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  1. A change that could be made mid-season

    when 4/4 are big maps we dont get a chance for a different vote..
  2. A change that could be made mid-season

    i fully agree. Playing in vast maps with a small number of players its not fun for a number of reasons..
  3. Make Cleanse usable on other Supports

    i agree with Canou. also its the other way around, ol cant give cp to bp (or every other support class i suppose) via Ritual of Life (cause its with target ) but can give aoe cp with Honor of paargio(if you are in the same clan). if heal changes , this have to change too. i dont know if its a good idea or a bad one. And maybe buff Seal of Flame and Seal of Poison so ol can get a decent score at Raid bosses cause with cp/hp and debuffs isnt enough. its like 100k+ lowest from top healers and its gonna be more usefull in maps. (or even kill someone for a change)
  4. New Season

    quick question, * Failing a blessed enchant will reduce item enchant level by 1. <~~~~~ is this gonna stay the same? I didnt liked when everyone had overenchanted items ( i mean 10+) . i think the old system where you couldnt make overenchant items so easy was better. Hope this season is harder to enchant than it was last year.
  5. So i also want to express my opinion in the matter.. I dont know if some of you remember me, i played here like 1 year ago and havent played again since, so this season i came back and i want to tell you what's different for me. Enchant system: I'm not happy about the thing that i saw +16 weapons the first 3-4day of the server. In my opinion the "old" enchant system was fine. (if enchanting fails it goes back to +0 not just -1). i wont talk about golem stones cause its another thing that i havent tested yet but from my perpective i thing it should be available only for a small number of enchants (till +8weapons perhaps, after that you should take the risk and if fails then you go back to +0). The current system i think its bad cause first if all it affects the market (which is another part of l2) and i tested this in the first couple of days when i was trying to sell +10 weapon and i didnt got not even 1 person interested, and lastly as someone mention above , when a new player starts how you think he will react when he is with b grade and the enemy is +16 S grade weapon ? and i not talking just 1 person with +16 but multiple people. So to sum this up , i think the "old" enchant system was way better and funnier cause it gave you a purpose to enchant with the risk of being 1 of the few or "just another guy". Adena farm system: I dont know the whole picture about the changes you made since then but 1 thing is for sure, i dont farm adena like i used to be (yes i play a DD since i started the server like i did 1 year agoand i never played either support /wl/ol/spoiler ). Its a good thing that supp class can make adena but not by themselves but as a party and you can solve this by tweaking party looting. for example: make party "by turn" or "by random" so when a DD kills someone , the adena reward for the kill is going to someone by turn or random as i mentioned. As for the kills and assists you can make support classes take assist for every kill a party member makes and have a % to get a kill counter for everykill their party takes. Rank system:I think its better than it used to be (for aquiring expert books) so i wont comment on that. Also i want to pinpoint some things that i prefer like get scrolls for killing like it was before not just adena. That means removing AA so i dont know if it can be done so what about pvp gives you not only adena but AA as well (that means tweaking scroll prices cause u can farm AA from pvp). I liked the old scoreboard , Top 10 kills. Lets be honest we all antagonise each other for the kills not score.. its a pvp faction server after all. I personally want to play for the pvp not farm,score,etc.. And for that i dont like seeing in event just 1 good clan oriented party (for each faction) , randoms and most of the others being SOLO spoilers,tanks,wl with no purpose just farming and making events boring and annoying cause i believe noone wants to kill b grade ppl with no purpose just going in event for farming purposes. Thats all i got for now, i hope (both community and emerald) put some thoughts about thisthings and tell me your opinions as a grown up people who care about the server and not just take it personally and bomb this thread with non-sense crying like kids do cause some of us are not kids anymore and we like to discuss our problems or better the problems we see in a game we like.
  6. Backstab miss

    sure there is ~3% chance to miss but lets be honest its not ~3% (no im not talking about th) a year ago (when i played ovc) landrate and dmg was different than it is now. ok about dmg i cant understand that the way its the server now its easier to echant than it was back then.. but still it doesnt feel right ..
  7. Backstab miss

    i can provide all the evidence that it is needed if someone actually want to see but i bet they know about this if, as you say, its mentioned long time ago and it still isnt fixed.
  8. Backstab miss

    sorry my bad i shouldnt write miss , attack failed is what it says.. its a backstab from behind and it should fail when you do it from the front not otherwise
  9. Backstab miss

    Is backstab suppose to miss so hard from behind? Just saying that it might need a fix..