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  1. Zaken battle area

    I think battle for Zaken should not be happening on the ship. It's very biased arena and the victory depends just on a coin toss. I don't know the statistics, just talking from my own experience. Could you@Emeraldbring us some actuall data on stern spawn win ratio? There are only 2 ways the fight will go down: 1. Stern spawn hit zaken, pull it up and start killing it slowly. Other faction won't be able to go though corridors or fight vs the stern height advantage. 2. Zaken door spawn will hit zaken (as we know from point 1, they have to) and try to fight the incoming stern force from there, but will get crushed by aoe. They actually can't kite or spread anywhere because there is no space there. That's my opinion and ofc I might be wrong, maybe the win ratio is close to 50%/50%, but the fight is just frustrating if you don't spawn on stern. I suggest moving the battle to Devil's Isle (where tvt or domination is) or some other open area.
  2. New animation command for heals

    Oh, right. It's not exactly specified in server featured, my bad. Case closed.
  3. Would really love a new animation cancelling command, except heals/celestials. Playing without animations is a must in my case, because of the crit errors/lag they are causing. Knowing if my target is getting spam healed or has celestial on, or to recognize healers on the battlefield is so essential for the gameplay and it's not possible with all animation off. Thoughts?
  4. As title says, dunno if it's possible to capture enter key after typing pincode, but with all this crit errors around clicking submit with left click mouse is really annoying.
  5. Hero chat language

    Do you want greek lessons? Because this is how we get greek lessons.
  6. Crt error

    Yup, had a lot after just respawning, especially on Death Match event. Far less after turning radaroff tho.