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  1. Rank System / Olympiad

    I think they should add more forms of achievement, there are several ways and they benefit everyone
  2. Bug login

    Yes. No. Its all correct
  3. Bug login

    The Lineage 2 do not process
  4. Bug login

    i did everything, but dont fix
  5. Bug login

    Hi, im have a problem to loggin! My l2 dont open My friend have the same problem
  6. Planned Changes (Poll)

    But we need this change now, the server is dying
  7. Top player

    Lets go Emerald, next update
  8. Top player

  9. Top player

    Top player for Top 3~5 of maps!
  10. Sugestions

    - one healer per party - balance factions - no buffs close when you die
  11. Launch

    download the new system
  12. Launch

  13. Server

    Server back today?