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  1. Emerald could implement some kind of player system reward that play here season after season. Let's not joke ourselves, this server has very fine community of that kind of players, every season we see the same faces running around, so why not reward that? I don't think the accounts should be wiped every season, but kept. With assigned ig nickname to it, so noone plays under that player name. The title ranks we acquire each season (top rank for a character in account, in case of more then one char) is added as points and saved in your account. So let's say after 3 seasons, in which i was: - season 1 - General (10) - season 2 - Admiral (8) - season 3 - Lieutenant (4) results in 22 points in account. And the next season I could start with 22k a/adena in my eq. Or if there were 'Epic tokens' implemented as I wrote in other topic, maybe 22 of those. That would be another goal for everyone to keep playing for, knowing they will come back. And actually making people come back, knowing they have some head start and they won't need to grind as much.
  2. Arthas

    So what?

    Harder like top s84 shoud cost twice the price. Season ended? First time I've heard. Why would I bother with crafting weapon when I'm perma hero? Didn't even bother getting that dynasty above +6 or 900 ele, and gave most of my mats away, so. Server that is dead week or two after beggining. So yea, I don't grind on a dead ass server so I can stand in town or join event with 10 people on. Was just logged to see how it dies, played few events, less every day and was playing other games meanwhile. How come you couldn't figure this out by yourself? Have you thought how much faster would people get adena if there was high population? More people to kill? To trade? More mats? Box of luck? 1000a reward/~500 every mini event? But only if there were people to farm and compete with and keep the economy up.
  3. Arthas

    So what?

    "we know" or just you? you actually call 2 weeks of farm prograssive grind? And making any assumptions from this season or interlude one is plain stupid. This season was horrible, most people left and economy was fked up. Real fun is when most of people have comparable gear, when there are things everyone can still grind for, that keep you playing. Once eveyone get top gear the server will be dead within week, because just pvp will not keep people playing. Changes I proposed make people, who join late, or leave for a weekend, do not fall that far behind the top guys. Being one grade lower is more then fine. And thats just bunch of ideas I could think of in an work break.
  4. Arthas

    So what?

    I actually think getting gear should be even harder. This game is all about grinding, doesn't matter what kind of server you play. In my opinion people should start with standard S grade and craft every other item, dynasty, vesper etc. Low parts should drop from mini bosses and s84 from epics. And not many. You can't but parts or recs in shop. This would make market more alive and people would have to decide what to craft. Right now it's dynasty OE + ele and you farm for top84. Fun indeed. Making it impossible to do that within 2 weeks would force people to get midgrades. No epic jewels drop for first month - every participant of winning side should get like 'Epic token' (untradeable), which lowers the price for epics jewels at store by let's say 2k. Example: you won 10 epics you coud buy AQ for 130k and 10 tokens from shop. Custop gear drop - no drop of grade above the top gear of the server. Make a formula, like if there is not at least 10 weapons/10 armor sets of the grade, it won't drop from epic. How to handle nolifers? Just like adena scrolls - custom self buff with 24h reuse. First hour off gameplay you earn 150% income, 2nd 125%, 3rd 100% and with buff worn out you get 75%. One account per player. This would make people come and play at least 3h daily. No adena penalty for killing lower gear, but reward for killing higher. Add 10% by voting. Top weapons and epics dropping first day (since all bosses alive) is the worse thing here. I really hope next season one side and possibly one clan will get first AQ+Baium+Thorn Bow first day. Looking forward to it!
  5. There's something wrong with tanks stacking their passives. For Shillien Templar: - patience - pain of shillien Respective stills for other tank classes. Possibly it's just a visual bug.
  6. Arthas

    Season ending event!

    Did I say anything about current season? This is just a general idea of an event. I agree with the last sentence, But would you say that about this season tho? This is just a suggestion, it doesn't have any deadline, so please do not deny it because of a reason like that. I mean it shoudn't be that hard to implement, if code is not spaghetti. Basically one sql update for merchant/one for existing characters, modify few methods with one initial global variable - when creating char/adding sub/enchanting. Tbh the least smart guy from the team I'm leading would code this in less than a workday.
  7. Arthas

    2 Suggestrions

    IIRC it's hard coded - you get the kill hit or miss.
  8. Basically, when You @Emerald know the season end date, announce a daily event (or whole weekend?) of Pur(g)e fun! Features: - every mail/sub 85lvl/24buff slot - everything free at merchant - enchants/stones/crystals/codex chance 100% - SP unlimited - all epic bosses available and alive - everyone rank 10 - olympiad active for some period - no heroes To reconsider: - all buff available
  9. Man. Glad you are back. Everyone else stopped playing and started looking for You. We were so worried, You didn't log for few days and it was just a holiday! But now that you are back, hopefully everyone will notice and log in again. See you in game! Gonna try my best to spot you among all those returning players!
  10. Arthas

    Olympiad Points

    Number of points players starts olympiad week is counted different for some players. Everyone should start with 18 points? I assume. Screens with people with same olympiad score 0 wins, 2 defeats. Soronga has 22 points.
  11. Used Escape skill right after porting to Bomb fight mini event. Ported back before event countdown end. When I appeared in town I was still in 'root' mode, had to restart to remove the 'root'.
  12. The inspiration expert skill gives additional buff slot when leveled to 3.
  13. The 4th change depends on your main class. So lets say you are playing Paladin, then you get arrest task. You are Shilien Elder, then root task etc. Destro > use frenzy or guts. Etc etc. No forcing or anything.
  14. Changes I would suggest: 1. Being top player on the map: X count. Changed to: Earn X map points. Map points meaning place from the end of map scoreboard. For example: Rank 2 requires 30 Map points and you can do that by being 1st 3 times or being 10th 30 times. So people wont just breainlessly compete for 3 first spots. 2. Rank increase requires completion of all the tasks. Change: Complete 7 out of 10 for rank increase. 3. Make noble requirement from rank 3. 4. Add class dependand tasks if possible: - Heal 10000 HP. - Arrest 100 prople. - Root 100 people.
  15. Arthas

    New command .end

    Add new command to the game that allow players to shorten boring/bugged/annoying/lotsofotherreasons maps. .end or .ff Command shortens timer when used by: - 50% of chaos and 50% of order event participants - 80% of chaos or 80% of order event participants Either timer jumps to 5:00 or it starts to coundown by 2-3 seconds. Rewards like rb drops are percentage of actuall event time that passed. Command doesn't work under 5 min or on epic raid map.