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  1. Video (Interlude season)

    just dont reply to zircotard tho he is on next lvl mental that he replies to his own replies
  2. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    Just open h5 with these ideas you got and with great feutures it will succeed Many ppl wait for a h5 season
  3. am i doing something wrong?

    Most of times when you run behind from someone with dagger for some reason you cant catch him I has 273 speed and i could't catch mages lol
  4. augments

    Last season i spend 20k on ls So no reason to put on shop
  5. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    I think that thing with geodata hapens when you use animoff cause the target you gonna hit is getting bugged and havent rotated like it would be with animon And that with speed i had 273 speed and i could't stab a mage cause he was running faster than me
  6. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    Well im not the one that need programs to use backstab Use your brain and see who has the basic mechanics
  7. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    I havent used any program and i had no problem goin from back I guess they are basic mechanics
  8. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    Why to use ranger lol You try hard but you are really stupid You dont need any program to be pro
  9. Lethal blow

    they play aw cause it has the most dmg th doenst have the dmg of aw its kinda semi so stop that
  10. Lethal blow

    this guy is retarded on what server you play dagger? cause you dont play on ovc
  11. Lethal blow

    Why you try so hard If emerald is gonna nerf lethal blow then he should add lethal hits back and then you would cry again So stop it before its too late
  12. Bestplayer you know i dont care about you Do w/e you want its boring talking with a brainless thing like you I guess you are top at maps cause you joined chaos hah Enough now
  13. Bestplayer you are a joke We talk about you first? For real? You come here and say shits about you are best and other non sense thing comming out from your mouth You and luffy are the most retarded ppl on server and noone cares about you And about saying you play with a char that noone knows are a pussy since you are trying to hide Like anyone cared about you So gtfo
  14. problem

    Close l2 and open it again it might fix it
  15. Lethal blow

    This is how backstab works It has better landing from behind cause you need to get behind the target Stoo trying to make nerf daggers Its not gonna happen