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  1. Next Season?

    no1 is crying, i said simple, i dont care about F1 plebs, i am here to check the news, but there is nothing so far
  2. Next Season?

    sry cant hear you from the ground, u got some arrows still in ur ass from h5
  3. Next Season?

    I am not here cuz of u boringlude nabs, i am here to check on the server from time to time if we will have a real season or not. Seems like we arent there yet.
  4. Next Season?

    Another year without ovc, just great.....hf with boringlude F1 heroes
  5. Next Season?

    no he cant confirm, the guy is just tetrislude player who tryharding for that season
  6. Coming up next...

    ye well, it isnt 1 hour project like others, Emerald need some shit to be done.
  7. Coming up next...

    Ye i meant something like that, taking castle u get 100 points takling flag 50 points domination x points/y seconds, if we look at on a very simple scale.
  8. Coming up next...

    are the objectives will give the same amount of reward? I mean taking a castle is harder than getting the flag in front of the castle imo.
  9. LF competition

    Look at all these, F1 players, what u gonna do when u wont have boringlude anymore and u actually need to play with skills....Lf competition my ass
  10. Next Season

    Still boring low quality gameplay, nothing to do there, farming s grade and epics, bum u are max.
  11. Next Season

    no need anymore of this boringlude
  12. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    I would also suggest to make sdome special sound for ppl with huge kills, 30+ or whatever which can be heared anywhere, and also for the killer. So ppl actually know, there is something juicy going on.
  13. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Got you, will be these sounds heared anywhere ingame or only on the maps and players who is currently playing the event?
  14. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    uh nice like the idea, not sure about the first kill sound tho.
  15. Change Leader Of Clan

    Disband and remake?