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  1. Feedback after 4days

    bp but as dd?
  2. Feedback after 4days

    a newbie can farm 10k adena in 1 day woah i saw that too
  3. I miss towns, do you?

    well towns are good for every class so
  4. What is this

    he could run and regen while you trying to kill him so stop it
  5. What is this

    you made to him only 6k dmg and you didnt kill him alone,you said other hit him too so its ok
  6. post proof and i dont think emerald will let them free
  7. Change main class

    Yeah it should't be allowed but there are ppl that want to play domi as sub
  8. Change main class

    Yeah you can Last season i changed from sps to gladi w/o problem
  9. What is this

    Ppl that have s grade weap/a grade weap armors etc You still gonna get adena from b graders but not alot and the same amount as a and s graders
  10. Change main class

    Enchantent skills and 77 78 79 skills arent transered Tho im not sure if you keep the dyes
  11. Apologise

  12. What is this

    Your retardness have no logic Enough got your answer no need more thing to be said
  13. What is this

    You have no logic on your brain If he make b grade to get lower dmg then everyone is gonna make overenchantent b grade gear and he will be unkillable As i said you want income?stop killing b grade ppl
  14. What is this

    Dont you understand You wanna get same adena from b grade targers as the a/s grade ppl? Then everyone would kill only newbies since thet are easier to kill So if you want more income kill ppl with better than b grade gear End of story
  15. Change main class

    If the sub is lower than the main class if i remember it change the lvl
  16. What is this

    Or start killing actual ppl and not b grade newbies Else if you cant just atop
  17. What is this

    S weap while other got b weap
  18. What is this

    I guess it also has to do with your gear too Last season after i got my s weap i was getting lower adena too This is a great thing to keep balance to the server and not overgeares ppl to get more gear
  19. What is this

    So you wont farm newbies and start killing better ppl If emerald did sonething like that is really good cause if you are with b grade gear you are instant target
  20. necro's pet

    If you want to hit it then he should put it only out of combat to spawn pet Seems like you cant play with a nerf
  21. necro's pet

    He cant play other way
  22. random stuff

    Mby its his first time who knows but instead of saying your stupid thing try to help him
  23. random stuff

    If you want raddaroff and etc make a macro and simply press it when you log its just 1 min to make the macro
  24. necro's pet

    It was nice change cause you could have a pet all now heal it or wait someone to kill it
  25. about ms

    Peper is like these ppl playing spoiler,tank on gve server Retarded