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  1. New Server incoming?

    h5 gf or somewhat fixed crusade...tetrislude plz no
  2. New expert skills effects

    these clowns owned the h5 season with their 5 man pt, where u couldnt even reach them it's called clever party build and 100% support for dds
  3. Is the server online?

    If you look at the top of the site, you can clearly see login and game offline
  4. when grand crusade?

    Lol, geodata bug and the meele bug never been fixed and how many seasons were there? 7-8?
  5. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    make 40% cp hp ahahahana why dont just delete the class

  7. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Dagger server qq
  8. Cardinal-glady help

    Google---> muertelegend duelist guide
  9. Mage server.

    Icant believe every fukin season there is a retard who opens a topic with mage server crying
  10. HI5/Gracia

    well gladis were pain in the ass at start, which gave every other class advantage to gear up, so i wouldnt call it that op. But agree on pala it was a terminator.
  11. HI5/Gracia

    It lasted long, we had elements on starter gear---->no 1 shot kill from older players. We had progressive gameplay-->lots of ppl played famed for better gear which extended lifespan. The party system was also a very good set up 1 heal 1 tank 3 dd. That season should hve never been ditched. There was always compettion if not raids then castle.
  12. HI5/Gracia

  13. Hi

    why are u constantly posting videos with starter gear on every
  14. Hi

    so hard to make killing spree on healer asd