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  1. Worst OVC

    Btw about this healer outside pt emerald could do it only if you are inside pt you get heal or res
  2. Where is the pride ?

    did my post got deleted? nice
  3. balanced bugged on my char

    mby you got big elo?
  4. ImmOrtaLs

    clan pls
  5. Make Olympiad great again!

    if you do this way alot of feed will be stopped too since farmer class are giving free pts to their ppl
  6. banned

    Interface isn't a bot program I then guess you did sometging else to get banned Wait for emerald's reply
  7. banned

    Try using a new clean system? Mby emerald put a protection from other interface
  8. Crybabys

    Another "im the best on the server" guy?
  9. Is that all?

    Im not able to play at the moment And not all faction servers are th same
  10. Is that all?

    Ye you can win only with a bp behind Ontopic this is a faction server and you cant have 1v1 If you want to play 1v1 this is not a server to play Either play with a team or just leave and dont cry for something that is not for a faction server
  11. Cemetery so both faction have same advantage and not walls or anything
  12. Many ppl might be working
  13. Introduction

    This guy is so desperate Κριμα στους γονείς σου που βγάλανε τέτοιο μπαστα
  14. Introduction

    Also ban for you
  15. Introduction

    Yea your biggest fan