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  1. about population / future steps

    But every1 forget the fact that Lineage2 is not a game for casual players, there are lots of game that benefits casual players. If some1 cant play that much just 2-3h daily, then they shouldnt complain about the balance, yet they should be ignored for those complaints. As for new comers it's a little easier, lets say when u unlock lets say Moria set, new comers should get full element S grade untradeable in their boxes, so older players wont take advantage of it.
  2. about population / future steps

    It's not only the features, cuz most of them are good indeed, its the season too, in Interlude there is nothing to do, u get s grade in 2 weeks, full RB 3 weeks and the game is just end. nothing else to do, while newer seasons has more option for gearing, element, talismans etc..etc..
  3. Next season

    I just played a classic gve whic( is total bullshit sps had more range than a hawkeyewith snipe, that chronicle is all about mage vs archer again
  4. H5 Recruitment

    If u wanna give chance to solo players and also satisfy groups, maybe increase the cd of major party buff skills, so groups wont destroy solo players every X minutes, but the group still can benefit from the teamplay.
  5. Next season

    no1 is waiting for IL as u can see
  6. Next season

    Take ur time testing Emerald, I'll be back on september for a juicy H5 with my team.
  7. Map Sizes

    go to ur profile and just ignore him, i did it 2 years ago, and my forum is nice and clean without this trashtalking nigga wanna be guy lol
  8. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    nice, sad its this short, would love to watch longer version with frames when server was on peak
  9. XveiL's Side

    Luffy scamming and thinks he is a god when he leaves a season dies. It looks regular season to me
  10. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    Even tho on the mini events u are getting adena equal to ur % what u have done, not just 10-20 adena. Learn to play noobs
  11. First day Drac Bow? :D

    who cares? stop being jelous and get a job
  12. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    start doing objective nabs
  13. Ready?

    All these new cxomers....even with 0 advertising ovc would have at least 100+ player at opening, kind of guy who want 5k player lul

    .... PostedTuesday at 9:27 PMĀ·Report post Players who wish can already create their accounts and download our patch. Register here: Download patch here: It is recommended to try to login before server goes live and see that you can get to the server selection screen, so if you encounter any issue it can be fixed asap.