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  1. augments

    People would still spend tons of money for buying them, but anyways more people dont like it this time im fine with that no hard feelings. Btw i asked Emerald at the start of the Server already in private and he said he wont add it, so all you guys can chill now ^.~
  2. augments

    If it would of sucked in the previous season i wouldnt even suggested it, but no one cried there and augments got bought and sold left and right. About Oly well yeah that prolly would happen if those people are in the same clan or friends but its the same with OE'd gear already what people share. I would be also fine with 1 click Option as maze suggested but i guess also its not possible to add something like that.
  3. augments

    You realize after having all gear there is only one money sink left and thats augments...dont really see why its a big deal to make them trade able. Its only a plus for everyone, newbies who are lucky can make shit tons of money and gear themselfs and so on since its another market which worked well on previous season. healthy economy = healthy server, Ruby should consider it.
  4. augments

    Another Season we had trade able augments, which gave us another market also. i disagree with npc, but i would like to see trade able augments again.
  5. Raid Boss'es ?

    I was lucky to see AQ/Baium and Core last 2 days.
  6. Lethal blow

    Why im talking about Backstab? Because you want to boost it for all daggers while they doing good BS dmg already and yes it was BACKSTAB im talking about since the dmg here is nerfed same as for mage and archer dmg here which is needed for this type of server, not sure why you dont get it. YES retail like files and no nerfs a crit backstab would be 10k+ even, i never said otherwise and why its "only" 5-6k here i already explained in the sentence before. NOW yes THs bs rate is shit here, everyone knows this, if you would of talked only doing something about THs that would be a different story, but you want to change something for all type of daggers which would favor AW/PW even more so no. Increasing BS landing rate for THs? yes i agree.
  7. Lethal blow

    Im not, people get hit from BACKSTAB 5-6k if it crits, not lethal from back.
  8. Lethal blow

    Daggers already hit for 5-6k backstab if crit, so no about increasing backstab dmg. I know on none nerfed servers it would be even more, but keep in mind Mages/Archers got nerfed their dmg here as well, increasing the backstab dmg would make daggers just more op compared to other classes.
  9. problem

    Did you try to dual box? Usually this Message pops up when people try to Dual Box.
  10. this is qlex pro sps hero

    people always QQ but not realizing that feeding in oly have been ALWAYS there on every server even retail, just deal with it.
  11. buff other clases or nerf mages

    more likely people were crying about healers into destros into archers into daggers into mages, next is bd/sws's
  12. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Not QQing or anything but just wondering. Is the BS range fucked up here? Because alot of times im ahead and im still getting bs'd althought the dagger is way behind. Visualbug or what?
  13. Go report all you want, whenever i found a bug i reported it and about the rod i personally didnt know about it (i dont even have waking scrolls in my inventory lol). But i guess now i know what emerald meant with "there was a bug" in the rod thread.
  14. infinity rod joke