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  1. Tank

    I'm sorry to dissapoint you trasherino but Soul Hound is shit because your enemies have full buffs on them all the time.... Steal divinity is useless because its coded like cancel..... And the buffs will come back to your target after ~5 seconds.... Why would you expect to do more dmg when your targets are stacked..... The class itself was designed to be efficient when your enemies have no buffs.... That's not going to happen here sry. Most people are running with dark resists on them.... + plus S84 cloak has +30 dark resist. So enjoy the pain. One thing that could make it viable would be to code steal divinity to not return the buffs unless the target or the SLH dies.
  2. Tank

    I just came here for the free popcorn and see how people defend their classes
  3. Dynasty vs S80 armor

    Unless it's heavy.... Or you are a support....
  4. Questions about Hierophants

    I guess you still miss the SE res ^^
  5. 弓職

  6. What the next class fix?)

    None of you are making any sense ....
  7. What the next class fix?)

    English bro! Do you speak it?
  8. Ban

  9. 85 % of server SH

    It's too late already for this season.
  10. 85 % of server SH

    Soul Hound = SLH there you go ... solved for you.
  11. Eye of paagrio

    You guys have no idea what you're proposing
  12. GM WHY BAN ME???