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  1. Golems

    hire slaves lul
  2. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    More tvt maps intowns and less fortress maps
  3. XveiL's Side

    i officially nominate you as The Forum Clown
  4. Tezza

    stop the spam dude

    Majoritariamente br eh mal educado,com um ego gigantesco e interesseiro, por isso evito a interaçao por evitar falar portugues dentro dos servers e ja desisti de tentar ajudar. O exemplo que vc deu so reforça isso.

    also, im not defending the greeks, im just really mad with this banalization on whats racist/xenophobic. Ive heard trully racist and xenophobic stuff, in case you didnt know, IM BR HUE HUE

    what i meant, you can see exemples of every group saying shit to another group "retard russian, br, greek, latino, murica, etc". Never said it was ok because of that, do you even know what hypocrisy even mean? what i said is you dont see greeks complaing about stuff they hear here, stuff that can be considered ALOT MORE offensive than "busco clan latino". my point was , how the fuck that sentence can be considered offensive?hmmm maybe because the greeks are saying...hmmm or maybe because the very same greeks play more and ppl get owned by them and they are just mad because of it...

    cant edit anymore so ...to greeks and because they are greeks, more thanany other group.

    c'mon guys.... racist/xenophobic? tbh i trully cant see it with "busco clan latino"... in general ppl mock over in every ethnic group.Its justsome greeks writing some words in spanish, words that you see latinos speaking frequently,just that.... COUNTLESS times ive seen ppl in this server saying bad (trully bad)words to greeks and because they are greeks more thanany other group. Lets be a little bit lesshipocritical
  10. greeks fuck up the server

  11. Some good motivation for newcomers

    simple solution: stay ALWAYS alert, see someone? run till you goout of combat then relog
  12. giving something more when you do last hit aka pvp point could be interesting.... (cough cough 5 pvp = blank scrollcough cough)
  13. i was fine with the adena i was earning, what wasnt fine was the ammount you could earn just pissing ppl off with stun/detarget as warlord. i was doing about 150~300adena per event, firstevent as wl i made 800a absolutely no problem, i think that is important.... what i can suggest is nerf the rewards you can get with AOE
  14. Already said it somewhere, but ofcourse let people imagination go wild. its whatever, grade c or b... my point was when i was testing the wl thing i could make up to 20 adena (lol) doing 3 or 4 hits in someone in grade s (even doing one hit with the shitty dps aoe skill could give like 5 or 6 adena)and as archer doing FULL DMG in most mages and giving me 5 adena.. (after the last changelist)
  15. being able to farm 3x more adena as grade c WL than +12 db + drac set + rbrings demotivate me pretty hard....
  16. these 2 are bad even in high pop, also ivory crater...
  17. emerald you really should check this...
  18. its easy to have 3k+ elo as OL and i had... i think its a bug indeed
  19. ez

    195 kills spree?
  20. Take adena

    minha banca é sinistra pvp com qual quer um
  21. i dont mind giving it a discount... but really 15a chaper? fcking too much....
  22. this is just bs....