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  1. Next season

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we gotta get lower iq from seeing your posts Fokin' haters right in the brain
  2. Next season

    I guess chronicle
  3. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Interlude rulez This show us how bad player you are that you cant play other client than f1
  4. H5 Recruitment

    Well no clans and just chaos and order clan Leader could be chosen per week from votes and by killing an enemies raid you could get clan pts and leaders could be able to get clan skills Also if one side has the castle would get some bonus
  5. Next season

    Patience only
  6. [Vote] Flame Icon

    2 sk 1 bp +2 gladi or tyrant
  7. H5 Recruitment

    Gladis and tyrants would need some nerf if there are no tank buffs There are alot of things that can be done Also about tanks they could get a boost on pvp dmg since their buffs will be self Tho it needs to be tested first
  8. H5 Recruitment

    Well about buffs either you make fi sos self buffs or you put all buffs on buffer
  9. H5 Recruitment

    Thats why servers are destroyed from ppl like you that cant go far than f1
  10. H5 Recruitment

    Interlude got nothing to do with h5 anyway If you are interluder go away
  11. H5 Recruitment

    Well ovc is gve so no reason to do that since most of the ppl are solo
  12. H5 Recruitment

    Then try to help him with some good suggestions instead of crying
  13. L2 on Mac?

    I dont remember the name of the program that you can install windows and switch to what windows or mac os when you want There is no problem if you install windows and keep mac os Tho i advise you to install win 10 cause you might have problems with drivers on win 7
  14. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Alot of ppl asking for h5 but no lets open this tetrislude cause everyone is monkeys and cant use more than 2 keys
  15. Nice Try

    well nothing new from luffy this guy is the worst l2 player he cant achieve anything
  16. Ready?

    is this new?

    i will pass this season i dont have time atm and im bored of interlude
  18. A happy new year

    i did that before it was cool
  19. A happy new year

    its time for all ovc community to learn how to use more than 1 key
  20. A happy new year

    either h5 or grand crusade like last time
  21. A happy new year

    he got the ideas tbh its 2k18
  22. A happy new year

    i guess its h5 nice
  23. A happy new year

    h5 season with all those new features?
  24. Newcomer's question

    last season i had am +7 in the first 5 days so its not a lie
  25. spawn kill gladi can do it