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  1. Shop prices

    emerald made change in the end of last season and yes, they probably will
  2. Expert skill for buff slot

    i see... and which resist it is? elemental, debuffs, do you know?
  3. In which lvl it gives +1 buffslot? cuz now i know its not on lvl 1
  4. Book of giants

    got one from box of luck and another from TvT event, just 2 till now
  5. THskills

    i mean, ***in this server*** you use that skill before doing any blow, you dont, and your skill landrate will suck. Just helping dont need to rage

    random spot at farm zone
  7. Does Self buffs take slot?

    wait... it means now you can have +3 buffslot?
  8. Does Self buffs take slot?

    It was, objectives now will give items (enchants, ls, codex, etc)players will only drop adena and onlyon tvt events players will drop itens aswell
  9. Coming up next...

    I hope emerald opena obt server before live so we can test the new enchanting system and other stuff he is adding
  10. Coming up next...

    this and the recent changelist are pretty exciting news
  11. A happy new year

    @Emeraldgive us some light.. you know.... addiction is hard to deal with
  12. A happy new year

    i'm playing whatever chronicle will be, now that im playing on classic server aswell i need this one to establish an equilibrium between pve and pvp
  13. A happy new year

    GF season with all those new features? Kappa
  14. LF competition

    see ya
  15. Next Season

    and give us already when next season opens
  16. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    can anyone translate wth this dude say? every time i cant .its not just the way its written but (at least for me) it doesnt make much sense also lol
  17. Front Page Timer

    In case it wasnt notice yet, after completing 100 days it got reset, now showing 2 days
  18. Front Page Timer

    yeah looks like it might be chrome issue, tested now with edge and shows right
  19. Devil's fort

    the arrow points to the middle of the fort but is actually upstairs(?) Shot00196.bmp