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  1. PePeR

    Season Conclusion

    What's the point of this? Emerald won't even read it lol
  2. Just use Kiss of Eva, very good buff
  3. PePeR


    I think Emerald should invent new type of maps... Maps bad for archers & mages Kappa, because there are none..
  4. ye, it's only visual but it does weird things. For example when your pet dies, the "pet bar" dissapears.. and after a while when you sit in town for example it appears again, but it shows like the pet is dead and u can't click on it... but u still have that bar and it is just annoying you. Once I will record my all 2-3 hours gameplay of summoner next season maybe, and if it will happen I will send you whole video so you can investigate it 🙂
  5. PePeR


    The highest impact for meele classes here on this server has GEODATA... Whenever you chase a mage, he moves faster than you, even though you have more speed than him... You're catching him up, but somehow you have to still RUN to him when you're NEAR him... And again, when he runs away, you're faster than him, but still u can't hit him, because the game doesn't let you LOL... AND don't even try telling me that I should be clicking on the ground and WHEN Im near enemy I should click f1... because that won't work I know it won't get fixed, because Emerald doesn't know how to fix it... that's the problem. Whenever Im running to kill a mage, I run 10 miles meanwhile 5 mages hit me, then I have to wait 2-3 seconds? no idea what for, and then my character starts hitting mage... and then he runs away like 2 steps away, and again I run towards mage, when Im near him I again have to wait 1-2 seconds no idea what for and then again my char starts hitting... meanwhile Im dead years ago, because 20 other mages killed me already 10 times... That's the geodata issue.. it has Such HUGE impact on the gameplay you have no idea... I'm 99% sure if that geodata issue would be fixed, fighters would be owning mages in the events... but GL playing with such bs
  6. PePeR


    Player of the year... day one S fists +10.. EZ
  7. PePeR


    You mean 5v5 on the event?
  8. PePeR


    as I remember correctly, on L2Infinite mages had 16 buffslots, fighters 20 buffslots. I actually just did the math... Fighter needs 21 buffslots for standard buffs - without any resists... (I counted 2x focus too - for some classes focus isn't that very good so it can be skipped) Which is funny to me cause we start with 20. Mage needs 19 buffslots... - I counted 2x wildmagic - which for me isn't necessary but w/e.
  9. PePeR


    whatever... no point talking to retards... Every Fighter on the server will tell you that mages are broken as shit... and u Q_Q to me about that I don't take siren on mage LOL... Not even mention that broken geodata, that doesn't allow you to hit mage even if you're faster than him... Not even gonna bother answering anymore... you clearly haven't been playing any fighters... you are all mages fanboys, and when something hits you for 4k you say it's OP... KEK Just KEK
  10. PePeR


    wow, a siren dance, really it boosts your character SO MUCH... it's VITAL, you can't go PvP without it I guess... Don't forget MEDITATION boys, you may need that very important song. AND CLARITY ofcourse... sorry my mistake
  11. 50% of the screen is UI, the rest is pixel art...
  12. PePeR


    I don't even think half of you read the topic... it's about destroyers. Many of you are butthurt so that mage don't get nerfed I see...
  13. PePeR


    u have no slots for resists as tyrant... you need 3-4 slots for selfbuffs... You have to also keep some slots OPEN just in case you use cele/zealot...
  14. PePeR


    Archers to do the same damage mages do need S grade and full BOSS epic set... Mages need A grade for 50k which is 2 hours of playing ( as a mage ) (as a fighter probably 3 days ). and some bamboo stick and that's it...
  15. PePeR


    maybe you try to play fighter then... I actually played mage, and its fking easy game as fuk... you just have to run with the zerg, and that's it... you can easly farm... Try doing some kills with meele fighter...