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  1. Silent Move - possible exploit

    I tried once and guards killed me
  2. Topzone

    Can't get passive also
  3. Grade S

    I think their prices reseted after server restart since it was 8800~ adena for weapon and now shows 9800 again
  4. What if, instead of adena, you win for 2 kills either bog or ls, 3 killseab or ewb, 4 kills ewa or eaa, 5 kills eas or ews... or something like that. Could be interesting
  5. M critical was the problem

    +1, it should be random 1~5 buffs instead of 5 buffs everytime
  6. you need event wins, probably
  7. What is this

    yeah, i guess its good thing, also i'm getting up to 20 adena with high rank ppl
  8. What is this

    max adena i get from rank3~ doing 100% dmg and gold digger skill is 7-8...
  9. New expert skills effects

    Does it also work with necro summons?
  10. Just want to know...

    And it started to die after 1st week, not three days...
  11. Just want to know...

    i couldnt edit so... I dont think most ppl left because they "werent interested" and yes because of mistakes (gear gap, prices, archer being OP as fck, tyrrs being useless). If you played the amout of time i did you would notice most ppl start leaving after archers started to dominate, and ofc i fought so hard here on forum so it couldbe nerfed. And they were, but too late.
  12. Just want to know...

    As i said, I am excited for the next interlude season, i'm dont want to exclude that from here. I ask Emerald for info and nothing else. A guy comes here and express his opinion, i will express mine. ofc first GC season was a failure, mostppl who played on beta had probably little to nothing knowledge about the version (thats why i like to think the GC season was the real beta). I still have faith that with some custom changes and fixed bugsGC has a big potential. (i havent seen any GC faction server and probably here was the first (?)) Do you all really want interlude over and over again? I bet a lot of ppl will think yes, but its the human nature, we dont like changes. And i say no. IF GC is not a option anymore, i'm happy with HF or GF...
  13. Just want to know...

    well, i can understand why clowns like you say that (i was kinda expecting tbh), it's not for everyone, too complicated for some ppl. But guess what.... your opinion doesnt mean shit, especially toemerald. In the end he is the one who decides, so get over it Btw, sucks on off? is this off? is the interlude files here off and hasnothing custom lmao ? oops wait, if GC is too complicated for you, as i presume, maybe trying to figure out why this argument is invalid herecan be too complicated also.
  14. Are you still working on Grand Crusade?@Emerald Can we expect to have it after next interlude season? Just give usa little light about it...( i'm looking forward and a bit excited for the new changes on IL btw) If the answer is yes, dont even need to write anything on this topic, you can like my post and close the threadand will be enough for me Thanks.