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  1. About bews and top ls

    make new character or give adena to newbies
  2. What about summoners ?

    I'm your father
  3. What about summoners ?

    Feline king hitting DC mage 3k... damn that Summoner must be so bad... I used to hit for 4,5k+ in DC mages
  4. What about summoners ?

    play summoner stop whining...
  5. What about summoners ?

    play summoner stop QQing
  6. ye.. when the fear goes away the summon automatically goes back to the owner
  7. Thank you staff

    He scams everyone... too much to talka bout
  8. Thank you staff

    you scammed me
  9. elf subs and skins

    I don't know what servers u had played on, but this isn't normal in L2... there were restrictions about subclasses... For example you can't sub into Artisan/OL and dark elf can't sub elf profession and vice versa... and there were also a few other restrictions that I don't remember atm.
  10. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    don't play it then
  11. critical

    yes, because L2 had been written like this, with a lot of leaked memory. Blame the code
  12. Honest Suggestions

    well, I stopped playing after 1 week when online suddenly dropped and there was 20vs20 in each event... which was to me too low population... At the start it was cool like 100v100 and I would have probably been still playing if the online hadn't dropped so drastically...