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  1. Extra currency?

    You are wrong.. in gve u needed adena for items yes, but for S grade the system was optaining primaveral crystals and this dont was tradeable, So after 6k kill u was starting to take crystal, and then when u had all those crystals and adenas and medals u get S grade, was the best way. U should make items enchantable by kill too, cuz a lot players leave when all his enchants fail, i know a lot ppl who leaved for this reason.. put how it was in old faction sv, 60 kill for +1 enchant in B, 150 for +1 in A, 800 or 1000 for S.. so new ppl can get +++ weapon faster and ppl with S cost more make a difference. A new player with 1500kill can have +10 weapon and fight an S grade that who did too 1500 kill but just enchanted +1 or +2 S grade, there is a balance. Well.. its my idea, but i Agree the peper idea too. PD: Sorry for my english i know its bad.
  2. Hopzone - Vote reward

    Happend yesterday too
  3. Empower chance lvl 10

    I love how Admins response the user.. nice sv..
  4. I got chance to take empower lvl 10 when i take dmg.. it works.. but it increase only 50 m atk.. WTF.. empower lvl 10 just gives it? I spend a lot adenas and just 50 m atk? I guess there is a mistake . I wait ur answer Ty
  5. Donation Manager

    Hey Emerald. I made a donation, and i got my reweard, but i saw we have some daily offerts in donation manager everyday. I noticed those price are not uptaded for the new prices in the shop. Could u check it? Ty