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  1. how u want the season ladt u retard? its a fun server not a low rate 1x server which lasts 2.3 months
  2. If that would be the case we wouldnt be on OvC
  3. k then stop playing autist warlord clown fiesta
  4. You are all braindead or what? i never rerolled holyshit ppl should do an IQ test before able to register for forums/games
  5. ye the b grade tank has a castle and makes more FA than u ever will in 1 event.
  6. Badhombres said they go order as soon as MW announced they go chaos so shut the fuck up
  7. i have eactive wm and i play with pow, mcrit rate is fine
  8. Have u tested it on dummy or events? cuz u know its pvp damage inc.
  9. Soulka


    this is a fuking clown fiesta
  10. He is doing it on event mainly while healing prolly some kind of bug abuse with heal which affects animation for faster heal time or something like that, happened in the last IL season right after he got hero weapon which has a trigger option on it continously did the dice thing, something is up with dice and animation/heals
  11. cuz if u stack 3 gladis with 1 ol and 1 bp they can just aoe faceroll any grp which is retarded
  12. Soulka

    Good old days..

    But you know it was like 5-6 years ago or even more, when ppl enjoyed playing thr game, rightnow the community is all about showing who has the biggest dick online and leave server after 2 weeks, even low rates dont last more than 1 month usually. With today's community this really cant be done, as ppl want everything in the first day.
  13. It was, saturday is much better for majority, since most ppl are still at work 3pm on friday.