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  1. add limit to WLs

    soon there will be a limit to everything
  2. haters gonna hate

    /block {name}
  3. poker

    Maxmium adenea you can raise when playing poker is 999... Is that the old setting? because everything is x10 adena now and I feel like it should be 9999 adena
  4. motivate the nubz

    LOL no thanks
  5. Hey, so I had situation, when I was using Pollens on the pumpkins and then my cubic attack the pumpkin and it blow up.. I still wanted to upgrade that pumpkin to full and it happened to me 3 times.. annoying
  6. CTF

    Can you reduce movement speed to some flat value? when holding flag? it's annoying when a guy has flag and he uses DASH and he gets 300 speed... gl with that
  7. Movement issue - meele classes

    I told you... it doesn't solve the problem...
  8. Movement issue - meele classes

    The most annoying part about this bug is that, when you chase a guy, because you decided that you can kill him, he is close enough... then after you are next to him you can see you can't hit him, and you cannot kill your judgement was wrong, because your info (visual distance) was wrong... and then you die to multiple mages, because mage run to mages and they help him... and if you can't kill him in time you're dead... that's why this is so annoying... it's not only daggers. And the thing you told me to not follow player but to click further behind him, it's not working all the time... And no this is not an issue with the game itself... it's a problem with the server
  9. zombie map

    There is that one map zombie vs humans. There is one room which is impossible to enter... so many zombies blocking such a small entrance.. there is no way you can go in there... you just feed them with adena.. can you please reconsider changing the map? Or do something about it?
  10. Hey, you probably know what I'm gonna talk about. Movement issue... is there any progress in that situation Emerald? This bug, related or not related to geodata, makes meele classes unplayable. I'll tell you why. Here is real example I had. I had 270 speed with blinding blow (dagger). I was chasing mage which had probably 230 MS or something like that. I easly could catch him and kill him. But guess what, I Could NOT. When I was approaching him my character was slowing down. and I could not use skill at all to kill him... So what I have 300 movement speed, when a mage with 200 can run away from me.. and when I use skill the character starts to slowing down or doing some weird stuff... Basically I can not catch him, even though I have 300 speed and he has 200... pretty bad... This issue is very benefitial for mages, because they have Fear/Slow, which makes you run even MORE. The biggest problem is this. After you crossed all that distance between you and a mage who has been hitting you all the time, now you have to actually kill him, but in order to do that you have to be able to use skills or hit him. Which maybe weird, but you can't do that even if you're next to the mage... because the bug is fking gamebreaking for meele classes... This bug was here since ages, I want to ask you Emerald, will you do something about it? This is very major bug. It benefits mages A LOT, and it makes Meele classes basically useless... It's not rewarding at all, if you're chasing a mage and see actually that you can hit him or stun him, and then you can't... because that bug your character does nothing, and mages can run to other mages and finally they kill you... that's the 99% scenario. Please Emerald do something about it. Cheers
  11. Passive Augments Stats

    some of those values are off as fuck
  12. infernal form 3 hours?

    What? you make no sense... I would get more benefit from having a buff that is permanent like elemental resist... than just getting a buff for 2 minutes with so low impact...
  13. x10 adena

    because you are familiar with the old system this looks weird, just don't look at the last digit, and u'll be gucchi
  14. infernal form 3 hours?

    I always thought that if someone has resist for your attack type then you're gonna hit him as you had no element at all.