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  1. Oppurtunity for a change

    i palyed a classic gve like last year or so, it was so fuking bad, if u didnt play mage u were fucked.
  2. I'm very angry

    wow really???? i am sorry
  3. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    sorry java player, we dont do that sh1t on low rate pvps
  4. Oppurtunity for a change

    Classic is the worst u can do on a faction, its so bad lol
  5. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    yes and dice rolling while healing also helps, prolly some new bug that some1 forget to report

    Well yes lots of ppl in IL play mage archer for F1 gameplay, but there is other usefll classes for sure. They both are DDs thats why they dont have restrictions, end of stroy
  7. Clan Skills

    nice cry topic
  8. Skills in general

    Many daggers had bluff before ppl actually got zaken/anti, and the landrate was still close to 0.
  9. God's motivation

    seriously no1 can maker a fukign suggestion cuz all these autists are coming to cry here and no1 sad god's motivation is broken
  10. God's motivation

    good, i see u there
  11. Skills in general

    I dont think there is dmg problem with daggers, your skills crit just enough times i think, but the bluff skill it self, doesnt even worth to put it on bar.
  12. God's motivation

    Enjoy IL while u can, cuz u know that anything higher chronicle than IL u are on the bottom of the bottom, and i proved it with my archer party, stomping you all to the ground.
  13. God's motivation

    Was waiting for the autist kids to appear Who can play only archer and nuker F1 IL bots
  14. God's motivation

    Right now God's motivation is based on the current map's and team's score, but after a week, it seems that chaos is winning a lot of events based on orders class distribution, they play mostly ranged classes. Therefore order has gods motivation through too much time throughout maps which means they farm lots of kills. The suggestion would be the following: God's motivation based on number of kills/assists a team is doing, and maybe for the losing team, the pvp kills actually count for objective points to even out the fight more.
  15. Warlord skills

    It is really time for a H5 season, too much time passed since we had.