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  1. New expert skills effects

    So basically all classes except daggers are getting nerfed.
  2. Dagger Skills Bug summary

    You are clueless.It was tested about a century ago on retail and shock had nothing to do with it. Men Mental shield Zaken
  3. Dagger Skills Bug summary

    Stopped reading there.Dude doesnt even know that bluff is a mental attack and resist shock has nothing to do with it.Lock this shit.
  4. Rebirths work in Oly?

    No they dont.
  5. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    Everybody is a random in a faction server.If u consider yourself something more than that,you are either delusional,or you are simply one of those monkeys that failed on every normal srv they joined and now are trying to achieve something in a place where people play to just have fun.My bet is on the 2nd one.So i wish you gl in this big step on your l2 career and i hope the future brings less tears and more mana for you.Lol lol lol.
  6. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    I have another solution for u fucking ape.Enchant hydro on cost,we dont fucking care if u are out of mp after 200 spells without dying.You stack 6 resists on your char while archers destros and daggers dont even have slot to use self buffs.Deal with it or gtfo,you wont be missed.
  7. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    Just drop holy resistance and get clarity fucking ape.Divine protection is more than enough for 1 fucking light vortex.