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  1. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    don't play it then
  2. critical

    yes, because L2 had been written like this, with a lot of leaked memory. Blame the code
  3. Honest Suggestions

    well, I stopped playing after 1 week when online suddenly dropped and there was 20vs20 in each event... which was to me too low population... At the start it was cool like 100v100 and I would have probably been still playing if the online hadn't dropped so drastically...
  4. min 5 Dual Box

    why did u tell him? PepeHands
  5. min 5 Dual Box

    Then choose your subclasses wisely... lol
  6. min 5 Dual Box

  7. the 1% that is missing is shortened because the variable is integer... and it does't show digits after comma... that's why... if you knew a bit about programming you would know
  8. NPC mobs

    Farm zone is only 1h a day, and yes I was using it too, everyday... I gave you my reasons, go try to kill some npcs in order to get faster (because that's the only way you can get XP fast enough) and a mage behind you stealing every last drop of exp you can get... feels GOOD man
  9. Smaller maps for PVP?

    I remember those from L2 Infinite... Multi were kind of like you had 4 factions and it was quite cool, there was a lot going on at the same time I really liked those
  10. NPC mobs

    LOL... I will give u an example... event starts siege, you are mage 76 lvl.. you kill a guard you get 1% for killed a guard solo... it takes you about 10 sec to kill it if you're totally new... look at the other class.. let's say dwarf maestro (with golem)... he gets 1% (30% of it is consumed by golem!) and the rest goes to him so he gets 0.7% and the time it takes him to kill it is 15 sec (with golem). The point is mage is easier to EXP lvl... and therefore they can DENY EXP from other classes.. because they can KS mobs... from other classes (they don't lose anything by killing someone else's MOB)...and they DPS them faster. If you as a meele character can kill a mob solo that's already an achievement, because everytime Im hitting a MOB and then a mage comes in, he KSes it and he denies me of my exp... and the worst thing is, you can't do anything to him because he is your FACTION... let's say I'm hitting a mob, I dealt already 30% of HP fighting with him like 5 sec, then a mage comes in.. he uses 5-6 spells and the mob is dead.. he gets 60% of my exp and I get the rest...(still with golem consumed 30%) but I spend on this mob 10 sec hitting him, and I get it stolen by a mage who spent 3 sec on it... and then if I see another mob nearby, before I even will be close to the NPC he will have 20% hp left because the mage took it already... THe point is, these mobs have very low M def... even during mini events with cleaning NPC mobs.. mages just AoE in 5 sec and all exp is theirs... and a fighter can just wait until they kill it, because he can't get any target... and say to me that's not favouritizing mages... when they have specificaly made mini events for getting exp that is alllowing them to exp extremely fast with AoE. And that at the beggining of the season is crucial.. and then there's just a variable called snowball... That's my opinion If i was able to farm so fast with summoner in early hours of the server, I would rekt every mage there, but first my summon is P atk, then second mages lvl faster, the third is that summon consumes % of your exp... which makes no sense to me since it's a faction server... Do you know how long took me to get 79 LVL on the summoner? 3 days playing 6 hours daily... more or less... and mages had 79 in first day... that's because of the minievents with mobs with 0 M def...
  11. NPC mobs

    mini events mostly and events also with guards etc/ bases (demons/angels) all kind of NPCs shoudl have higher M def... they're so soft for mages in comparison to fighters(meele)
  12. NPC mobs

    the meele classes... when you hit a mob... and a mage start to KS it, they take it out in 4 hits and u get no exp... because they dealt more damage... that's why Im asking to increase M def
  13. This says in features, however it doesn't work...