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  1. The nobodies carried you ass in events, just like blazing swampo picture shows.
  2. Damn, butthurt kid farming that pvp points even if its just 5 ppl oin the server to claim top pvp, and still u nerver reached my pt, cuz my archers melted ur ass with 2 shot kills
  3. Even when u had 10k+ pvp u were still a warm up kill for us in the events. Excuses after excuses arent u bored, he is with healer, he is a tank this and that? Or do u have these excuses saved in a notepad and just copying them here?
  4. U were nowhere in that h5 season when we already had 2 bow+16 and epics and u claim u were the top guy there i am dieing
  5. what about blazing swamp, u gonna lie something like i was just testing new armor? lul
  6. So now u are not just Boringlude top pvp now h5 too? i guess u were top in grand crusade too
  7. It's a support who can heal his party defend the party and helping is killing noobs like u much easier if it isnt easy enough. u are flaming a support when u play ful lresist spoiler liek a fuking coward.
  8. Ohhh isnt it an archer who carried orders, on the first place? pvp titan is nowhere...hmm... called: SUPPORT
  9. Well our archers were top of the food chain first 2 aq maybe 1st and 3rd landed at our inventory + first 2 +16 bow was ours, so ye pretty ez kills we had.
  10. what? we would 2 shot ur healer, even without the tank ,we would have 4 archers which means 1 shot ur bp and u too
  11. being in top cuz u get pvp by spoling, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE TRUE POWERHOUSE OF L2!!! these nonfactors dominated H5 and spent adena on hookers cuz had too much, while u were eating dirt all the time. LUL And you are nowhere in these 2-3 weeks when those FACTORS farming ur ass, and u are just hiding behind ur shitty spoiler, and when u realize they left, u switch on ur main class and claim to be the top pvp everyseason. What a clown
  12. Ye sure, when they get bored cuz of no competition should they just sit in town so they can prove they are online and not quitted? lmao
  13. Player drop changes

    Looks juicy, waiting for the time to test it.
  14. Well what u can brag about? telling u are top player after 90 days, when the competitive players already left so u can change from ur spoiler to ur titan and izi kill the b grades and that 5 players still in a garde. Do u want the 1 shot kill ss again? lmao
  15. well, if we finally over with this boringlude, u gonna get crushed again, just like you did in h5 season.