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  1. Are you still working on Grand Crusade?@Emerald Can we expect to have it after next interlude season? Just give usa little light about it...( i'm looking forward and a bit excited for the new changes on IL btw) If the answer is yes, dont even need to write anything on this topic, you can like my post and close the threadand will be enough for me Thanks.
  2. Just want to know...

    well, i can understand why clowns like you say that (i was kinda expecting tbh), it's not for everyone, too complicated for some ppl. But guess what.... your opinion doesnt mean shit, especially toemerald. In the end he is the one who decides, so get over it Btw, sucks on off? is this off? is the interlude files here off and hasnothing custom lmao ? oops wait, if GC is too complicated for you, as i presume, maybe trying to figure out why this argument is invalid herecan be too complicated also.
  3. when grand crusade?

    When interlude ends, just wait
  4. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    Mafia L2? good times
  5. Melee Maps

    that was infinitel2 best feature lol, when population is huge, 4 teams is just awesome
  6. Right click

  7. Chronicles of desire

    yeah, ofc, maybe with the amount of custom things to balance it is, or do you think its retail like here? (its not and far far from it). GC can work well too, they just need time to do their thing.
  8. Chronicles of desire

    i bet he played like 30 minutes, but will say a bigger time
  9. Chronicles of desire

    I vote Grand Crusade
  10. Some suggestions.

    they are opening interlude to have time to work on GC, so you know the answer
  11. [GC] Elemental burst freeze effect

    he has gear dude, didint you see him using abundance lvl 1 skill? and probably he's against 3 dudes with starting gear, so tankness is not the problem
  12. Someone Alive Here???

    server rip but checking forum for next season
  13. I logged now and I am the only person online, @Emerald, can you enlighten us about your plans?
  14. What is happening: taking elemental def ( water this case) and applying debuff slow + freeze ( at stage 3 or 4 if i'm no wrong) What should happen: Only apply elemental def debuff Elemental crash: working as intended Also, check elemental burst freeze effect, since its almost 100%,AoE and 7 seconds effect, its simply too overpowered Shot00049.bmp Shot00050.bmp Shot00051.bmp
  15. I couldnt attend beta because of that, and i also think not manyppl had any clue how things suposse to work
  16. Hero

    where to find other 4 ppl? Kappa
  17. I was wrong.... but anyway, check these freeze land rate Shot00052.bmp
  18. Sonic Star

    it should knock down ppl, but here it never happens
  19. Sonic Star

    yeah but i used enough times here to know that never happens, ever. Like it was with "Ruin" skill from feohs at begin of season The AoE skill that knocks down enemies you see working here is thishttps://l2wiki.com/Giant_Punch_-_Tyrr_Duelist, not sonic star
  20. PK

    take it off please, dropped itens at lucky chest event, also i dont get back to city using soe Shot00048.bmp
  21. PK

    sorry, took long time for me to notice