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  1. Melee DMG

    I mean when u make a pt of archers with 1 healer, u cant defend the healer at all only if all the archers hit 3-4 crit in a row, this is a pure pvp server, if the healer gets focused and rushed down u can do whatever u still die in a second. So ye i dont see any problem still.
  2. Melee DMG

    I dont see the problem here, on a low rate server when u go against war sws and bd tries to agro/root healers and dds while the parties dds take them fown easily when u get focused by 2-3 ppl
  3. About changes in general

    Nah i didnt say nolifer needs to be punished, broken classes that nolife player farm their brainout should be nerfed, u chosed to play a broken class while u could have played anything else yet u come here QQing vuz it was nerfed
  4. About changes in general

    Typical player just like russians on low rate, get proof blablabla, but ppl with a little more experience can clearly see the obv things lol. Yes i used drac for max damage output, and while ur adrenaline party with broken class was online 24/7 i was actively played liek 2 hours everyday cuz u know, life job etc..that u havent seen yet. But yesu are pro just get more wind resist lol ye thats not how it works
  5. About changes in general

    /cry poor guy farmed his brain out with a broken class and adrenaline party and now he comes here to cry that he cant hit 9k mcrits sad stroy...
  6. Restart

    1, ye tanks are fine, they are kilable but they also can kill u if u dont pay attention 2, any other mages wasnt a factor anyways even before the nerf, also in H5 mages arent all about the damage anymore like on IL 3, yes, daggers deal more damage actually playable, maybe a little more dmg needed? not sure 4, healears are the easiest class to farm adena no matter what. 5, With the 50% nerf slugs crit was hitting 2-3k which was an over kill, now u can deal like 5kish which seems normal
  7. Restart

    Every1 seemd to be happy with the new H5 season start, all went great until we find out there are some class balance issues. After a while u realized these need to be fixed and actually we got a somewhat well balanced server, but it was kinda late since the broken classes already farmed their brian out. With all these changes we can actually go for a clean restart and have a balanced gameplay from start. Please consider restarting the season, because it was clearly a helpfull beta season where so much got fixed.
  8. 弓職

    totally agree, please do it.
  9. So nerft mages agian

    Healer in pt and 2-3 other mages with adrenaline assisting, broken class isnt broken anymore ofc u will come here and cry
  10. Ban

    Which is considered cheating as they abused a bug in order to win.
  11. Ban

    yep every1 getting banned didnt do anything wrong
  12. armors

    Ppl actually forgetting they are playing a faction server where ppl just stacking the damage, while on a low rate pvp server it's worth to sacrafice some damage for increased hp/def.