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  1. Shop prices

    Oh, thanks!
  2. Shop prices

    Thanks, but here typed " ** For everyS-gradearmor set, jewel set or weapon sold, allS-gradeitempricesof the same categoryreduce by 45 Adenaand all materialsreduce by 1%. " Looks like price doesent changed after a lot of crafts s weapons
  3. Shop prices

    Hello! Everyday price for a grade falls in ingame shop. Will price/mats for s grade craft be cheaper too (as i remember in last seasons it was)? If yes, say please when average? Thanks
  4. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    Man, i have a lot times top 1 for kills But still lvl 1 (no top 3 in events) Good to say when in chaos faction a lot of 2/3/4 lvl, order just some.. Nvm, i dont cry, just giving feedback about hard to to take top, for 79 nuker 35k+ items, when OLs in b grade tae more points.
  5. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    Well, guys I am playing order for 79 mm top A/S, a lot of times have top kills/asissts/elo, but, have 3k+ asists, 1k+ kills, but 0 times win event (include tvt etc) But ols in b grade have better positions.. Its not about OL overpowered, its about realy hard to take top 3 for nuker with good stats even in tvt/maps where only kills count for top
  6. Russian Kingsta takeiteasy

    А куда писать то
  7. Some simple questions

    Thanks! and each expert skill have 9 levels? i can learn it only in main class, or subclass too?
  8. Some simple questions

    Hello! I try to search info ingame, but find not everything what i want. I played like 1 year ago, and in this season i see some changes. I try to understand, how its works: 1. For oly you must be noobless? 2. How to take noobless? (in last season it was like sub 80 lvl or smth) 3. Expter book tradeable? How much max skills i can learn with that? Only in main or in subclass too? 4. How toWIN in events? i mean, how to be top 3 in event. I maked top kills/assists,maked top ELO, but still low position. I understand that i must do ojbesctives but dont understand for what exactly i get points (i've seen ingame login tutrional, but it doesent help me understand). Maybe, any guide about it or smth for all map types? Got 600+ kills, cant up lvl 2 because of that Thank you!