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  1. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    just wait for emerald's reply
  2. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    LUL I thought this had been removed billions years ago
  3. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    Just wait for mages to buy all epics and reroll for fighters
  4. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    dude, this topic is not about summoners being okay or not okay.. this is about the progress of a class... because right now there is no difference between 76 summoner and 80 summoner... the only difference is the expert's skill... but when u take it on 77 lvl that's all you can achieve on this server... Your summon won't get stronger in any way... 76 + expert's skill + 30 enchanted and that's all you can do... not to mention he gets fucked in the ass coz of buff slots... and the "79" summon hits less than 76 + 0... There is nothing u can do to improve your offense in anyway... you can't even improve the defence of your summon...because summon has so little buff slots he has no space for resists nor he can't experiment with buff sets... The only thing u can do is to improve your character, which basically does nothing in PvP... healing pet, when its dead hide + resummon ->repeat
  5. bp rank

    I disagree, bishops should get cancer and die.
  6. Feedback after 4days

    it was not donating... mages with bishops rule the world and then reroll to other classes when grinded enough.. that's the cycle of life
  7. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    ++ The difference between +0 and +5 summon is like 500 P atk, because of the Level increase from 76 to 78... but later there is only +20 P atk increase per enchant and even though the pet's level increase to maximum 80 on +25 the enchant still gives +20 P atk... and this makes the pet very weak to enchant at all... The difference between +10 and +30 is 400 P atk.. which is JOKE for the amount of adena you have to sacrifice in return... where SPH enchanting a lets say hurricane from +0 to + 30 gets ~20% increase in power
  8. Hell knight

    get more casting speed and u will cast faster. Kappa
  9. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    this should not happen anymore.. my summon was erased a couple of times and I did not notice this bug anymore so it should be good
  10. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    It's not your party member's Pet... and it's not only buffs... and this thread is excatly about this bug...
  11. What is this

    I don't know why u get 1 adena... I get 16 adenas mostly for a frag... coz of gold digger skill
  12. What is this

    how can you know he was not healed? maybe he got balanced life or Body's Avatar?
  13. What is this

    Dude, do you know how the system works?? I will give u example 100% HP - 10 adena 10% HP left + Bishop heals him to 100%, u hit 100% u get only 1 adena... meaning, the HP that was Healed it gives no rewards... because someone already took that HP and he will get the reward when the target dies... I think its very simple system and it is working perfectly fine for me atleast
  14. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    SO give me info what was causing it... I have to know AFTER so MANY YEARS OF BATTLE Kappa
  15. Summon HP BAR BUGG

    UPDATE: its not fixed yet, my summon got erased and the bar didnt dissapear with him... instead, it started to show different buffs, when summoned my real summon, bar started flicking