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  1. Bad FPS in events

    PROBLEM IS when i move my camera to char. foots i got 60+ fps. And time when got 20+ppl at my display fps go to 12-15..... I told u upload 1 screenshop when u are between 20 ppl at middle of event to see how FPS u got but not best fps what u got, lowest FPS ...In event i go to 60+ FPS but im mass fight 12-15. 1680*1050 16:10
  2. Bad FPS in events

    No i got problem only in L2, when got a lot ppl at display fps go to 11,no ppl up to 100+.After event in mini event - no problem ..... I am sure a lot ppl got this problem. 26 times i say- We try it at different pc - New windows, not amd GPU and CPU - SAMEPROBLEM Just play 2-3 event to see your FPS and and if u tell u don't go under 20 fps SOMETIMES ....
  3. Bad FPS in events

    I use driver booster, new windows,razor boost,shotsoff,monitor off( ), all what i find in internet and same problem.5 min fast event start FPS start go down down down and 10-15 fps gameplay is blaaaaaaaaaaa. I am 100% sure u hit 10-15 fps in massfight. Just start 1 program to show u fps and u will see.
  4. Bad FPS in events

    I told u, tried at another PC,mycousin play in this server.When i asked him, "are u have problem with frames".He told "it's fine".... when we start FPS program we see is not fine he got better PC,ssd, new windows, all drivers are ok., and same problem. We use only same client from our torrents now i will try client from website to see. p.s.- make 1 screenshot(using fps program when your FPS are lowest) to see.I got 20-40 fps in events but in big battle 10-20fps(rly hard to select right target and play normal)
  5. Bad FPS in events

    All is up to date.Game can't use more than 2 cores(this is what i see),Sometimes 10 fps GPU at 2-3% idk where is problem. Just game is not optimized... I am sure all got problem with FPS. Upload 1 screenshot with fps .. to see , 10-15 min after start event(u can use fraps orMSI Afterburner. I useMSI Afterburner to see my GPU load and CPU but i got no problem with them.Just 1 screenshot at middle of event(ofc with FPS but lowest FPS, when i am in some place i go 50-60+ fps, but in battle drop to 10-12......). p.s.I apologize for my English, but I think you'll understand what I'm trying to say.
  6. Има ли манияциии?

    То така не се вижда пичти нищо....... Ясно ми че проблема не е в компа прости играта не е оптимизирана както трябва за нови CPU,GPU и т.н.
  7. Bad FPS in events

    Sry 1st post go some problem - no full info CPU fx-6100 HDD WD blue 1tb 64mb 8 gb ram Can u check your FPS in event i watch some of your videos in twich and i am not sure u are ok with FPS They are last and GPU and CPU max 50-70 % sometimes in city GPU at 0-3% and CPU 30-40% and low FPS again (after event) Why ??? he is not at 100% to have some problem... p.s sry 1st post was edited but for some reason not updated. Can u check your low frames in event- post yourmost bad frames and yourpc configuration. Game at better PC - i7 cpu,ssd and better gpu - same problem (maybe + 5-6 frames)
  8. Bad FPS in events

    yea but same FPS ..... 1.low details, .allnimoffa .shotsoff, aloff All is off only PC limit and range are not low
  9. Bad FPS in events

    In EVENT I have truly low frames per second, they drop to 10. And then you just can not play normally. I tried 1.low details, .allnimoffa .shotsoff, aloff 2.Razer Cortex - Razer Game Booster 3. l2.exe -> tick app can handle > 2gb address space 4. l2.ini -> CacheSizeMegs=32 to CacheSizeMegs=512 now is at 1024 w/o crit errors 5.Change priority in task manager to real time, above normal .... And FPS are same..... GPU at 30-40% max in events, CPU 1 core up to 58% max..... MB: Gigabyte MA770T-UD3 GPU: AMD Radeon6850 HD
  10. Има ли манияциии?

    Всичко е изкл. компа не се натоварва, рамките падат до 10 в event и не е приятно за игра. Пробвах Razer Game Boost, сменях CacheSizeMegs=32 to this:CacheSizeMegs=512 даже до 1024 и няма промяна. И на много по бърз комп даже с SSD пак същия проблем. А не вярвам толко много хора да играят с 10 рамки...... Ако може да споделите вашата кофигурация и с какви рамки ви върви играта(на лесно се разбира с програмката FRAPS). Благодаря предварително.
  11. Има ли манияциии?

    Не ми се пуска тема ,таке че ще питам направо тук Някакво решение за проблема с падащите FPS ? Ако знаете моя споделете, че направо не може да се играе. Търсих из форума но не намерих.