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  1. Dear Emerald

    there is no need to change, maybe make it more expensive. Seasosn die fast cuz ppl get gear easy.
  2. Why not make beta all week ?

    ppl never lose interest before opening but after. Everytime we had an open bet there were max 30 player. But when we had the opening and shit we jumped to 200+. Cuz majority is just waiting for the opening and dont wanna "waste" time on obt when u get wiped anyways.
  3. Dragon Weapons

    Adena rate is boosted for obt so ppl can buy items easier to test.
  4. Dragon Weapons

    stupidly op, no need for this
  5. Why not make beta all week ?

    cuz this is much faster, than 1 week playing 1 week fixing. u play ~3days and then emerald has 1 week to fix the bugs, he might fix1 bug but it can affect other things very easily. 3 daays is more than enough to discover bugs
  6. Server will be interlude?

    literally when u come to the site it says grand crusade with huge ass words
  7. Server will be interlude?

    what the fuck ppl are really this blind...................
  8. CAn confirm on berserker, pretyt sad when u finally use it, but gets instant killed the buff is gone and u have to wait another 50 years to use the skill.
  9. PvP damage and stun/paralysis debuffs duration

    Well u cant hit 60-70k on the same geared ppl anymore, why are u QQing about it? get over it
  10. PvP damage and stun/paralysis debuffs duration

    he is mad cuz his bugged mage got nerfed, he cant 1 shot ppl anymore with 80k dmg so better blame everyother class
  11. Fix

    On noes ur mage countered by a dagger...tell me more plz...
  12. How are newbies suposed to farm ?

    cuz every season when we have an openbeta there are like 20 players max, same happened with h5 then the server was full lol. Lots of ppl dont care about open beta they just wanna jump in the action on live. Myself i played liek 4-5 hours total 1st and 2nd beta just to know how is the balancing changing and bux fixis going on, but i dont really wanna waste time to play bet which will get wiped eventually. So yeah 90++% of the players jus twaiting for opening.
  13. How are newbies suposed to farm ?

    ye lol its just a test like 20 players playing max, on live u will have couple hundred propably.
  14. Increase Spawnguard Damage

    just make it like 50k dmg
  15. test dummies