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  1. Is that all?

    Im not able to play at the moment And not all faction servers are th same
  2. Is that all?

    Ye you can win only with a bp behind Ontopic this is a faction server and you cant have 1v1 If you want to play 1v1 this is not a server to play Either play with a team or just leave and dont cry for something that is not for a faction server
  3. Cemetery so both faction have same advantage and not walls or anything
  4. Many ppl might be working
  5. Introduction

    This guy is so desperate Κριμα στους γονείς σου που βγάλανε τέτοιο μπαστα
  6. Introduction

    Also ban for you
  7. Introduction

    Yea your biggest fan
  8. Introduction

    Shut up already
  9. About new season

    Hope it wont be c6 again and we will see something new Ty
  10. New Season

    Much better
  11. New Season

    Yes everyone englando beri besto
  12. New Season

    Wow you are so skilled Using f1 to f3
  13. New Season

    Yeap your favourite is interlude cause your knowledge is till there
  14. New Season

    So ppl as you will learn something new
  15. About new season

    The only other faction server atm is a russian one And russian ppl are alot Thats why too many players
  16. i just want to suggest same thing like before

    As i told you emerald you could do an premium system for donators Like some exp adena and etc
  17. i just want to suggest same thing like before

    Really are you fucking stupid or disabled Super hard to target ppl? Too many ppl? You clearly have no idea of l2 and should't playing on this server Go to those random br servers with 5 ppl so isn't hard for you
  18. About new season

    Just a random br i guess
  19. about population / future steps

    With nowadays community you cant do anything Newbies will complain Old players will complain You cant change that
  20. about population / future steps

    You cant make someone that just logged on the server stronger than a guy that plays more time better
  21. about population / future steps

    Also instead of giving donators adena that instantly destroy the server Make a premium service like exp sp adena and like +1 slot buff or something its up to emerald And you could enable adena after the first week so there wont be ppl with s first day
  22. for all top players

    Pls stop with these 15 kills noone cares
  23. Trouble opening the game

    If you have changed folder system to another name.rename it to system