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  1. About bloody castle event

    Yes of course we can type /target order seer but this 2 sec can change everything but why we must type /target when the order team just click the rb so easy lol
  2. About bloody castle event

    Hello . I was thinking about changes,something there withthe raid boss at the last room . I am with chaos team but yesterday I play many times with order team and I realise that the raid boss from order faction it'seasier target than the chaos team (it's taller and easier to catch the target,that's unfair for the chaos team ) . Check it Sorry for my bad English:)
  3. about RB

    on rb name says "shesh'' but at the chat says "sheshark"
  4. about RB

    Hello look at thistypographical erroron this raid boss Shot00013.bmp
  5. About spamming at hero voice

    the problem cannot be solved like this emerald . I see some heroes who don't spam like kids and spam only for trade wts wwtb. I don't wanna lock the hero chat for this guys. you can remake hero chat with 10 sec-15sec delay.. that's fair I think
  6. About spamming at hero voice

    Hello . I think you must do something with this spamming at hero voice maybe 15 sec delay or something . a lot of spam at hero voice for no reason 🤔
  7. Crt error

    General protection fault! History: ANProjectile::PostScriptDestroyed <- ANSkillProjectile::PostScriptDestroyed <- ULevel::DestroyActor <- (el_hurricane_fl 23_21.el_hurricane_fl246) <- ANProjectile::PreDestroy <- ANSkillProjectile::PreDestroy <- ANSkillProjectile::processHitWall <- AActor::physNProjectile <- AActor::performPhysics <- AActor::Tick <- AEmitter::Tick <- ANProjectile::Tick <- ANSkillProjectile::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop i had this when i was on vip vs vip team just walking (i dont know if i have the update for interlude )
  8. about vote reward

    ahhh ok ty for the answersorry
  9. about vote reward

    hello . i just saw that when i was on sell shop (afk) i didnt recieve any adena reward from votes why ? i was online ...