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  1. Congrats Emerald!

    Congrats @Emeraldfor officially killing healerclasses. We clearly pointed out the cons for this.Why the fuck would you do this change?
  2. Class Change Price

    sc 1 sau 2?
  3. Class Change Price

  4. State of summoners

    keep going ...
  5. error when changing resolution

    I didn't read everything but the fix to this is to disable discord overlay option. You are welcome.
  6. It was suppose to work like that
  7. why not broooo

    why so much hate for the tanks now? most people onserver playwith aggro protection because interfaces are allowed (big mistake by Emerald but what do I care?) ... so that's a bummer ....and after you get 1-2 cancels you are dead meat ....
  8. I am looking for members.

    ofc all have a fee ...but since order barely makes any money and most are very casual ...who would pay the fee instead of better equipment ... i wonder.... Trust me ... I did shout recruiting players in both Chaos or Order Faction ... and suprise ..... on Order Faction I got 0 pm's in 3 days This season it's just sad for Order ... so Idecided to stopplaying. I don't thinkI'm coming back for other seasons also.
  9. 500 IQ

    let me get thisstraight want clan halls with adena bid ... which have the same rewards as castles? how expensive would those have tobe ...and how long would a clan be able to own it? Provide more details to your ideas ... cuz the way I see it after looking at the numbers today ...what happened with the castles would happen to those too....
  10. why not broooo

    Maybe thereis hope for you after all ..... This season in numbers: Top Kills - 15% Order(3 players) / 85% Chaos (17 players) Top Kills Number - 11.6% Order(12278) / 88.4% Chaos (93613) - 105891 Kills Total Top Assists - 20% Order (4 players) / 80% Chaos (16 players) Top Score - 20% Order (4 players) / 80% Chaos (16 players) Heroes - 5% Order (1 player) / 95% Chaos (19 players) Epics - 1% Order / 99% Chaos(here i might be wrong...i haven't actually see any win from order side at any epics ... so they might have 0% )
  11. I am looking for members.

    Free birds I told you. And chaos side expecting order to actually organise Gl!
  12. balance system

    wow ... really really nice.... no more semi-afk / automatic recharge bot for YuBeL.
  13. Clan balance for factions

    Thank you for this!
  14. I am looking for members.

    People don't really like to play in a clan at all... they don't like collaboration at all ... they like to be free birds . At least on the Order side. How many people did you actually recruit in 2-3 days?