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  1. What is this

    I don't know why u get 1 adena... I get 16 adenas mostly for a frag... coz of gold digger skill
  2. What is this

    how can you know he was not healed? maybe he got balanced life or Body's Avatar?
  3. What is this

    Dude, do you know how the system works?? I will give u example 100% HP - 10 adena 10% HP left + Bishop heals him to 100%, u hit 100% u get only 1 adena... meaning, the HP that was Healed it gives no rewards... because someone already took that HP and he will get the reward when the target dies... I think its very simple system and it is working perfectly fine for me atleast
  4. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    SO give me info what was causing it... I have to know AFTER so MANY YEARS OF BATTLE Kappa
  5. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    UPDATE: its not fixed yet, my summon got erased and the bar didnt dissapear with him... instead, it started to show different buffs, when summoned my real summon, bar started flicking
  6. What is this

    just read fucking server features and u will know everything about it... and avoid doing shitty threads and wasting everyone else's time
  7. Apologise

    I won't feel pity for you... it's not my fault you're dumb
  8. Missing buff.

    my pet sometimes loses bless the body too, its first in the queue... Ir happens after I buff him, and then resummon, he has no BtB
  9. Apologise

    I guess you must DONATE as you said... Krappa get rekt and dont come back ty
  10. Change main class

    I don't know if it changes you to the same lvl or not... u must ask someone who knows
  11. Official Giveaway

    Ty for 1k gold Krappa
  12. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    yes. it happened again, the same scenario.. my pet was following a target and hitting him, other bishop used erase on my pet.. I got message that it was vanished and I was still be able to see my pet following enemy, then the animation stopped ( but pet was still visible) and I the animation of summoning new pet appeared, ( the pet that animation was stopped dissapeared and appearead in the place of the summoning animation) and PET's HP bar disappeared. After resummoning my REAL pet, the bar starts flicking and bugshit begins... If you gonna fix it you owe me fking pizza for this report... This has been here for 10 seasons or foking more @emerald
  13. Titans-redesign

  14. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    okey breakthrough... now I'm 100% sure it is caused by ERASE skill... this bugging shit is caused by this skill... now I had situation my summon got ERASED, I had message saying it was erased and then I've seen just an animation of my pet resummoning but I did not use any summon skill.... and the HP/BUFF bar was still visible although I had no summon at the moment.. then I summoned my real summon and the bar started flicking/switching... You have all here, now go and fix it pls