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  1. Front Page Timer

    In case it wasnt notice yet, after completing 100 days it got reset, now showing 2 days
  2. Devil's fort

    the arrow points to the middle of the fort but is actually upstairs(?) Shot00196.bmp
  3. Player drop changes

    What about OL? after these changes would still get itens throught cp heal?
  4. Sailren

    Maybe add few golems, like 2 or 3, per grand boss. Would be nice to have more ways to actually get it and all newbies would have a chance.
  5. You do 2 rooms then doors stop to openand almost every time get stucked at 36~39%, just once for me it opened a 3rd room but in the last 20 secs or so.
  6. God motivation 2

    Make god motivation hp/speed buff only and enhance the effects of death buff. The biggest mistake was making it to give offensive stats which veterans will obviously benefit more from it
  7. Expert skills on summoners

    And i was just defending Necros, the main issue for meeles (and every other class depending on the situation) is stackable cc.
  8. Expert skills on summoners

    thats bad for the target AND for the necro (if playing solo).
  9. Expert skills on summoners

    if you want to consider multiple ppl atking one target then how can they be OP? 2 daggers or 2 archers can evaporate any robe MUCH quicker without worrying if debuffs landed. When you, sosa, and those other +16 archers go full assist on big maps, there's no mage party that can compete (same applies on smaller maps with daggers party assisting) taking resists, mbarrier, hp buff, 78 buffs, champion/renewal/wardingsong is FAR worse than ww/haste. OFC its the second worst, there are like 3 types? cc, then necro/summonerbanethen healer bane. if you can remember more, please feel free to share because i cant think of any.
  10. Expert skills on summoners

    Bane is very far away from having the same cripple potential as cc. It wont matter to bane atarget that hasfull dark resist while sps/sorc can jump from hiting 200-300 without any debuffs to 1k+ with surrender/vortex and lucky cc,necro will hit max 500-600 with gloom, vortex (pray to land) and curse of abyss (pray to land also long cd). Not to mention its range is 150~200 whilecc is 500? 600? cc > bane surrender > gloom every other vortex > dark vortex Necros are fine as they are now and if happen any nerf they will become useless
  11. Expert skills on summoners

    i see, then i was mistaken about front dmg
  12. Expert skills on summoners

    couldnt edit i wouldnt rely on dummy test because i notice that there's no difference indeed on front dmg with npc's
  13. Expert skills on summoners

    while you gain that from back, you lose the very same amount (or close to it) on front, so the actually difference is 400~ up to 800~ with lethal crit. I couldnt agree more with the rest you said, but i wasnt talking if daggers were/were not working as it should.
  14. Expert skills on summoners

    I know how much it differs, its not 100 dmg. Ican test on you if you want to. edit: i have both gh and th
  15. Expert skills on summoners

    you forgot to say that you can spam it and use it like 10 times in 10 sec or even less, then this 200 dmg goes up to 600~700, with 2k mc or so. if it's a dagger you will most likely cc him aswell and if one of the following; aqua dance or mbarrier or warding song (not so hard to take off one ofthese) the dmg goes to 1k~ with 4k~ mc. ( my own experience with you, 2,2k mdef) also, this 5k front dmg is BS. I take max 4,5k~ with lethal CRITfrom behind as mage with cov (1600~ pdef). their dmg is sh1t. Its ok dmg on season's begining but afterppl start to gear up...