limited by the chronicle and he can't does so much. That's why I think that time for new attempt on other chronicle has come
  2. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Every your word is true ! But starting new seasons one after the other does not help. Just for example I am from the players that prefer to play longer at one server but I am really bored of IL that's why I also asked few times for other chronicle. If you success to run a server with kamaels more balanced than previous h5 attempts I would play with pleasure. Many/some people who are like me, who prefer to play in one server longer left ovc because they are bored of the chronicle and doing one and the same thing everyday. You know very well that IL has limit with features unlike h5 for example and you reach this limit long time ago. I think that one new season on chronicle after IL will be longer (depend of how you will set-up the server). Many people prefer chronicles after IL and you should remember the number of online players during H5 seasons. Of course soon after my post some IL fans will appear with explanations how IL is the best and you just have to do wipe after wipe At least I think that for example you can't have season long around 6 months nowadays but with balanced server you can have something close to this number and I think this will be good achievement. So, why you don't try ?
  3. Vote: healers

    Can I vote twice ? These restriction are not enough !
  4. Replace healer's heals for nukes in DM

    Just no comment ... really its pvp server do you understand it ? The game in this server is not enough custom ?... Add - replace some of the useless dagger skills with AOE backstab with 900 range for some of the map ....... @Emerald let's leave the jokes aside,people here have mental problems and I think you need to take things in your hands and make the server again pvp by ignoring completely suggestions from such personalities as the author of this topic
  5. I understand why people play these chars but I cannot why someone would like to be spoiler etc in pvp server. Spoil from pvp characters should be removed.... All rewards out of pvp should be removed.... By giving reward to someone who just spam something without any intention for pvp in pvp server nonsense is encouraged. If one tank play only with agro, hitting none and with only defensive buffs in any other server he will not get any reward. The community here wanted rewards for doing nothing. reward for agro, reward for heal, pvp for heal, pvp for spoil, pvp for running with flag in the hands, pvp for staying in some area and all of these "activities" give bigger rewards than pvp (which is main target or at least it was of this server) ... The next step is pvp for being online.... The community here asked for so much shit that I am amazed... The server is not pvp long time ago and it pushed away many people who want to play for pvp. I expect and wait for Emerald to get tired of the stupidity of people who mumble that they can not play spoilers on a server like this and to remove all sh1ts made last few season and server to be again pvp. He should ignore 90% of suggestions here(100% of these made by tanks, spoilers etc) and these made in the recent past. Till this moment I will just read and laugh
  6. Some time ago people cried because one of the sides has a lot of healers while the second was without such I do not see a way Emerald to please even to 10% of this lame community The big question is : why all of these warlords, takns, spoilers crafters and so on need to play PVP server ....I thought about this some time ago and there is no answer or at least not one in which there is logic.....
  7. Adena per event

    Who should I blame ? Emerald ? For a long time I blamed him for the fact that pvp means nothing in pvp server but then I realized he was trying to please the players he had. 've been playing on this server long enough and I've been going into this forum long enough to know what players this community wanted. Tanks who complain " I can not get adena as DD" as in low rate they can, the same is for healers, summoners etc. I'm sick to read complaints from mages with magnus from fighter damage, and complaints from fighters with half of buffs wrong about mage damage. All these complaints led to the removal and adding so much nonsense that game has become a parody. I am sure Emerald made many changes against his desire only to please this pathetic eternally complaining community....
  8. Adena per event

    I agree 100%. Its a pvp server and the rewards must be for pvp. But the community here is pathetic (sorry but it's a fact) and wants something different. Here people want to play supports and to be rewarded as they do pvp. Spoilers on pvp server ? Really ?...!? Make a healer and spam heal with and without reason and be rich ....Spam agro and Mass Shackling with zero chance to kill someone and get more money than someone who makes 50 pvp per map.... Few seasons ago we compare with one of my friends money per map. I was dagger (as always) he was mage(sps). At the end of the map I made around 40 kills, he made below 10 but he get almost twice than me. it's even worse now.... I do not blame Emerald, he does what the server community wants from him but hey, what is wrong with people here ? Why the hell there are so much people who do not play for pvp ? Why the hell in this server exist so many people who play only to spam aggression without any idea to do pvp ? I do not know if Emerald was thinking about big changes in rewards to make the server for people who are here for pvp (the purpose of the server, the same as the description - faction) but if I were him I would make the reward for pvp and assist only. If someone wants healer let him take care of him( as in low rate servers) if someone wants any other support let him take care of him. Everyone know what the progress is by playing solo tank, dwarf or whatever support in low rate I would do the same here. "Agro-bot" style of playing tanks is involved here( yea at least ovc community added something new in l2 ). This can be seen only here (tank who press agro on one target, nice way to do pvp). Only here can be seen characters with -10 str and only defensive buffs who are rewarded more than people who ply for pvp ..... And this is on PVP server .... Of coursesomeone will come up and say he wants to play a spoiler it does not matter that it is PVP server ..... Really there is no server that has such a pathetic community as ovc... I'm sorry for Emerald who is trying to please all the nonsense asked here.
  9. Backstab miss

    97% from all daggers ? WR, GH and TH ? Do you know they have different passive and active skills for success ? Again - land rate for WR(could be 97% )> GH(for sure more than 90% but no way 97) > TH(97% can be only against people much lower than lol THs - check youtube how dvp kill with 78 lvl dagger people much lower than him ) ! Everyone can see in google why.
  10. Backstab miss

    Let me guess - TH... Just will leave this : Focus Death - .... Blow land rate +60% Cant add something about TH ... Every skill has chance to land, and it does not matter where you are. The fact that you are from behind does not guarantee in any way that your skill will land. TH has pathetic skill success in all chronicle(smt like 30-40 % on target with the same level and equal items). It is not accidental that all lol fraps from lol TH are made from 78+ lvl TH fighting against 60-70 lvl max bad buffed players. TH power is ks... dash, mirage 2-3 skills and if success +1 and repeat. Especially on this server it works perfectly and I can't understand why people keep complain.....

    I will miss this season as well.My friends do not want to play IL, solo is not possible anymore, without healer + party I will be into situations where I do not want to be. Adding the fact that I do not have much time making my absence in this season 100% Besides, this chronicle is too boring, I played several seasons here where everything was the same. I expect Emerald to change his mind and open a server in chronicle with chickens (kamaels). If this happens, I will come back, but on this chronicle I can only wish you "have fun" PS: with this new feature - " Blessed enchants will now reduce enchant level by 1 instead of resetting to 0 " it seems to be fun - people will not leave because they have not been able to enchant their weapons. At least for me, I like it, but maybe is time to think of a higher rates for enchanting jewelry and armors, otherwise the server will be mages vs archers - they have the greatest benefit from enchanting weapons.
  12. Next Season

    Don't be funny... There are no even one party... Nice clan 7 people
  13. Player drop changes

    I think you should think about some bonuses for the new players. They should be able to grow faster to stay on the server. If you do this without depending on something (level, kills, items) newbies will be the first target and nothing will be changed. What you will receive if your ream doesn't own the fort/castle/ all flags ? Nothing ? The big flaw I see is that you can be online all day and receive nothing if your team is bad.This will lead to the desire of everyone to join in one side( the winning) and playing without meaning if your side looses( maybe I did not understand your idea well ).
  14. You are generally right. Changing the side without fight against clan mates is something that has been practiced for a long time mostly by "top" players(luffy made maybe 90% of his frags with this way, but he is not the only one). The question is what can be done? People in this and not only in this game (not all but there are always such and I do not think they have to be blamed for that ) always looking for the easiest way for success. I guess you know if you let the players to balance the server it will not happen. There will always will be people who will look for the easy way using bugs, weaknesses on the server. So if you let people choose naturally, many of them will choose the easy way - nothing abnormal. It has been known for a long time that this is a problem, a problem is also a balance between sides, but can you suggest what to be done ? Emerald has tried many things to have a balance but I think he has realized that whatever he does, have things that do not depend on him. He can very easily remove the possibility of changing the sides but if one of the sides has a lot of people online and the other a little what should happen? The problem is the community, if this server has a good community there would be people to punish such smart asses. And I do not mean keeping them on a target and killing them, I mean the server needs better clan leaders who maintain some order in their clans through rules, and observe these rules to be observed. It is not so hard every clan to have a rule "do not change your side(or don not try to be smart ass)" and the punishment for this to be dismiss but no clan has such a rule. And even if there is, so few will respect it.... You see a problem in the way some people play, do not expect them to change their way of playing.The way to stop this is to force them but how ? If you have any ideas offer them to Emerald, I am sure he will consider them. However,I am afraid that there is nothing to be done... Changing the chronicle may change something....
  15. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Just to add a few things : You can not deny that there was something wrong with h5. I do not know the reason and it is not important, but for the failure with h5 you can not blame too much the community.There were many people but there was a huge problem with the huge damage. I think the files were very buggy and that you failed to setup the server, buffs, items prices. I think you were on the right track, but you gave up. I think you should look for other files and continue just remember how many people the server had in opening the first seasons. With opening h5 server you keep almost all of IL players that you have and bring many more fans of old l2. I very much doubt that this can be done by opening a server that is chronicle after h5 and you have feedback from opening such one.Compare the online from h5 and from latest attempt and you will understand what people looking for. Chronicles after IL are harder to be setup but already know it having experience with two of them. With longer beta, I think you can achieve good server, maybe not from first attempt. About the community.... I understood long time agothat this community is to blame for what's happening on the server. I blamed you for a long time, but at one point I realized you were just trying to please everyone which is impossible. With opening new and new IL seasons you will not change this community so a new chronicle is needed with the hope for new people and new community. Have in mind that many of people who play l2 now have played other similar games and their experience in l2 is low or even zero( personal observations from other servers not only from here).Unfortunately with such players you can not expect a good community.... Anyway, I have already asked you and will do it again - think one more time about h5 and I hope you will change your mind