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  1. Newcomer's question

    The thing is ppl are idiots, if they see something cost "too much" they simply wont play it, cuz its not easy to get. Ppl playing here cuz getting items are pretty easy, but when you wanna raise the cost of the items every1 going to bitch mode and come to the forum to cry omg Emerald it cost so much only nolifers will have it QQQQQQ. This is why u cant make a faction server hard nowadays.
  2. Newcomer's question

    i am not speakign about tetrislude but h5, and i was playing on diff nick, maybe u are new on ovc. And yes previous IL season i had drac set in 5-6 days without donating, and it was super easy lol.
  3. Newcomer's question

    I would disagree witht his statement we had 7-8 ppl in our group/clan and without bragging we dominated most of the season with our archer set up, ppl who actually knows what they are doing can put up a good fight, not liek these clowns that spamming F1 for no reason. And on H5 there were a few pretty strong groups beside us and the pvp was super fun. Now is it's jus tthe same boring gameplay log in--->s grade in feew days-->pvp a week---->get bored-->quit.
  4. Newcomer's question

    But if u look it up, H5 season lasted almost a month, cuz it had a very nice progressive gameplay. What u have here in tetrislude? You make S grade in 5 days, then pvp for 1 week and just leave the server cuz its boring as fuck, and super easy to achieve anything. At least on h5 u had to work for endgame gear, if u wanted max element elegia/vorpal, ++++ weapons and so on. But some noobs cant use more than F1-2-3 thats why ppl dont have other season than this tetrislude
  5. Newcomer's question

    thats what we all do, its just not arriving
  6. M critical was the problem

    crying after crying after crying, this tetrislude is all about crying
  7. Agent001

    Leave him alone he is the top pvp in ovc, best player.
  8. archers critical

    there is always something to cry about every season
  9. Shop scamming again

    ppl are retarded or what? they cant read BUY or SELL?
  10. olympia

    Lots of ppl think they are pros cuz they are heros on a faction server by feeding, nothing changed on ovc. They are easy to rekt on the field tho
  11. unban

    we asked him many times, he said not needed we have genral suggestion, thats why every topic turns into flame topic between old guys
  12. unban

    a noob who is spoiling for 1 month waiting for ppl leave with good gear so he can kill noobs and call himself top pvp every season lul
  13. unban

    is mr top pvp started playing or he is still spoiling waiting for competition to leave so he can be top?
  14. necro's pet

    "NERF" LUL
  15. Interlude OBT?

    w/e keep playing tetrislude, also dont forget to download pong and play it.