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  1. Extra currency?

    Hi, I think there should be an independent currency, which you could only get by winning in events and it would not be tradeable/sellable etc... and every S grade item would cost that currency... and enchanting items would consume that currency.. which means every try of getting progressed would cost you this currency. and the only way to get that currency is to actually win events... This way you could limit the early S grades, 16+ weapons and could delay the progress... The only thinking it would require is to match the proper numbers with certain actions. How much would cost enchanting a weapon... buying a weapon, buying armor etc... winning events etc... Even if you have a lot of adenas and u dont do objectives u can't buy anything.... this would actually force people to try to win events, now they do PvP because adena is the only thing they need to progress... and everything else can be bought by adena... that's why we need something that can't be acquired by more adena. This also would make people try and play more classes, for example if they have a lot of money and cant still get items they want cause they have no currency they would go other class and buy some A grades for them because they can afford it. lets be claer what would cost (decrease) your extra currency value: enchanting armors/weapons/jewels (A and S grade) enchanting skills buying S grade The only way to get the currency would be: Win an event ( for example 100 points) and I've been thinking about giving a 1 point per minute playing in an event. You can always tweak the numbers but the ratio must be pretty solid, so that for playing an event you wouldn't get more than 30% of as you woudl win the event. PROS + forces people to make objectives instead of AoE Fiesta + now there is no big difference between lose and win. And this is gonna change it. (People would like to actually win more + Slows the progress (depends on the numbers for certain actions) + You won't be able to cheat the system (this currency is not tradeable) + Might actually change the gameplay of the server. Everyone playing mages might be not the key to the victory. + It will actually allow newcomers to catch up to others faster. For example you might give a newbie buff that gives 2x points or similiar buffs, and this way they could get faster items in a way ( they would still need adenas and other items though) CONS - Limits the player progress - people will QQ they can't get S grade first weekend cause they have no points and they can't afford em. - Player would have to make decisions if they want S grade weapons or armors or jewels first, because (I hope) S grades will cost a lot of damn points. I think it's good idea if it Passes the exams I want to call the currency "PePeRons" Kappa123 Waiting for Emerald's reply about it PS: I've been thinking about it quite a long time, and I can't think of a scenario it would be bad to implement such a thing. I know thought it will require a lot of coding and at least 1 season of testing, but I think it might be very good kind of idea of limitation. You know as a developer you expect from a player to do let's say 100% in a 10 days, but now on this server there are people that do 300-400% in 10 days, that's why newbies have no chance... and this currency is kind of preventing them from doing that. The only bad thing is that if they do 100% in 3 days what would they do in the left 7 days? well the point is they can't get 100% because it means they would have to be playing all the time, ebcause they get the rewards for the winning the events. Anyway waiting for some good discussion, and please Emerald don't say We don't need that I already did XXX and it will fix it, because I'm 90% sure it won't. Just think deeply about that, because it might be the thing this servers needs. Peace out
  2. Better rewards for obj.

    as you can see this seeason was first IL season since long time and as u can tell the system had nothing to do with it, because there were many good seasons here better and worse... the problem was with the progress... items selling for 1a on the market and +16 weapons in 1 week isnt something cool... that's why I am with Luffy about what he said about golem... this gives too much boost... or maybe I think it is too good, because the drop rate was high...
  3. Better rewards for obj.

    the server is like this for more than a year and you are coming here and typing one post to completely remove the system and you think someone will take you seriously? you're shit posting here not me... and if you don't know what you've typed read it again or learn english if u don't know what you type...
  4. Better rewards for obj.

    Said the guy with 2 posts on the forum... you must be really participating in the server's life...
  5. Server offline still

    OVH has issues, there is nothing u can do... you have to wait
  6. Active augments

    You clearly don't know what irony is... PS. can't afford a mirror..
  7. Active augments

    You just made me laugh hard good to know that there are still dumb people out there
  8. Active augments

    Nobody bothered to report it because it was not bug at all.. Give me a proof it was bugged...
  9. Agent001

    you know this all talk is pointless? if a player acts like shit, treat him as a shit... turn off global chat or take his hero, end of story... stop talking with shit or u will become one
  10. Team balance

    I see perfect balance here... order is very ordered and chaos is very chaotic Krappa
  11. unban

    I can't wait vol 3 Krappa
  12. Gods & death buff.

    they do not take a slot buff... LUL
  13. SuperLajt

    Tell me WHY!
  14. You clearly are the leader balance developer working for NCsoft... Sometimes its better just to kill urself... when u see something like this... one guy says... 'You know what? lets fuck it. We're doing this MY WAy'
  15. scammer

    Do you really think Emerald would ban you without a proof? scamaz others pls
  16. scammer

    you got banned coz you did something wrong. End of story
  17. scammer

    I can't believe you're even discussing with him... ON a real serious server he would get perma ban and there would not be any chit chat with foking retard... srsly...
  18. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    just wait for emerald's reply
  19. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    LUL I thought this had been removed billions years ago
  20. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    Just wait for mages to buy all epics and reroll for fighters
  21. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    dude, this topic is not about summoners being okay or not okay.. this is about the progress of a class... because right now there is no difference between 76 summoner and 80 summoner... the only difference is the expert's skill... but when u take it on 77 lvl that's all you can achieve on this server... Your summon won't get stronger in any way... 76 + expert's skill + 30 enchanted and that's all you can do... not to mention he gets fucked in the ass coz of buff slots... and the "79" summon hits less than 76 + 0... There is nothing u can do to improve your offense in anyway... you can't even improve the defence of your summon...because summon has so little buff slots he has no space for resists nor he can't experiment with buff sets... The only thing u can do is to improve your character, which basically does nothing in PvP... healing pet, when its dead hide + resummon ->repeat
  22. bp rank

    I disagree, bishops should get cancer and die.
  23. Feedback after 4days

    it was not donating... mages with bishops rule the world and then reroll to other classes when grinded enough.. that's the cycle of life
  24. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    ++ The difference between +0 and +5 summon is like 500 P atk, because of the Level increase from 76 to 78... but later there is only +20 P atk increase per enchant and even though the pet's level increase to maximum 80 on +25 the enchant still gives +20 P atk... and this makes the pet very weak to enchant at all... The difference between +10 and +30 is 400 P atk.. which is JOKE for the amount of adena you have to sacrifice in return... where SPH enchanting a lets say hurricane from +0 to + 30 gets ~20% increase in power
  25. Hell knight

    get more casting speed and u will cast faster. Kappa