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  1. buffs

    dont u play on playinera? server dead already?
  2. Archers?Is it mage server?

    This server would have been better if melee/archer nerfs wouldn't be early game but late game. i guess it takes a lot of work to change stuff so it is what it is, enjoy the game and sub a nuker until you get good gear. I guess a lot of people do this.
  3. Now i don't know the skill cast range for all melee classes but there's something wrongwith geodata(maybe)? some classes like dagger u simply can't use your skills when near a player, character stops for 1-2 sec and u have to spam the skill for your char to cast. could you increase a bit cast range for dagger skills? I don't know if other melee classes has this bug, on other servers i didn't see this. the same thing happens when you chase someone and u can't cast skills when in his ass, u have to run ahead of him to cast skills.
  4. Sumoners

  5. Sumoners

    you should try it out. they get some nice buff from expert skill
  6. Info

    yeah, increasing buff slots for tanks would help aswell. maybe 4 extra slots would be more than enough. so few more buff slot + 10 run speed would make tank viable?
  7. Info

    i think dagger is fine, what about tanks? i know most people her enjoys only f1 classes like mage/archer and few daggers/destroyer. do you think buffs like these would help tanks in events? - debuffs give experience gain when target dies.for example: aggression and arrest/shackle etc - 10 extra movement speed.
  8. New expert skills effects

    thanks, i googled and discovered math. ps wouldn't it be better to give 100% for 1 adena reward?
  9. New expert skills effects

    how does that gold digger work if you get 1 adena on kill. LUL Also i think those 3% atk speed/cast is too low since you can't stack them, it should be more like 5 or 7% imo.
  10. Successful Server

    Yeah this server looks like standard interlude, i've played a faction server a while ago with some modifications and most of the classes were viable from day one, to add there was also a balance in maps there, here its mostly open field which greatly advantages mage/archers.
  11. Regarding buff slots

    I hope the event maps are balanced out, because open field maps will be boring to play and you are forced to go mage/archer.
  12. Regarding buff slots

    Thanks for the info, i guess i'll have to test some stuff on live version.
  13. Regarding buff slots

    So its 20 + 4 book buffs + 4 self buff.
  14. Regarding buff slots

    I see, i find it strange that such info is not posted by the admin, or i can't find it.
  15. Regarding buff slots

    So self buffs are not separate then?