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  1. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    But if u look at the daggers, not easy to kill ++ geared mage or archer without a QA, and if a dagger in +0 bw equip a boss jewel we can actually consider him as top gear actually, since they need only a few items to be good.
  2. About next server - H5?

    never go fullretard
  3. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I agree with deleting the epics from shop, and be onbtainable only from the epic boss events. It will slow down the phase of item gaining, and ppl wont be in omegagear in just a weak so chances for pvp will be fair.
  4. About next server - H5?

    yes please.
  5. [Interlude] Future Plans

    These changes look promising, and with dynasty added there is more gamplay and content in the game, eventho its tetrislude, with these changes it's worth checking out for sure.
  6. What about summoners ?

    Emerald already answered ur post:
  7. What about summoners ?

    whats next? nerf bladedancer?
  8. Is that all?

    this is what pvp server for? what do u want spoil a grade recipes for 1 hour and craft it and fail it?
  9. Is that all?

    this is game isnt about 1v1.
  10. New Season

    Emerald saod he is working on classic antharas (worst choice of them all) H5 and salvation clients, but he wont release any of them until he is 100% suree about it.
  11. New Season

    I am just super curious, hows the community gonna form now, that we have all these translation going on and advertisement on rus site.
  12. New Season

    mad cuz bad
  13. New Season

    when we get H5?
  14. New Season

    Didnt know lineage is where u super glue ur finger to F1 and just run. We want little more skillful experience not just boring 1 button spam. Edit: it's Boringlude again, as it says in announcement. Another season without ovc...