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  1. Agent001

    lol dude! what a liar topcomment award
  2. Agent001

    feels like a superstar,this random orc woman mentioned me every single time if crystorm coming. im so proud. oh wait...i dont fckin care about you,full geared frag. cu
  3. mirage

    its around 85% ;/ but nice try lame!
  4. Expert Summon Empower

    I think its a pretty good idea to give some handicap for summoners...Most of them playing solo and hunting b grade mages with zerk/magnus combo,cant do much vs others cuz they deal like 1-2k dmg with auto atks and 100-300 dmg with skills (with merrow,magnus is a joke ). Just wanna see more summoners in events,instead of mages daggers and archers. If +1 buffslot helps a little bit..
  5. New expert skills effects

    Spoiler alert!
  6. New expert skills effects

    Holy sht,crystorm is here and got my dear agent friend.
  7. login problem

    Problem solved guys (run with virtual box/winxp :D)
  8. login problem

    Problem solved guys (run with virtual box/winxp :D)
  9. login problem

    Hey guys! l2 exe stopped working and cannot login since then. when i type id/pass and click enter vgame freezez for 1-2 seconds and i get "cannot resolve hostname" error in small window. tried other accounts aswell. deleted system folder and patched again. reinstalled game. same sh1t. pls help!