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  1. I can confirm that also, while bluff barely detargets, stunshot detargets way more often here. Dunno why.
  2. How old are you guys?

    a none flamer 100%
  3. How old are you guys?

  4. LF fix to donation price

    Not only at this Stage, it should have been much greater since the Start of the Server. Adena was and still is easy to get ingame.
  5. momument of heroes

  6. Offline Shops

  7. More than 3 subclasses

    UP! Seems like more people want it.
  8. More than 3 subclasses

    I will leave this here again, because you guys making up shit. I guess your guys anus must be still hurting from slco. And Agent for the record: Stop counting SEs as healers, their heal is fucking garbage, any dd can out damage that heal.
  9. More than 3 subclasses

    Ok i made a Poll in a new Thread, maybe emerald can merge the threads.
  10. More than 3 subclasses

    Poll for Thread:
  11. More than 3 subclasses

    @maze just add a poll to your thread.
  12. More than 3 subclasses

    SE cant heal, the only heal they have is lowbie battle heal and shitty greater heal/group heal which heals for nothing. YES on retail like servers they are healers but here they are worthless with heals. And idk how you managed to invite 2 healers in town, because healers have high points and when ever i tried to invite 2 healers it says you cant because of the max. 28 points system. The only way is bp/se or ee/se and at siege you can have more than 1 healer.
  13. More than 3 subclasses

    You CANT have 3 types of healers in the same party and Moualupe has bp sub for your info.
  14. More than 3 subclasses

    slco had 2 ols and that was at the very start which i had an ol sub, SWISS was abusing it hardocre, so i deleted my ol sub. @healers: You cant have bp and ee in same party since both are counted as healers. SE on the other hand has no "real" heal, only garbage heal and they are only good for recharge/root/wind shackle (if it lands). SEs arent counted as healers here for that reason and that is why they have also higher mp regen than bishops and ees. Idk in what topic it was said, but someone from the staff said this.
  15. More than 3 subclasses

    Since we dont have a Race Restriction i guess we could have a none Subclass Restriction as well.