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  1. Sharp Edge on Summons

    those buffs should not work on any summons... summons don't yield any weapons therefore they should not get any bonus from those buffs.
  2. Archer Snipe Skill

    nice noob btw
  3. Pet losing buffs

    Now he lost one song/dance, I don't know when because its really hard to see dude... I was on mini event, he died a few times, then we get ported to town and in the town he had 1 song/dance lost...
  4. Pet losing buffs

    And now it happened again in the Team vs Team mini event... after he died I resummoned him, but he had only one buff and one song... all the rest buffs just disappeared...
  5. Pet losing buffs

    During the buff stage. I give him his scheme 31 buffs + spirit sharing. so He has 32 buffs. I just had, that situation in the normal event situation. I died, my pet died.. when I resumonned him he had different scheme buff... . Now he has embroider and spike.and paagrio's fist... None of these buffs are in the scheme he uses... Not entirely different scheme buffs, but there were a few buffs that shouldn't be there and were there, and he lost some of the resists buffs..
  6. Pet losing buffs

    Hey, I had PvP, my summon died, I resummoned him, but he had some buffs gone... It was missing like 3-4 buffs... Once I had the same situation but the only buff remaining was earth song... Once I had PvP and after PvP I had no CoV... my pet died back then... I think there is something wrong when the pet dies and you resummon him he doesn't get all the buffs back or something...
  7. H5 RIP mages

    you nuub lmao
  8. Spoilers

    I had S weapon +10 on first day of the server, this was just to show you guys how hard is to get gear Kappa
  9. Spoilers

    Warlock, as always
  10. Spoilers

    do you expect me to run into 100 chaos players just because my summon is hitting one of them?? KEKW that's joke... you can't heal summon when 3 mages hit your summon.. its like 2 second and its dead... and the next target is you... healing summon LUL, are you serious? mage hits summon for 3-4k, how do you want me to heal that? I've played most of this server life as summoner and I haven't seen better summoner than me here... If your definition of playing good is to run into 100 players and die with your summon just to support him with heal then I think you should play summoner Kappa You gonna see my summoner skills on H5 you will cry even harder than ever anyway, GL this topic was suppose to be on spoilers...
  11. Spoilers

    yeah but the pet is much stronger
  12. Spoilers

    Im gonna play summoner, and u will be with friends doing 4v1 because u won't be able to do1v1 I don't have time for fanboys anyway
  13. Spoilers

    Hey, what about spoilers in H5? will they be working as thiefs or useless?
  14. many tanks

    you can temporarly join to the enemy faction
  15. Lf fresh info

    I agree that epic jwls are not fair... I think there should be like a schedule for fighting raid bosses... making it random makes it so bad that you have to play all the time to know when the RBs will be up or not...