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  1. ez

  2. Adena per event

    tell me something i dont already know, i make every map 70-80 kills average and get nothing in return and every time i make a statement in this non democratic forum it gets insta rejected without any conversation between me and someone from server staff
  3. hello player iKat is playing warlord full C grade and when he dies he gives 0 adena. So i'm asking you : do you ignore him and getting stunned 24/7 because server balance is almost at 0.00%? ORdo you try to kill him while he has full resists and 30k hp and u lose 5 mins that you could kill a player that plays a pvp server?
  4. Clan as retail

    it is a faction server why are we having penalties and why cant everyone get all clan skills? please consider that
  5. Clan Disolve

    invite someone make him clan leader leave
  6. Hello, every time i get ressed and wait a bit for the perfect moment i get sent to town for reason afk, please fix that bug
  7. invocation taking buff slot
  8. tanks

    yes i'm billionaire i have epic set enchanted armor and weapon if you are a mage try hit me for 269 damage. server is done already , a big chaos clan abused overlord and they are geared too. game staff were a step behind and did that change too late. now same story with tanks
  9. tanks

    you should care beacause that's add prestige to my sayings who are you in game by the way
  10. tanks

    dude im probably the best dps in the serve , in terms of kills i am top kills with a huge lead i switched to tank and makex4 more adena than i used to do with mage
  11. tanks

    yes i play tank without party and make 1.300 per map. It's the same abuse it used to be with overlords
  12. tanks

    the problem is that people abuse tanks to earn adena not because they actually like to play tanks

    i am playing with chaos i play more than 6 hours everyday and all i can tell is that order faction always outnumber chaos
  14. Hello, I noticed that balance for tanks is not working properly. My point is that orders got 6 active tanks on the map and chaos 0. fix that please
  15. Every map I have around 40-70 kills I play solo or with 1 party member , most of my kills rewards me 1 adena and some even 0. I target people with at least A armor or A weap. I guess something is wrong here. And spoilers steal 10 from me