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  1. Sry brah ... you cant buff anything else than speed on your pet in interlude
  2. Like yamada? or whom will we find for 2 hours a day? Do you have full donations list from Emerald and we don't know about .....to make this statements? Also you can't trade for adena in shop but you can sell it on market for other players for same amount, lower or even higher ....so .... your point is?
  3. He is Jackie Stupid Dempsey yo ... Mental problems are his best friends and he's a total nobody without his items and skills ++++. Any random dagger with his gear is better than him.
  4. OK name the people that donate 500 euros. For a 2 weeks server.....
  5. More like quality community.
  6. add the 3 buffs cancel with only 1 rush skill from tyrants too ....
  7. Kerrigan


    I found stun resist being useless ... you get stunned 100% of the time anyways
  8. we all know the best option ...
  9. Trying to bring stuff from higher chronicles and turning this into a star wars BR wannabe server its not called innovation.... It's called stupidity... And you sir... Won the title of "cel mai prost din curtea scolii" 2019. 2020 jus started ... So keep it up. You don't wanna lose it to someone else. Ps. Înrămează semnătura ta și pune-o pe un perete în cameră și din când în când mai bagă o labă uitându-te la ea.
  10. Indeed, you not having to use those skills every 1-2 minutes gives you plenty of time to use DPS skills ONLY ....and max your damage output. Some skills are there for a purpose but ....good job to @Emerald for making your class even stronger and easier to play and for listening to every random and making plenty of changes without thinking. Until he starts playing his own server, and test stuff, he will never balance this chronicle properly. ✌️
  11. Trust me ... Doombringer with items is more than OK .... without them it sucks like most of the classes that need epics and skill enchanted for it (duelist/GK/SLH/daggers etc.). Is true that at start you have to play Trickster to make adena and buy what you need for doom.... but that's the price you have to pay. When you create Kamael, you know what you are signing for.... and that's the only 4 classes that are playable: Doombringer/Trickster/Soulhound/Judicator. If you are not up to being stuck playing all those 4 .... don't play kamael.... it's just that simple.