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  1. Banned ?

    i dont know man gm?
  2. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    The problem is Emerald not posting the actual things one gets from marrying so people dont fear wasting 10k. If everyone knew this, u seriously think bishops would not insta-marry?If it's a feature its fine I guess but atleast make it known lol
  3. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

  4. Question about clan skills

    What is 2.5k adena? If the randoms u invite to ur clan dont want to spend 2.5k per day for the first week, u should really consider how much value that person brings to the clan. ur actually brainless arent u
  5. Question about clan skills

    Or u make it a requirement for your clan members to donate 2.5k per day in order to get clan skills Imagine being organized as a group
  6. Wild magic active

    Just your reply shows you have no clue what point im trying to make, good old agent makes me feel like im talking to a wall again
  7. Wild magic active

    And since now u bring in your extremely skilled math in the discussion, riddle me this; How does evilwave & kazuna mcrit TONS more to the point they mcrit 3-4 times in a span of 10 nukes 99% of the time? Im sure theyre cheating
  8. Wild magic active

    All I see u come up with is theoretical shit. Obviously archers can get unlucky with their crits. Mages cna get unlucky with their crits too, whats ur fucking point lol And no, I dont trust u on any of ur word as ur credibility is below par. Mages HARD RAPE archers in 1v1 and u want to buff them. All I'm saying is, if u want to BUFF a SMALL part of acompletely customized feature, u better buff the other parts of this featuretoo (or atleast the stuff that was customized) Are u fucking serious or what lmao, because if u've read the server features, Hawkeye and PR have a "deflect arrow nerf" which decreases their crit damage by 15% but im sure u knew this
  9. Wild magic active

    Look, I'm not gonna argue with u when it comes to how things SHOULD be, but I guess 99% of the L2OFF servers have their augments systems all wrong and custom then. I can tell u one thing, archers are NOT critting anywhere NEAR 50% even with 500 crit rate. It's not the5% more crit rate i care about, what I do careabout is that 1 thing gets "BUFFED" (Im gonna call it buffed and not fixed, since as u know, what emerald is gonna do is add a non-retail like calculation)and leaving all other things "UNFIXED" which make it seem biased. I would not have posted anything if I wasnt getting already mcrit 3 out of 5 nukes everytime a mage comes up to me, and u want this to be 4 out of 5? Go away with ur 20% mcrit rate because its not (same as archer crit not being 50%) Edit: theres a couple of SPS that mcrit WAY more than the others, I can give u the names but not sure as it will matter anyway. My first thought was these guys have wild magic augments as the difference is there (if they dont have, well, long live RNG then)
  10. Wild magic active

    While ur "fixing" an augmentfor a class that already crits more than archers, "fix" passive/active might while ur at it too oh and "fix" passive/active pdef, matk, too since theyre all useless. Im not trying to cry over here but why would u leave the others untouched after buffing wild magic? Either make them all base off the end stat or none
  11. cancel

    Thats a good solution tbh
  12. I'm very angry

    enjoy man
  13. Zaken bugged

    yo that's actually pretty sad
  14. God's motivation

    Maybe rewards for winning the map should be increased to motivate people to go for them. Yes thats right. When theres Primeval Isle TvT I dont go there on my warlord/any melee. U tell me u do?
  15. Skills in general

    Oh boy here we go: Cancel = RNG, def not 100%, arcane prot influences effect Bluff = shock attack, resist shock/antharas/zaken/frint resists this (WHY CANT I LAND MY STUNS?) Blinding blow; probably does show back, but as it doesnt detarget, if the enemy is casting it wont show anything (imagine having a brain so u can think of this urself) Stuns; see bluff (BUT GM I STILL GET STUNNED WITH EVERYTHING - good thing u leave out the fact that after 20 stuns, 1 lands) I play warlord and trust me, theres a HUGE difference between players who use these jewels and who dont Trance: supposed to be high land rate, 10s duration (should prolly be nerfed), affected by mental shield & boss jewels Surrenders i have to agree, VERY high landrate Aggression is supposed to be 100%, but here I believe u only have to agro 1x instead of retail 2x to actually walk to/attack the target thats agroing u Lethal = removed